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Eddie Brock Posted on Jan 12 2016, 03:47 AM
Muttering to himself... herself... itself (whatever Venom felt like being at the moment) the symbiotic creature glanced around the corner of the sewer he was lurking in and growled, "Nothing to eat - nothing... no birdssss or ratssss - no... ssssss... nothing..." muttering to itself, Venom pulled himself up to one of the grates and forced it open. He hated moving about on the streets - it was easier to be seen. Dangerous place to go when you were being hunted by SHIELD and several other organizations. New York hadn't been his point of destination - but when you get yourself caught and only barely manage to escape you have to take what's given to you, "Stupid moronsssss," Venom chuckled to himself, "Ssssstupid! Ha! Think we're sssstill in that boxcar - yesss.... won't find out - no - never find out 'til we're long gone," crawling along the wall of an alley, Venom growled as he caught sight of some hustler playing spoon-bean with a yokel, "Should eat him - could eat him... sssss... too much noissssse. Besidesssss," grinning as the hustler lost the call, Venom cackled to himself and slithered upwards, "He playssss bad,"

His nose catching a whiff of something edible - Venom leaped to a nearby rooftop and slithered northwards, "Where issss it... what isss it? Is it... crunchy?" poking his head over the side of the roof - Venom made a face. He'd eat cats... rats... birds - anything he could get his tendrils on. He wasn't too fond of garbage though - especially garbage sitting around a dumpster just on the far wall of a 'fashionable' little diner called EATS, "Greasssssy... sssss...." feeling the symbiote part of himself twitch - begging for nourishment - Venom growled and dropped down not far from the dumpster. Crawling forwards slowly - Venom glanced around nervously, "Sssss... careful... sssss," confident he was unnoticed - Venom grabbed for one of the garbage bags and ripped it open, "Ssss... bonesssss! Crunchable bonessss... hm... hm... poptartssss - eggssssss... no chocolate - sssssSSSSS!" growling to himself as he tore what was edible out of the bag and then went onto the next one, Venom cursed his foul luck as his next 'prize' proved to be out of the restroom, "SssssSSS! Humansssss... don't eat humanssss - they have too many... ssss... LEFT overs,"

Finding another bag with scraps in it - Venom grabbed a clawful of moldy weenies and swallowed them in a second, "No chocolate - STILL none... we are still hungry for... ssssss... MORE than food," grabbing the next bag, Venom sniffed the air, "Stinkssss... everything stinkssss - this stinksss - WE stinkssss... ssss.... FOOD," with that he went back to his search for food. He even began to hum to himself - though he had no idea WHAT he was humming. It was probably from one of his hosts - whatever it was.

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