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 A test of commitment, tag: Open
 Posted: Mar 11 2015, 12:22 AM

Does history record any case in which the majority was right?

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Taste The Pain On My Tongue
W ANDA was unbelievably nervous. It was one thing to want to leave the Brotherhood. An entirely different thing to want to join the Avengers. It wasn't quite "X-Men" level of turn around against her formidable father, but it was different enough to be finally on the right side of the law.

Pietro had agreed to go with her and they were, putting behind them their criminal mutant terrorist past, going to become superheroes. Doing good in the world instead of inflicting suffering. No more innocents caught in the crosshairs of their father's blind racism toward humans. At least, none caught up by the hands of the twins. They were finally out of their debt to Magneto and Wanda felt she had a much bigger debt to pay. A much more serious and compelling debt.

A debt to herself.

She had to see if she could do it. If she could have convictions and stick to them out of something other than loyalty. If she could exercise some loyalty to herself instead of just to her family. If she could be comitted comitted to a cause she truly believed in.

No doubt the Avengers themselves would want to test her. She was part of a new batch into the team, her brother and her, so the new team would have to be tested. Trained. Impressive. That was part of the most nerve wracking aspect in joining such a well known super team. You had such big shoes to fill. Such expectations. The existing team members, what there were of them, were used to a certain rhythm and flow with their teammates. They'd built up a rapport and way of working with each other you only got from working together "on the job". When a new group is thrust into that dynamic there was a sink or swim feeling.

Were she and Pietro going to fit? Or would their instinct to protect each other as they'd done in the Brotherhood get them in as much trouble here as it had there?

She needed to stop fretting about all of this so Wanda had chosen to go out into the world and get a coffee at a local café. Hopefully the warm coffee and chattering atmosphere while engaging in some laidback people watching would calm her nerves and unknot her stomach.

She hadn't really had time for people watching in the Brotherhood. They were constantly on edge of being attacked, planning a next strike, listening to another lecture about how bad humans were and how inferior to homo sapiens superior.

Try as she had however Wanda liked people. She liked people, she liked to be among them and liked to people watch. What would cause her to distance herself from them was always the same thing.


She had been attacked enough by scared or superstitious humans to have become weary and scared of them herself a little. For all her reality manipulating ability she was still afraid of what they could do to her sometimes.

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