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Nickname or Codename: Invisible Woman
Character Age: Thirty-Three
Player Name: Jaded
Link to Application: http://breakthesechains.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=420
Shipper/Plotter: http://breakthesechains.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=53
Character Gif: https://i.imgur.com/x7vB2SW.gif
A lyric or quote that applies: And her heart was full of fire at the woman she has become. And her soul seldom higher with the falsities of fun. Could embrace sweet desires and the moments as they pass.
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Susan Storm-Richards

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<td><a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/CAUTIONTOTHEWIND/index.php?showuser=44388"><div style="background-image:url(https://i.imgur.com/8o7VKLV.png); width:175px; height:175px;"></div></a></td><td><div style="width:5px;"></div><td><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
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Invisible Woman

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2nd April

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Glenville, Long Island, New York

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<font style="color:#67869c; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> <b>Powers & Abilities:</b> Possibly her most notable, and known power is the ability to turn herself and others invisible. But like most things, this isn't as simple as it seems. Sue's invisibility isn't simply turning her molecular structure invisible. Instead, her invisibility is the ability to manipulate ambient cosmic energy. She is able to bend light around her, making her appear invisible to the naked eye due to the unnatural and irregular way light flows around her. She can use this ability to render others invisible as well as making what was once unseen seen.
Yet, Sue's powers don't stop at invisibility. Through concentration, Sue is able to manipulate the unique energy signature from her own body to form psionic force fields. These force fields can come in many shapes and sizes. Most commonly, Sue will manipulate these fields to form protective barriers that can protect against physical energy, telekinetic energy, and even telepathy. But that isn't the only use for her psionic force fields. She can also manipulate the fields to form solid objects and manipulate them as projectiles. A small, fast moving projectile would act much like a bullet from a gun, whereas a larger, slower moving projectile would act more like a battering ram.
In addition to those, Sue can also manipulate her force fields in such a way that she creates a unique, zig-zag flight pattern for herself. Flying in this manner requires large amounts of concentration, but it also allows her to travel at an average speed of twenty-five miles per hour.
However, with these powers, Sue still has many drawbacks to them. The abilities themselves are both psionically and physically derived, meaning they are an extension of both Sue's body and mind. Prolonged, or extensive use can render Sue's body weak and exhausted. Also, if not properly formed for an impact, Sue's body can feel the residual effects of a force striking one of her force fields. Despite this, the true limit to Sue's power is unknown. Her potential is truly unlimited in many ways. She is only limited by what she believes is the limit of her abilities and her unwillingness to push that limit unless absolutely necessary. <p>

<font style="color:#67869c; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> <b>Skills:</b> Sue, like anyone, possesses skills outside that which her supernatural abilities provide. At the heart of it all, Sue cares about people above all else. She would stop at nothing to help people, even if it meant risking herself. This protectiveness is especially strong when it involves her family. Sue is also regarded as a genius in the field of biology. She has earned doctorate level degrees as both a doctor and a biochemist.<p>

<font style="color:#67869c; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> <b>Other:</b> A bright flash of light nearly blinded her as Sue ran towards the bedroom of her daughter, Valeria. She could hear the two-year-old crying. Sue didn't blame her. Val was intelligent, but no amount of book smarts could prepare a child for <i>this</i>. Another flash of light left spots in Sue's vision. She pushed through the door into the small bedroom, calling for Val to come to her.
With a strangled gasp, Sue stared in horror as a faceless SHIELD agent scooped her daughter up and carried her out of the room. <b>"Val!</b> Sue called, propelling herself on force fields out the window after the man. Sue looked around wildly, looking for Reed or Johnny or Ben. She could see them, down in front of the building. But they weren't in a position to help her. Reed's lengthy arms were tied up, literally, as more faceless SHIELD agents pushed him into the back of an armoured car. A fire hose sprayed a large, continuous blast of water at Johnny, keeping her brother from igniting. And Ben had his hands full trying to save Reed and Johnny.
Propelling herself towards her daughter, Sue had to keep focused. She grew closer and closer and just as she was about to reach them, a sharp pain reverberated through her skull. Blinking as blackness formed around the edges of her vision, Sue felt her body plummet for the ground. She hit, felt a sharp sting of pain, before the blackness completely overwhelmed her.
<b>- - - -</b>
Bolting upright, Sue breathed heavily, the terror and residual pain from the nightmare leaving her winded. Looking around, Sue smiled faintly through her terror. Reed was safe. He was laying next to her. That meant that it was all a dream. Her family was safe. At least, for now. Brushing her fingers against Reed's back, Sue slid out of the bed, slipping her feet into her slippers.
Rubbing her face, Sue walked towards Val's room, peeking on the two-year-old with a smile. The young girl was sleeping soundly, safely. Sue smiled softly. These nightmares were really starting to affect her. Across the hall, Sue could hear the sounds of Franklin snoring. Assuring herself that all of her family was safe, Sue made her way into the kitchen. She got herself a glass of water before sitting up on the counter.
She just needed to stay awake a little longer. When Reed woke up to start researching, she could join him, listen to him ponder out loud, help when she could. He could keep her awake, and that's really what she needed right now. After three nights with little more than two hours sleep total, Sue was bordering on sleep-walking. But sleep brought the nightmares. And Sue would do anything to avoid the nightmares. They were always different, but they were always about the same thing. Faceless SHIELD agents would kidnap, or hurt her family.
That's why she and Reed brought their children to Canada. They saw it coming, SHIELD's decree. They knew where they would stand in that. She and Reed decided to do something about it. They had their family to think of. She tried to convince Johnny to come along, but stubborn as always, Johnny stayed behind. She worried about him everyday. He was the heart of many of her nightmares.
Sue sighed, finishing off her water. The sounds of Reed waking brought a smile to her lips. Sue started his coffee, smiling when Reed came into the kitchen. "Morning Reed," she said, trying to keep her voice from sounding as tired as she felt. "How'd you sleep?"
Sue tried to ignore the look he gave her. He knew she hardly slept. "Don't," Sue said softly, warning him against saying anything. "I know... I know... It's not gotten better... Forty-five minutes." She turned her head, looking away as she sighed. She was tired, past tired really. Exhaustion crept over her skin, threatening to suck her into sleep. She could feel the pull. She wanted to sleep. But then, she didn't want to sleep. It was a battle of wills. Her body, or her mind.
She'd been so lost in the battle to stay awake, that she missed what Reed said. She blinked when she felt Reed's hand brush her arm. She looked at him sadly, feeling his arms stretch around her, pulling her close. Laying her head against Reed's chest, she felt the exhaustion winning out. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, hoping in the back of her mind that the nightmares would not come. <p>

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