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Dec 16 2014, 03:53 AM
Ok, so I probably should have posted this like two days ago, but my net was out for a few days. Anyway! I'm a choir director, and our Christmas musical is this coming Sunday. I have a ton of extra rehearsals and generally making sure things don't implode stuff between now and then, so I probably won't be able to post. Who knows though! Maybe I'll need a break and will sneak on a time or two. Just wanted to cover the bases! I'll officially be back Monday though. Cheers!
Nov 26 2014, 09:47 PM
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Jemma could hardly wait to get into work today. Not that she wasn't like that everyday, but today in particular would be amazing, she just knew. Yesterday, she and Fitz had decided to begin their official testing on their DWARFs on the following day.<p>

And the following day was now.<p>

She had forgone a usual trip to one of her favorite coffee stops for simply making a mug herself at home to save time. It warmed her hands as she went up the lift at work, waiting almost impatiently to arrive at their lab. Would the stairs have been faster? Perhaps at the beginning, but she probably would have slowed the more floors she had to take. Besides, she had already done much of her daily exercise earlier this morning.<p>

Just when she thought she couldn't wait any longer, the lift dinged, and she was there. Jemma went out the doors when they were open just widely enough for her to fit through, and she walked quickly towards the door of the lab that belonged to her and Fitz. She wondered if he was there already and as excited as she was.

Oct 1 2014, 12:44 AM
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Monday mornings were universally considered the worst day of the week. After having at least two days to yourself, you had to drag yourself out of bed, head out the door, and face another entire five days full of work. Who in their right might liked the start of the week? Not most people, certainly.<p>

Jemma Simmons wasn't like most people, however, and she highly enjoyed this usually dreaded event. In fact, Jemma liked to celebrate Monday mornings by paying a trip to her favorite coffee shop early in the morning, before heading into work. It was ritualistic behavior, to be sure, but she didn't necessarily see that as a bad thing in this instance. She just liked to enjoy getting her favorite coffee at a little hidden gem of a place that was just a couple of blocks away from her ultimate destination for the day: SHIELD Headquarters.<p>

She was a masochist, Fitz said. A masochist who liked Monday mornings and homework. (Meanwhile, Fitz was probably still asleep, since he didn't technically have to be in for another hour at least.)<p>

So, to celebrate the arrival of yet another week full of work in the laboratories of SHIELD, Jemma left early that morning, stopped in the shop, and bought herself a coffee. She sat down at a little table right outside in the morning light, tablet in hand as she took the first sip of the still-steaming beverage. In mere moments, she was lost in the words on the screen, not even paying attention to those coming and going around her..<p>
Oct 1 2014, 12:16 AM
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Jemma never liked to say such things, but she was truly and honestly... well, bored. She had such an achingly curious mind that she almost never experienced such a sensation as boredom, but every now and then, it just crept on her. All her assignments were finished (of course, as she lived and breathed homework, as Fitz would say), she had written up reports on things that needed paperwork, and she had even done a bit more work on the latest gadget that she and Fitz had been working on. She felt a little guilty about that one, though. Fitz was home sick for the day, and he was going to be a bit upset with her for doing anything on their project without him.<p>


She was scrolling through various datafiles on the different projects that were going on around the SHIELD Headquarters, trying to find something that she could contribute to or simply read about for curiosity's sake, when something caught her eye: the android program. She had heard lots of things about it, and she knew that they were in possession of a couple of the amazing creations. She had been wanting to learn more about how it worked, but she had simply not had the time.<p>

And now she did. She had just pulled up an individual file on the subjects when she decided she could use a walk, get out of their lab for a bit by maybe visiting someone else's. The name Karlyle Moss was attached to a lot of the work for them, and she looked up the location of his lab. The basement. Hm. Well, that would certainly give her the walk she wanted.<p>

She worked her way down the halls, away from her and towards his. Once she made it to the entrance, she knocked on the door frame and stuck her head inside. "Hello? Anyone home?"

Sep 30 2014, 11:51 PM
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"You can do this. You know your training. We've been through all this before at the Academy." Jemma stuffed her laptop into the bag she was taking. She was pretty sure she had gotten almost everything else, some of the other things that she liked to personally use sent to the van already. And alright, there was a gadget or two that she and Fitz had been wanting to test, sensor-wise, and it was hardly something she'd get in trouble for having with her. It wasn't going to be something she depended on or anything.<p>

"Remember all those simulations?" she murmured to herself, trying to be reassuring without Fitz there. In all honesty, she was kind of relieved he wasn't around. He didn't think they had any business being out there in the field, and she was a bit guilty for doing this behind his back. They pretty much told each other everything, as well as did everything together. And as much as she didn't want him knowing and worrying about her while she was away, she also kind of wished he was coming along too. But he hadn't given in yet. He was much more comfortable in the safety of the lab.<p>

"Then again, they were just simulations. Not the real thing." Jemma stopped, worry gnawing at her stomach. Could she really go through with this? Was she really about to put herself out into the field for the first time? Maybe Fitz was right. Maybe it was too dangerous...<p>

"But I'll be in a van," she finally went on, biting back her nerves. She stuffed the laptop cord down in a side pocket. That was the last of her things she was bringing. "I don't even have to leave. It's safe. I'll be safe. I'll be fine." She stood in the midst of her and Fitz's lab. "I'll be fine," she whispered again, hoping Fitz wouldn't be mad at her for doing this alone and not telling him.<p>

Jemma grabbed her bag, slung it delicately over her shoulder, and headed out the door before she could think anymore. That's all there was too it. Just jump in the deep end, like they say, right? She wove her way through the halls, navigating the building until she found herself by the room where she and Bobbi were meant to meet before they left. She tried not to fidget as she turned the corner.

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