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 Firearm Handling: Part I, Tag Shield personnel.
 Posted: Oct 30 2014, 02:43 PM


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OOC: The post below is for anyone interested in learning how to better their combat actions. ICly this is for any SHIELD personnel.

13 Months Ago
SHIELD Headquarters

Firearm Handling Part I
▪ Firearm Handling: Part I ▪
Anthony stood at the front of the classroom and decided to pass out the lesson materials at each desk before the students were to arrive.

Apparently shield had realized the need for some more refined training, and had chosen Commander Masters to give it. This class would be on how to think in combat, and would be called ”Firearm Handling Part I”

The students began filing in and it almost reminded Anthony of College. Only these students mostly had military bearing, and therefore, didn't have all the noise and milling about of college students.

"Welcome civilians, enlisted personnel, non-commissioned officers, commissioned officers, and general officers. To facilitate learning, group discussion and efficiency, there will only be two designations here. Teacher and student. Within the confines of this class, all students will be equal and subordinate to the teacher, which is me. If you cannot handle that, there's the door. Feel free to leave and fail your next SHIELD evaluation."

After a few left, he spoke again.

"Take a look on your desk, there should be a stack of materials, a black ink pen, a blue ink pen, a stack of line paper for notes about 10 pages thick, a stand of ten plain white sheets of paper for any diagrams or charts you'd like to right out by hand, a stack of all of the pre-made diagrams, and finally, a transcript of my lecture today will be available at the end, up here on my desk."

"Today we will begin by discussing the “Firearm handling techniques. Before we get into anything fancy, well will start with the basics.

After a few moments, a young pretty SHIELD technician began to hand out pistols. The particular pistol in question was the Glock Model 34, Generation 4 Once everyone had their pistol, it was time to continue.

"Here we have the Generation 4, G34 by Glock. Why this particular pistol? The simple reason is that for some reason, the United STates Government has decided that we should be using Glocks as our primary side arm, and the G34 uses the most common ammunition; 9x19mm. The G34 is the competition form 9x19mm Glock, and the Generation 4 is the newest, most up to date version."

"So let's get to the basics. The basic rules of firearm safety. First, NEVER ever point your weapon at anything you are not willing to shoot. Unless you have really high-speed training, that means don't point the weapon at anything you're not willing to destroy or kill. Second, always assume a weapon is loaded and ready to fire, and therefore treat it as such. Third, always keep your finger off of the trigger until the instant you are ready to fire the weapon."

"Now that we have gone over the basic, we will look at how to operate the weapon itself. First is how to load the weapon. Next to each of your firearms, is a detachable box magazine that has the capacity to hold up to 17 rounds of 9x19mm rounds. Next to that magazine, are 18 orange colored, plastic rounds. Pick up the magazine with your non-dominant hand. For right handed individuals, that is your left hand. For left handers, that is your right hand. At the top of your magazine, you will see that it slants to one side, and a portion of the top is partially covered by metal. Make sure that the covered part is facing your palm, and the open part is facing your middle knuckles."

"Next, take up one of the orange colored plastic rounds in your dominant hand between your thumb and the top of your index finger. For right handers, this is your right hand. For left handers, that is your left hand. Make sure that the rear of the round is facing the tip of your thumb, and that the front of the round is facing the rear of your thumb. Next, place the rear of the round into the open portion of the top of your magazine, and then press down and back until the round is securely in place underneath the covered portion of the magazine. Repeat this step until the magazine is full of 17 rounds."

"Now that we have a fully loaded magazine, place it down on the table. Next, look at the firearm. The back side of the grip is called the back strap. Near the top of the backstrap you will see that the weapon curve in towards the interior of the weapon, and they it curves back towards you. This curve is where you would put the curve of your hand between the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand. Reach down and grab the firearm with your dominant hand, making sure to keep your grip on the handle so that the curve of your thumb to index finger stays tightly in the upper curve of the back strap."

"Make sure that your finger stays off of the trigger. The next step is to load the weapon. Cant your weapon so that the top of the weapon is slanted towards your dominant-hand side, and the bottom of the weapon is slanted towards your non-dominant-hand side. Within the grip of the firearm, you should notice a long box-shaped hole. This hole is where you will place the magazine. Pick the magazine up in your non-dominant hand, in the same manner as you held it previously when loading it. Place the tip of the magazine in the hole in the grip of the firearm with the tip of the rounds facing forward away from you. Once the tip is in, you will push the magazine in with the palm of your hand on the bottom of the magazine, until you hear it click or it will not go any farther up."

"Now you have a loaded firearm, but not a readied firearm. That is to say, it is loaded, but not ready to fire. In order to to get your firearm ready to fire, Take your non-dominant hand with your fingers pointed at your dominant-hand side, knuckles up, and palm down. Place your non-dominant hand on that top piece of metal that is cocked back. That is called the slide. Pull the slide all the way back, and let it go forward. Once it slides all the way forward, the weapon is ready to be fired."

"The next step is to get your hands ready to fire. The way your dominant-hand is holding the weapon now is the proper on-handed technique. However, the two handed technique is ALMOST ALWAYS better than the one hand technique. To get to the proper two-handed technique, you should place your non-dominant hand on the weapon in the following manner. First place your non-dominant palm so that is connects with the bottom edge of the dominant hand. Second so that your non-dominant index finger is up against your dominant middle finger. Third so that your non-dominant thumb is flush under your dominant thumb."

"Now that you have a loaded, readied, and properly held weapon. We must look into how to hit what you want to hit. On the front and rear of the weapon are metal notches called sights. There is 1 skinny metal notch on the front of the front of the weapon, and two skinny metal notches on the rear. To aim the weapon properly, the front metal notch should be just under your visual of what you want to hit, and it should be both between and level with the the two rear metal notches in your visualization."

"Now that you know how to load a magazine, load the magazine into the weapon, ready to weapon, hold the weapon and how to get a sight picture, we will practice shooting what we're aiming at."

The technician then handed out the Glock 17R, Glock's laser training version of their 9x19mm system.

"Before you now is the laser training version of the pistol you have already handled. This tool will replicate every function of the standard Glock, except that is has no firing pin to fire real rounds, and a laser exits the barrel when you pull the trigger. On the wall you will see a digital target picture. Each of you will aim in the manner I have instructed, and attempt to hit the laser into the bullseye of the target. You will have 17 attempts to get the best score you can. Any shot attempted while not pointed at the target will count as a zero. Any shot pointed at another person will get you a negative 100. A perfect bullseye is a 100. Every Time you attempt a shot while not holding the tool properly, will count as a 0."

"After everyone has made their attempts, they are dismissed, and Part II will commence tomorrow in this location."

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