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 Maximoff, Wanda, Scarlet Witch
 Posted: Mar 4 2015, 04:34 AM

Does history record any case in which the majority was right?

Scarlet Witch
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wanda maximoff
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8th May

In another world, another life, Wanda would probably have been an extremely warm person. Maternal and caring Wanda doesn't particularly like to cause people pain, she's not "a bad person" when looked at deep at her core. However when thrown in contrast with her other traits of loyalty to her family and when necessary firm resolve it does mean that sometimes she can do "bad things". She was willing to go along with her brother and her father when a mutant terrorist to try and make a better world for mutants to live in - a world that would make her family happy. To Wanda her family mean everything to her, she would walk through the fires of all the hell dimensions to try and keep them together and happy. Unfortunately the fires she has to walk through are the ones within her own mind.

Wanda is broken. That's all anyone can think and say when they see her - she starts like a timid mouse and suffers from severe nightmares and PTSD. Prone toward depression and retreating within her own mind to try and deal with what she's seen Wanda sometimes feels so overwhelmed by the world around her that she can't help her urge to panic. Always scared of making things worse, she can sense a "wrongness" about the world, but she doesn't know how to fix it, if she should, or even if she can right now. Her powers are spiraling out of her control which only proves to increase her anxiety.

On the run and scared Wanda is desperate to hide, feeling alone and cut off as she believes all those she cared about are dead, she tries to find a way to balance her mind.


If she had control over her powers Wanda would likely be an Omega-level Mutant. Gifted upon her birth by the demon Chthon with the ability to manipulate Choas Magic to her will, she is able to manipulate the very reality around her. Taking the chances of something from 0%-99% and then slamming it up to 100% probability she can literally make the impossible, possible for a short period of time, as long as her will and concentration is upon it. The greater the shift in probability, the bigger it is and the longer she needs its effects to last, the more energy it takes from her. When she was younger there were indirection manifestations of this ability that came in the form of her "hexes". The hexes took a physical form in either hex spheres or hex bolts, they were limited in range and to her line of sight they also only manifested "bad luck" when she was first starting out - created by her gestures. Slowly her control increased so that she could control when they were used instead of being tied to gestures outside of her control and also allowed them to do something other than bad luck affects. She also, inexplicably, showed herself to have the powers of flight and telekinesis - although it's uncertain as to whether these powers are just extensions of her chaos magic powers or powers in their own right.

Since Wanda lost everything in Genosha, believing her family dead and seeing millions of people killed she has been on the run and suffering from the trauma which has destabilized both her mind and her powers to a great degree. She can sense that something is off about this world - but she doesn't know what and while her powers want to fix it because she doesn't know what is wrong they glitch frequently. If she is at a mall and sees a mother and daughter arguing about a slutty outfit the daughter wants to buy and the mother exasperated says she wish she could start all over again with her daughter then because of Wanda's lack of control the mother would be a pregnant teenager again, because that would be "starting all over". Fortunately because of the lack of stability when it comes to using her powers their affects do not last and wear off after a short time on their own.

This has left Wanda skittish and afraid of people and being around them for fear of what her powers will do and drawing attention to herself.


Wanda's greatest weakness has been, and continues to be -perhaps always will be, her mental stability and propensity toward mental illness. Extremely inclined toward depression, states of mania (possible bi-polar) and PTSD, the stronger her abilities became reducing her physical weaknesses the stronger her susceptibility to the weakness of her own mind which can crack under severe strain and emotional trauma.


Wanda's always been scanty on technology at best Wanda could be said to carry a MP3 player and a bag of arcane books. She has her Scarlet Witch uniform/outfit, a few civilian clothes and shoes, a old fashioned beeper for emergencies but the only ones who knew the number are believed to be dead and she hasn't turned it on in some time. She doesn't carry a cellphone for fear it'd be tracked and she doesn't have anyone she could call anyway.


Fleeing her husband and the monster she believed he was becoming, Magda went to the mountains of Wundagore. It was there with Bova, a sentient humanoid cow created by High Evolutionary, acting as a nursemaid and midwife that she gave birth to the twins Wanda and Pietro. Magda ran into the snow and is presumed dead after the birth - but Bova didn't think it would be right to raise the twins among the animal-men of Wundagore. Eventually the twins were given to the Maximoffs, a gypsy couple that lived near by. Wanda doesn't remember much of her childhood, after their adoptive father had started to steal food their camp was attacked and the twins only escaped because of her brother Pietro's powers, taking his sister to safety. What few memories surface are generally fractured and uneven.

One of the few constants in her life has been her brother protecting her and while she tries her best to protect him back it is nearly always Pietro who saves her. This could be because she didn't get used to her powers as quickly as Pietro did to his - her chaos magic would flare up from random gestures against her will early on so that the siblings were constantly having to go on the run as they were chased down by those who were against them - who saw Wanda as a witch or sorceress who needed to be killed.

One time the twins were racing for their lives when they were being chased by a group of angry superstitious villagers. They were saved by, unbeknownst to them, their father Magneto. This put them in his debt and so made them willing to go along with his desires for them to work in the Brotherhood of Mutants. While neither Pietro or Wanda are specifically bad people they did have a deep sense of obligation to the man who saved them and also agreed that mutants shouldn't be hunted down.

After a time when Magneto was captured the twins saw an opportunity to leave the Brotherhood and went on to join the Avengers as heroes. Something more in line with Wanda's own values. Despite her wish to do good things and be a hero with the Avengers occasionally Wanda would still seek out Magneto and try to understand her father once she discovered he was her biological father. She had seen him do bad things but also do good things - and a man who does good can be reached as far as Wanda is concerned. She doesn't approve of her father's wish for world domination or to wipe out human beings but she does want to understand his motivation more than his other children and see if she can help him become a better person. Life however, as Wanda would learn time and time again, is more complicated than that and whether they were terrorists or heroes the twins would always meet someone who despite them for being mutants.

Wanda is frequently trying to act as a bridge or go-between between her father and her brother Pietro - trying to get her father to see that what Pietro does he does because he wants what's best and to also gain his father's approval. While at the same time trying to show Pietro that he would gain his father's approval as he wishes if he would just work with others and part of a team rather than wanting everything on his own terms. This is an on-going issue that she has never felt particularly successful in.

Much of Wanda's history in her memories is suppressed by her own mind trying to protect what little sanity she has left.




THIS is what happens when you are on the run from everyone. When you leave behind the Avengers for fear of bringing wrack and ruin to your teammates, when you have seen everyone you love killed in the destruction of Genosha, when you are alone and afraid.

You end up shopping at 3 in the morning when there is virtually no one around.

Wanda dodged the various parents who looked like regular zombies, shuffling in pajamas and pushing infants in various states of wakefulness around the aisles in hope that this would encourage them to fall asleep. The students piling 3 months worth supply of cheap, off-brand, ramen into their carts, The people who were only there because they clipped coupons and didn't want their neighbors to know so were looking around them fearfully in case they came across someone they knew. Walking among them a woman with the hood of her dark red coat up and putting some of her face in shadow looked relatively normal and slipped into the background. She ignored the signs about CCTV and no hoodies or caps being worn in the store. There were plenty of other people wearing their hats in the store and none of the night staff seemed to care, or be awake enough to care.

Walking down the aisle Wanda was sticking to food that was easy to eat on the move. She wrinkled her nose at the contents of her basket- none of it was particularly appetizing but she couldn't stay still in one place long enough for her to cook anything so it was all she could really get. As she passed a man in the cereals aisle she felt a shiver go all over her body and dancing along her skin. Something didn't feel right. She looked back at the man, pausing to make it look like she was checking out the nutritional value of some thinly disguised flakes of pure sugar trying to fool children into thinking it was a healthy breakfast cereal. He looked so familiar and she was trying to place where she might have seen him before.

It then came to her as he moved slightly and she caught sight of his concealed carry gun. A bolt of cold energy ran down her spine. She'd seen him at a Mutant refugee camp three weeks before - he'd been part of the raid on the place. Which meant that when it came to hunting mutants... he was strongly in favor. Wanda has slipped away that night through sheer luck and experience but the traumatized young woman didn't want to take any additional chances. Not right now.

Her breathing became rapid and Wanda fought hard to get it under control. God... not right now... don't let me fall apart here and now... her hand moving to her temple as memories started to surface. Burning, screams, blind terror....

Dropping her basket she fled for the door as quickly as she could. There was no point in holding on to the food - she needed to get out of there and fast or risk losing all control right in front of a mutant hunter. Not when her kind were living in terror. Not after she had lost so much already. She couldn't lose her freedom and life as well. Not now.

The screams filled every available inch of her head as she ran blindly into the woods. Occasionally looking back but not pursued by anything more than confused looks over her unseen terror. Eventually she slowed and braced herself against a tree finally breathing slowly and deeply as she fought down feelings of nausea. It was then that Wanda started to cry.

She couldn't keep doing this. She couldn't go on like this. Alone.

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 Posted: Mar 4 2015, 01:38 PM

Tell me now, where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart? Oh, tell me now, where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart? A white blank page, and a swelling rage.

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