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Nov 1 2014, 11:46 PM
Jane Foster:

Strange Meetings
Sometime Away
Welcome Back To New York

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Erik Lehnsherr
John Walker
Wanda D. Maximoff
Sep 15 2014, 10:48 PM
Evening Folks. Flem here! Anyways, I have two lovely ladies here. One of them is Miss Jane Foster the Scientist for SHIELD. She is also Thor's Girlfriend. Human girl who lives here on Earth and currently lives in London England. Please come get to know Miss Foster. She won't bite. Though she will kinda hit you if you steal her backups, so don't do that.. hahahaa.

The next lady here is Sigyn. A Goddess in Asgard and who is the wife of Loki. She is stern and feisty. I'm still working on that part hahahaha. Uhm, She will stare at you if she doesn't like anyone and along with remaining silent. Sigyn is an interesting person, you'll get use to her once you get to know her. Don't let her beauty trick you... she's very very well trained.

So those are the only characters I have so far. I'm very badly discriptied hahaha. Anyway, come plot with my beauty's! ^-^ I look forward on meeting you all<3.
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