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Oct 1 2014, 12:22 AM

jemma simmons


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Sep 30 2014, 01:17 AM
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- Coulson's Team

So, with the new plot comes an amazing possibility... Coulson can come back to life! #CoulsonLives And with that idea, we can have a full team. I was already considering having it sort of form anyway, but it was going to have a different leader and would be a bit off. But now! Coulson!

Basically, I would like for the team to form and just start off working regularly, like season one of AoS. SHIELD is a pretty active group that's going along like normal - just like with Hydra unknowingly in its midst - and I don't know if all the members really understand just what the SHRA and all its perimeters truly mean. They may like it or dislike it, but still work with it in effect. Eventually, I think Coulson and the team would break off and work actively against the SHRA once the true nature of its agenda is realized. And I really think that Coulson's ideals would lead the team in that direction overall.

So! Our lovely band of misfits! I'm going to mention how they are in the shows, but feel free to change them in whatever ways really suit the site best - or just how you want to change things to try out an AU version. Going in order of the banner...

Jemma Simmons is obviously taken, as she is the character I play. I've been planning her as sort of a pre-Agents of SHIELD version, where she hasn't worked in the field but really wants to. She and Fitz have a lab at HQ, so they know each other already, but none of the others. I figure that, with all her lab work, she has kind of had her nose hidden and she doesn't really realize the extent of the SHRA, otherwise, she'd be against it.

Leopold Fitz is taken! I'm dying for someone to play him! (Ok, all of them, but really.) Fitz is the engineering half of Fitz-Simmons, and he's a loveable geek. Fitz-Simmons finish each others' sentences, work together all the time, and are science besties. If you want to play Fitz, you probably want to check out my profile here, because I mentioned him quite a bit in there.

Melinda May is open. She is the kick-ass pilot of 'the Bus' (so they call their plane) who was promised that she didn't have to fight. She's really there because she was ordered to keep an eye on Coulson to make sure he's alright, and she really cares about him - and the others - even though she seems majorly closed-off. She's nicknamed 'The Calvary,' and there are tons of legends about her past.

Phil Coulson is open, and he's greatly needed as the leader of the team! The site has him as deceased, but with the new plot, he can be brought back to life by Loki and Hel. He's very dutiful, but also very loyal to his team members. He's hardcore dedicated to SHIELD - but the ideal of it, rather than the organization itself. Once he realizes it's not protecting all people in the way it should, I think he'd rebel and take his devoted team with him.

Grant Ward is taken! This is a character that you can definitely play around with a lot, mostly in choosing which version of him you want to do. Ward can be the hard-ass agent, or he can be a traitor in their midst. Either way, he does care about his team mates - more than he wants to - and he finds himself greatly attracted to SHIELD newbie Skye (friendly, romantic, whatever way you like).

Skye, last but not least, is open. She is the enigma of the group who knows nothing about her parents, a hactivist who ends up being recruited by Coulson. You could have her starting out with her Rising Tide group (or whatever else) or even as already working in SHIELD. I have a feeling she is very very anti-Registration, and she'd let everyone know it. She does end up on their team and finds Ward as her S.O. - or, you can have her learn under May from the start instead. Exploration is fun.

So! Please please please help me fill out the team! I'd love to see them all on the site, and it'd be interesting to see how they are under different circumstances. Plots and cookies for anyone who helps. <3

Sep 29 2014, 09:45 PM

Hey, everyone! I'm new here (or I was new on the old site and was a terrible procrastinator who just now moved her stuff over), and I'm looking to plot with all the characters. Or at least as many as can make sense. If you want to know about me, I'm 24, and I like things like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Marvel universe (though I'm lame and am mostly limited to the MCU). I'm currently in love with Agents of SHIELD, and in looking for a place to play one of the team, I stumbled across this site, which has some interesting plot potential all around. So far I only have one character, but hopefully we can come up with something to do!


jemma simmons

This is Jemma, more commonly known as half of FitzSimmons. She's a bio-chem SHIELD agent, and she currently works at Headquarters. If you've seen the show, her personality and past are the same, but since Coulson isn't around and there's no team, well, she's obviously not apart of it. She's pretty much a genius, since she had two PhDs before joining up with SHIELD; she and Fitz graduated the Academy three years early as well. She's a sweet person, a terrible liar, and she likes knowing that what she's doing is right and will make the world a better place. She isn't completely aware of all the goings-on with SHIELD and of the full spectrum of the SRA. I think more of the quietly heroic Jemma will come out then to play.

I'm sure she's quick to make friends, though it just depends on how many people can put up with all her techno-babble. Her absolute best friend and practically second half is Leo Fitz, and if someone made him, I'd love you forever (science bestiiieees). Enemies would include those against SHIELD for now, but more importantly, those who harm humans and lack that inherent 'goodness' that she strives to protect. She has no love interests currently, but she is awfully deep in her work. Someone would have to be good at gaining her attention for an extended period of time, but it's not completely unheard of. She does turn her head for a nice set of muscles, it seems.

Any ideas for plotting with Simmons? I'd love to hear them!
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