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Jan 12 2016, 03:30 AM
"I know what you are," suddenly another table was up and flung against the wall of the tiny diner. Advancing on his target, Magneto raised an eyebrow and another table went flying as his quarry crouched against the wall and let out a scream, "And I know what you are not... you are a scientist. A scientist working a particular project. You are going to tell me what I want to know. Because you are not brave. You are a coward," screaming as part of the window behind her gave way, the scientist flung a knife at Magneto. Raising another eyebrow Magneto watched it bounce off his shield and bury itself in the wall, "I- I- I don't know what you're talking about! I'm just a pencil pusher! ACK!" pointing at her, Magneto watched as she hovered into the air and ended up a few inches away from him, "One more time-"

Magneto's head snapped around as she struck him. Sighing irritably, Magneto immobilized her left arm and wiped at his now bleeding mouth, "As I was saying-" Of course then her right arm shot around and caught him in the face again. Immobilizing her completely (not wanting to make a mistake with her legs) Magneto narrowed his eyes and said, "You WILL tell me," squeaking in fear as Magneto brought her to within an inch of his face, "And you will be allowed to leave... or you will not tell me. And I will hunt down each and every one of your comrades until I am told what I want to know," Sniffling, the woman bowed her head and sobbed, "Please! Please just... just let me go! I- I- I'll never hurt anyone again... I'm even HELPING people here!"

Squeaking as Magneto tightened his grip, the woman shuddered and Magneto growled, "Last... chance," suddenly Magneto's head twisted around as he heard tires squealing and the sound of sirens. Muttering to himself, the old man placed his hand on the woman's head, "Then we will do this forcefully," shuddering at his touch, the woman squeaked, "What're you doing?! What're... no NO!!!" her eyes widening as her skull was engulfed in a purplish light - the woman's body slowly went slack as Magneto burned through her brain and then dropped her to the floor. Kneeling next to her - checking her pulse - Magneto's eyes came up as he heard the sirens drawing nearer, "I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awaken - nor the scrambled recesses of what you once called a brain... still, sleep well - and dream of dead children,"

As if on cue the woman's unconscious form shot out through the window - bounced across the pavement and came to a stop at the feet of the police officers who'd been staking out the building. It was a simple matter of Magneto pointing at the security camera and frying the entire recording system it was hooked up to. Then, the old man activated his teleport - which send him to the other side of town. Clad in a worn tunic, Magneto quickly blended in with the people in the park just outside his motel. Making his way upstairs the old man entered his room and glanced around. What he was doing - what he'd just done - was something he couldn't even risk his brothers or children on. And what was to come - now that he had a target - was too dangerous even for him.

Not that that was going to stop him.

Approaching a worn looking computer, Magneto gestured at it and it powered on. Reaching up to his own head - Magneto grunted and the hologram keeping his helmet invisible vanished. Setting his helmet down on the table next to the computer - the old man pulled out a usb cord from the computer and attached it to his helmet. The information he'd just copied off that scientists mind would be here in digital form - along with several other items Magneto had no interest in. It would take time to sift through it all. Beginning the transfer, Magneto suddenly went stock-still - before turning his chair and calling out, "Alright... I hear you," getting to his feet, the old man raised an eyebrow as he examined the motel room, "Well? I feel your air... your blood as it pulses within your body..." closing his eyes, Magneto began to stretch out his senses, "Do not make me find you,"
Mar 5 2015, 01:52 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 400px; text-align: justify; font-family: calibri; font-size: 14px; line-height: 1;">
He'd called her here
Not that she knew it...
Finding Wanda had been almost as difficult as finding Lorna. She was being hunted by the government for - quote 'questioning concerning her history with the terrorist organization known as the Brotherhood' unquote. It wasn't like you could just get your hands on her location and contact details. Mystique had scattered the Brotherhood and gone to ground - the Master of Magnetism wasn't about to place his people in danger. The Brotherhood was safer in pieces like this - with enough time, Magneto would find them. Then he'd be able to protect them... though they wouldn't realize he was doing it. The Brotherhood would stay scattered until it was safe.
What little safety remained in this world...
Pietro was much of a muchness - his confidence in himself but lack of team skills meant that it would be difficult (re impossible) to gauge how he would react to Magneto's return. Positively or negatively, Pietro was just as much a wild-card as Magneto himself, it would be dangerous to reveal himself to the boy too soon. So Magneto was leaving Pietro where he was for the time being - he didn't like it, but time would tell if he could trust his son. As for the girl, According to his sensors onboard Asteroid M, Wanda was experiencing power fluctuations. That could simply be down to emotional turmoil and her innate inability to FORCE her powers to cooperate... though Magneto suspected there was more to it.
During her years in the Brotherhood, Wanda had always been protective of the younger members and had made a fair number of friends. Tracking down the call-sign of one of her old friends had been fairly simple - unfortunately it was one of the members who had died. Sending the call-sign signal to Wanda, again, fairly simple. SHIELD had Magneto on their top wanted list - everyone did. The one advantage to being dead was that nobody immediately went on guard whenever they thought you might be hiding somewhere. Magneto had been making a nuisance of himself for SHIELD ever since his return - but he'd kept a low profile when doing it. Poking the hornets nest as cautiously as possible. What they'd done to his kindgom was inexcusable - but they'd created the perfect defense for their prison by filling it with hordes of innocents. Magneto had seen enough blood. Enough death. Enough suffering. He called no man Master now... least of all a man who would throw the innocent in along with the guilty.
He would free those imprisoned within the walls of Genosha... and then he would sink the island forever. None would touch it ever again... that much he'd promised himself.
It was an abandoned building with only a few functional lights at the far end of New York city. Hardly the ideal place to meet one's daughter but Magneto couldn't just teleport her to Asteroid M if she was in the city - there was no telling who might see. He risked putting her in danger - or worse, hurting her somehow if her unstable powers reacted badly to the teleportation beam. Stretching his senses out, Magneto nodded as he gently brushed his abilities against the unstable aura of a certain young woman darting towards the building. She was here - what entrance she'd choose wasn't as 'up to her' as she thought. The building was sealed. A few seconds later he heard soft feet on the landing outside the door. Magneto couldn't believe he was holding his breath as a shadowy water-logged figure entered the warehouse.
It was her. The flickering lights in their end of the warehouse created many long patches of shadows - thanks to the old crating that lined the room. Magneto's breath was visible though his face and body was not as he stood in one of the darkest areas and spoke,"My helmet is all the way over there," and it was true. Sitting at the far end of the room where the light was brightest - the first thing visible upon entrance into the room - was Magneto's helmet itself.
Not fully revealing himself - though he knew his daughter knew it was him - Magneto said, "Your friend is dead - and has been dead since Genosha. I couldn't get in touch with you safely in any other way. I am one of the few mutants capable of resisting the energy you generate - but without my helmet, the best I can do is contain it... so I am completely at your mercy," stepping forward into the flickering light, Magneto continued, "My shielding abilities are no match for you without my helmet - you know that. By the time I summoned it you could finish the battle before I even acted," the most noticeable fact about Magneto at the moment was his worn clothing, beaten, cut and bruise-covered face and the drawn and skinny state of his body itself, "And you know that since I've set things up in this manner... that I'm here to talk. If you will listen... I have questions about you... and about the future," </div></center>[/dohtml]
Oct 31 2014, 02:10 AM
For those of you who are LOTR fans you know what the title refers to - for those of you who aren't (shame on you) it refers to a battle against impossible odds that was 'lost' and then won at the last moment though the cost was incredibly high.

That's what started me on this little tangent, the minute the staff revealed that the ruins of Genosha had been converted into a massive prison camp my little weeble-brain started running off without me. Magneto's reaction (not to mention Lorna and Raven and the rest of the Brotherhoood who've moved on since Genosha) is too good a plot idea to pass up - and if anything could get him...

Riled, shall we say

This would be it

I kind of have in my mind a sort of Marvel version of the battle of the Hornburg. Magneto - in a fit of pique - contacts anyone (and everyone) who he thinks will follow him into battle to free the mutants and superhumans trapped in Genosha. Intending to level the prison and make it impossible to rebuild. Some more peaceful factions of the superhuman and mutant world refuse - saying they aren't going to do what the government is doing and just 'rain fire' because there's still got to be a peaceful resolution possible. The mutants and superhumans Magneto convinces follow him do so, and we get lots of massive battling either together or alone until most of the soldiers and local police force are either dead, captured or disposed of in some other way. The Brotherhood and their allies go about freeing the prisoners but as they start to destroy the prison another army appears.

At first, Magneto and the others expect it to be a reprisal from SHIELD - but it turns out SHIELD has been flagged down and something else has been sent in. As the army lands on the outskirts of Genosha, the Brotherhood realize they're facing an army of sentinels - but not giant or huge robotic sentinels, a new type of sentinel. Using a lobotomized human subject, and cybernetic technology, some shady black-ops group has created Cyber-Sentinels. Dubbed 'the Select' these new sentinels have all the abilities of a normal sentinel - but none of their classic clumsiness or bulky status.

Worse, because they contain human minds AND anti-super sentinel programming, the Select are capable of not just learning, but out-maneuvering just about any Mutant or Super-Human you could care to name. Even Magneto - he tries to rip out their cybernetic attachments and it works on two or three of them. But by the fourth they've learned to adapt and generate an EMP field that protects them. He tries to crush them with a gravity field and - again - it works for a few of them but by the next one they just expand their implants to protect their whole form and, again, he's got to come up with another way to beat them. Already tired from the earlier battle, Magneto and his army are forced back into the prison and lock themselves in while the Select begin tearing the walls down to get at them.

As Magneto and the others wait, we get lots of intimate character moments - either together or apart - until Magneto (heavily injured but too stubborn to die on his knees) gathers with the others and they lead a charge out of the prison. Most of them being killed or disabled on their way out until - out of nowhere - the mutants and superhumans and allies that refused Magneto's original call come to the rescue. Unable to just stand by as innocent people were killed, they fight the Select back and the enemy army is forced to flee. Leaving Magneto and the others victorious - but lacking the numbers to destroy the prison properly. So they have to flee and go back into hiding.

Now, I'm sure this will need staff approval - and even fellow member approval before we could even do it - but I think it might be a fun group deal we could all get in on http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif anyone would be a possible addition. The Genoshan prison would still be there - Magneto being too arrogant to realize that the whole set-up was a trap and then his allies paying for it would be demoralizing for him but it will also set him up to be a better person in the long run http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif others could have character growth and we could show how SHIELD isn't the only organization being manipulated into targeting supers just for being supers

Plus, it presents an interesting new threat in the form of the Select
Sep 21 2014, 07:47 PM
Rogue and Magneto have been a shipping couple since the nineties, for myself I always thought it a weird paring... not because of the age gap - Wolverine has been trying to get into Jean and Ororo's pants for decades and he's almost two hundred http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif what seems so weird about it is not only that Rogue comes from a rural background - but she's so... country, in comparison to Magneto's high-spoken and upper-class mentality and behavior. She doesn't immediately strike you as educated - and you wouldn't think these two would immediately be OBVIOUS pairings

But then you wouldn't think they'd be married and have a kid either - let alone more than ONE http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif but they do, in more than one universe no less... there's Magnus... Charles/Charlie... the most commonly known one is the AoA universe, but there's a lot of AU's out there - and even in the latest Legacy series there have been a lot of subtle nods to this pairing.

Case in point


I have NEVER done this pairing. But then again, I've never played Magneto outside of a plot role - keeping him 'evil' as was required. This time I'm not doing that - this time I'm not even staff. I don't want to 'youth' Magneto (the current playby I've got is Liam Neeson and meant to closely match the version we see in the Legacy series) because Rogue and he have never been together when he's 'young' (sorry Fassbender fans) it's always when he's in his later years. The link between them reminds me a lot of the My Fair Lady movie - he took her in to pander to his ego and teach her to be a 'lady' and ended up falling in love with her. She was simple. Uncomplicated - she said what she meant and she brought more order to his life than he ever thought possible. That's kind of what I get from Rogue and Magneto too - she's harsh enough to keep him on the straight and narrow, but gentle enough to love him.

I don't really care what version of powers the player uses - as we know, in the Legacy series, Rogue can turn her absorption powers on and off - unfortunately, this means the previously absorbed powers often become 'activated' without Rogue being aware of it. Before she realizes it she's blasting windows with Cyclops vision or having a psychic temper-tantrum so she really can't win. Part of the reason she and Magneto got together in the AoA universe is because of his ability to create a skin-tight 'shield' around her skin so she could interact with others - ironically she fell in love with him because he was willing to give her up. When she almost ended up absorbing their newborn son, Magneto did the same thing - calming her enough to use his powers to 'shield' her skin so she could nurse him.

So even if you want to use her full-blown 'touch-will-kill' abilities you're quite welcome to do so. Not only is it impossible for her to absorb powers from Magneto (thanks to his shielding abilities and the fact that she absorbed so much of his power-core so many times that her touch does nothing to him) but his abilities are strong enough to shield her so she can touch anyone even if he's not around, much like his ability to hold Asteroid M aloft. Anyway, I'm open to much plotting and I welcome whatever thoughts you'd care to drop in this pot
Sep 20 2014, 03:31 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 400px; text-align: justify; font-family: calibri; font-size: 14px; line-height: 1;">
It had to be nearing the later hours of the night - Magneto would have checked the time using the gear in his helmet but he was... distracted at the moment. The foggy London atmosphere at this time of night was worsened by the waterfront location. It had rained earlier but, thankfully, it had stopped. Unfortunately, the fog and humidity made it feel like you were swimming through the air and Magneto's hair was plastered to his face as he approached his target. Moving quietly along the roof of an old warehouse, Magneto stroked his chin as he watched men loading crates off an old garbage scow and into an even older-looking truck. Activating the scanning equipment built into his helmet, Magneto 'zoomed' in on the the men as they worked. Switching over to the in-built x-ray settings, Magneto nodded as he could see what was inside the crates themselves. For anyone else it would have taken months to decipher what each and every 'object' was - fortunately, Magneto had experience with these items himself. He knew what most of the materials in question were as soon as he saw them.
Shi'ar technology.
Magneto was a terrorist - and that was putting it nicely. He was a wealthy terrorist as well - but even wealthy terrorists needed a supply line, and if the government is blocking you - or you don't want to sully one of your alternate identities - then, sometimes, you have to go out and get the less-than-legal items on your own terms. Shi'ar technology - compounded by his own genius - was always something Magneto tried to... 'invest' in. The fact that he would be punishing humans for trafficking alien gear - and leaving a nice tidy mess for the government to clean up... that was just a perk. Shi'ar technology had proven invaluably useful since Magneto had first begun the construction of Asteroid M - and, obviously, it was going to continue to do so, because there was no chance these fools were going to be able to prevent the Master of Magnetism from taking the technology from them.
"Oi! Whose that over there?!" hearing weapons cocking and watching the thugs as they abandoned their posts around the garbage scow and the truck, Magneto quickly got under cover - he didn't want them to see him yet. He was hoping to let these idiots lead him back to their main stash. A truck full of Shi'ar technology was good - a whole building full was better, "No Mike ya dunce - over THERE! By the dumpster! OI!" realizing they were shouting about something else - not him - Magneto zoomed his helmet scanner in on the unfolding drama as a pair of thugs dragged something out from behind a dumpster.
Something vicious judging by how one of the thugs was kicked firmly in the crotch and ended up crying on the pavement.
The 'something' turned out to be a fairly diminutive woman - and as Magneto watched, though vicious as he'd assumed, she was eventually subdued. Watching the thugs drag her to their boss, Magneto listened as they argued amongst themselves, "Naw she ain't no hooker - she's too prim and proper for that shit," said the lead thug as the others questioned the woman, "Make her tell us if she brought anyone - go on! Make her talk!" his eyes narrowing, Magneto felt his jaw twitch as one of the thugs hit the woman, "No... no no no no..."
Magneto's eyes wandering to the now unguarded truck, Magneto cursed himself, "You don't care!" he whispered softly as he tried to ignore the woman and the thugs as he headed towards the truck, "You don't save them - forget it. Do not even look," wincing as the woman cried out in pain, Magneto tried to force himself to ignore what was going on. He had a mission - she wasn't even a mutant. It not only wasn't any of his business, but it had provided him the opening he needed to get to the truck and possibly plant a tracker on it. However, his head jerked around as the thug leader shouted, "Well! If the princess won't talk - we'll just 'ave some fun wiff 'er won't we boy's? Eh? Love to see what's behind that pretty face..." his eyes now blazing as memories of Nazi soldiers raping women in the camps flew through his mind, Magneto stopped mid-step and growled, "Why the HELLFIRE did you have to do that..."
"What do ya think boy's?" tapping his handgun against the side of the woman's head, the leader smirked as the other thugs dragged her away from him - towards the wall. It was obvious they intended to have a great deal of... fun, and they were making sure she knew it as the leader began to take off his jacket, "I'm thinkin we start with- AUGH!!!!" screaming as his handgun exploded - taking his palm and most of his forearm with it - the leader dropped to his knees and continued screaming as the rest of the thugs dropped the woman and backed away in a panic, "Move away from her!" hovering through the air, Magneto slowly lowered himself to the ground in front of the woman, "I said... MOVE!" pointing at the men, Magneto grunted and with a pulse of energy they were all sent flying backwards - crashing over themselves and the crates and other pieces of garbage that had been in their way. Glancing down at the thug leader - still clutching his stump of an arm and screaming - Magneto looked back at the woman and motioned her behind him as the thugs began to get their weapons, "Stay behind me," Magneto said.</div></center>[/dohtml]
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