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Feb 14 2015, 01:48 PM
Due to real life events, I am going to be moving within the next couple weeks, and don't know when I'll be back, but also I don't know when I'll be disappearing either. I'll post again when I'll be gone, and when I return, but in the meantime, my posting and forum activity will be lower, and I'm sorry for that >.<
Feb 12 2015, 04:21 PM
Making her way through the busy city streets, she was still standing out like a sore thumb in her Victorian dress and combat boots, finished with a tiny top hat that looked like it shouldn't be staying on her head, yet there it was. She was looking at the world through different spectrums of light, and hardly paying attention to where she was going, to the ire of others. She would bump into this person, bump into that one, walk out into traffic, and cause a scene, but she paid it no attention whatsoever. She was seeing the world as it truly was, in colors few could even hope to imagine.
Feb 11 2015, 04:24 PM
I'm not good with coding, so instead, I'll just color the text to show different sections! I hope to have a lot of fun, and provide many laughs =D


Perhaps the easiest of the good ones, she is friendly and out going, and likes people who can be serious with her when its necessary, and not call her a lunatic. She doesn't hate anyone, though government officials or Shield Agents might have a tougher time getting her to be friendly.


An oddball by trade and habit, it would be interesting to see what sparks her interest in the department of personal relationships. No mention of "Killing Time" allowed. Tea will be a frequent thing, so a liking of it is a big bonus.


This is perhaps the easiest of the negative to get into. Calling her names, claiming shes crazy, a freak, stupid, ect, will easily land you here if you don't redeem yourself quickly. Trying to arrest her, assaulting her out of no where, proclaiming yourself her enemy with or without cause are all other ways of becoming her enemy. Government Agents and Shield Agents fall into this category fairly easily, due to the above mentioned reasons.


Not as bad as enemy, though can be both. Someone to compete with would need a superior attitude(Doesn't have to be a "Superior"), claiming to have better tea, or having attended very exclusive events. All these things annoy her, and make her want to one up someone. She does not consider herself a great fighter, but a rival would bring out her fighting pride if it came to it.

I can't think of any other category, but if you think of something else, go ahead and say it, it could be interesting enough to
Feb 10 2015, 01:01 AM
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Belle R. Etria

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<td><a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/CAUTIONTOTHEWIND/index.php?showuser=44388"><div style="background-image:url(http://i.imgur.com/Dusckfm.jpg); width:175px; height:175px;"></div></a></td><td><div style="width:5px;"></div><td><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
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Twenty-Six (26)

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February 1st, 1989

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<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Personality

She speaks with an air of high class, though its obviously faked, but in a way that just seems natural for her. She speaks of things that make little sense at times, but shes often light and playful in her words at the same time. Shes more often serious than not despite her playful high class tone, but when she jokes, its often at the cost of others who can't see what she can. She has a great love of tea, and becomes greatly upset when anyone spills tea, and will often claim that someone is committing murder when anyone says they or someone is "killing time," unless they mean it in a way where its time to kill.

She grows very uncooperative when she is contained or held captive, often speaking more gibberish, often things about how they are making her late for an important date, the nature of which she would not divulge. When among company that pleases her, she will speak freely, and laugh at many things, even things that are not funny, or jokes at all. She will often brew tea if its even a remote possibility and share it with all those whom she enjoys the company of. <p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font>Appearance

She is very pale, but her hair is a striking neon red color, obviously dyed. She wears a variety of hats, all usually top hats of some kind, from very small that seem like they shouldn't be able to sit on her head, to proper sized ones, to very tall ones that may get in the way. In these tall ones, she often keeps a tea set, with at least four(4) cups and tiny plates for the cups, a tea kettle, strainer, several choices of tea, and a kerosene Sterno. The only things she lacks in this set is water, and a way to light the Sterno.

Her clothing changes often, from Victorian style dresses with combat boots, to more modern relaxed clothes, including loose shirts of usually either black or white, with odd symbols or sayings on them, as well as a skirt and mismatching stockings, and again her combat boots, and on fun days where she goes and does fun things, a collar around her neck on her days shes not deciding to make a scene. In both cases, she still has her hat of some kind. All of her normal and bigger hats have exaggerated brims.

She has a few tattoos on her person as well. The most seen one is on her face, of all places, below her left eye. It is a heart with a black line going up to the eye lid(More couldn't be done without damaging her eye itself). The other is on her right arm. It is simply a number, the number of foster homes she had through her life before she left on her own, Fourty-Two(42).

Her eyes are strange, as they seem to be almost layered, as if there were eyes within her eyes, and often changing colors, seemingly at random, and its the entire eye that alters colors, not just the iris. The iris becomes one color, the rest of the eye changes as well. It stumped doctors and experts her entire life.

Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of her is her hands and arms. They are much larger than normal, almost twice the size they should be, and in her early years, it was thought she had elephantiasis, but that was not the case, and it still is not. Her arms and hands still function as normal, they are just very large for what they are. Her hands and wrists are also not the smoothest, being tougher than normal, the skin seeming the thicken in these places, and even small spikes protrude along the side of her hands. <p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> History

She was abandoned as a baby due to a slight odd appearance, which would mean so much more than was known. To her birth parents, she was to die, because her arms were so strange, and large, it couldn't be natural, had to be a death sentence in itself. She was given up, and sent to an orphanage to deal with the believed soon to be death. Growing up in the orphanage, she was teased by the other children, though what orphanage she was in didn't last long after the age of 7.

She was considered blind for a long while, though not completely, enough to be legally so. This was because of her eyes, how she could see so much, and yet not enough to make her way through the world. It was many years before she learned to control her vision, but she was picked on mostly due to her arms. They were huge, and the short, spiky spines below her pinky fingers didn't help. She was given back to the orphanages and passed through foster care many times, due to her unusual behavior, her appearance, and the occasional occurrence of her defending herself, resulting in extensive trauma to her bully/attacker. She was given up usually in order to avoid a lawsuit in these cases, though she was too young to even understand how she had done anything.

One of the few comforts she had over the years was reading. the pages seemed to shine like rainbows no matter what was written on the paper, because the paper itself was always alive, and the ink as well. Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass were her favorite, and often made more sense to her, for she could see things no one else could, and came to the eventual conclusion that she was seeing Wonderland, and that's why the world was so colorful and strange to her.

She eventually took on the nickname Jabberwocky, after the monster from the poem in the beginning of Through the Looking Glass, for she was more destructive without meaning to, and it was a scary creature, and to many she was scary. She liked it anyway, and began introducing herself as such.

After so many times through the system, she ran away, using her unusual ability to break things to escape and ran off, making her own way for many years, and always out of reach of the foster care system. She didn't have long to wait, either, for she was only a year from the legal age of going on her own. She traveled the country through hitchhiking and making friends that took her places. She earned some coin by playing music, something that many of her foster parents made her learn while in their brief care.

She has kept very few permanent homes over her years of traveling, and spent more than a few nights sleeping outside in the open. She had grown accustomed to it, but always preferred a nice bed inside than to the outdoors. She had never paid much attention to the news, government announcements or other such things, so when she came under arrest by a couple of Shield Agents, she let lose her shock wave punches, and ran for it, and has been on the run for several months now, finding refuge with old friends and new, though rarely staying with any for a long period of time. She has only recently learned about the events the government was taking against those who were deemed "Inadaquate," and now simply runs, and causes trouble for those who support such an act. She leans towards not hurting civilians, but is more than willing to defend herself if needed. <p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Powers

Hyper Vision - Her eyes are much more advanced than any other human on earth, able to see any spectrum of light at will, and even see multiple spectrums at once. Ultra-Violet to Infra-Red and anything in between, X-Rays, Gamma Rays, other rays, heat, she can see it all. She can't see sonar, or use echolocation of any kind.

Shock Wave Punch - The internal structure of her arms is different from other people, as it has a spring and lock formation, causing part of her mutant powers, making her arms and hands very dangerous clubs. Though classified as a "punch," its more of an outward swing of the arms from the elbow down. The internal mechanism causes the arms to lock up, and build a great amount of energy quickly, before releasing it all at once in an amazingly fast swing that causes a shock wave to form upon impact, which is what does the real damage. This is strong enough to not only break through bones, but to shatter concrete and stone, and dent stronger metals. <p>

</div><div style="height:5px;"></div>
<div class="aplayer">

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