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Jan 12 2016, 04:26 AM
"Pawn to King Four. Knight to King Bishop Three. Bishop to Knight Five. Knight takes Pawn. Pawn to Queen Five. Knight to Bishop Three. Bishop-Pawn to Queen Three. Pawn takes Knight. Bishop-Pawn takes Pawn. Bishop takes Pawn. Bishop to Knight Five," moving his super-stretchy hands away from his chess-board, Reed grinned triumphantly, "Double-Check and MATE! Ha!" grinning at his toddler daughter who clapped her hands and squealed for him, Reed bowed his head and said, "You see Franky-buddy? It's easy if you just- Franklin?" realizing his young son was no longer sitting next to him on the picnic table, Reed stretched his neck out and scowled, "Franky-ranky-pudding-pie?" hearing Valeria gurgle for him - her tiny two-year-old vocabulary unable to explain what she wanted him to see, Reed turned his head around and snorted when he realized Franklin had abandoned him for one of the merry-go-rounds with some little blonde girl, "Oh wonderful - he's going to grow up just like Johnny..." giggling, Valeria clapped her hands and shouted, "Pretty gril pretty gril!"

Grinning at his daughter, Reed stretched out his arm and played with Valeria's hair as she hung there in her little zero-g harness that Reed had built for her. It kept her about waist-height to an adult and allowed her to hover around at will. She could already walk - but she wasn't very graceful. And Reed didn't want her scraping a knee or an elbow and have to explain to Sue - who wasn't all that well herself. Her shoulder (what was left of it) was healing nicely but her other injuries were slowing the process down. Keeping food inside her was a challenge because of all the pain killers she had to take. For himself, Reed had found Valeria's baby food to be the best solution for Sue's upset stomach - not that she was all that found of strained peas but the pureed fruits had been a hit thus far and it was funny to give your daughter AND your wife a bib when it was time for dinner, "Now don't you say that," Reed said as Valeria giggled and tried to grab his fingers, "I'm sure he just wants to be friends with that little girl,"

Watching his daughter hover over to his chessboard, Reed grinned as she began to set the board back up, "Daddy show again! Show again!" watching her frustration at dropping the pieces made Reed's heart go out to his daughter. She had an IQ that would one day rival his own - she was already a genius. But she was also a toddler - and it was hard for those two conflicting parts of her mind to cope with each other. She knew what the board was supposed to look like - but her chubby hands wouldn't cooperate, "Sh sh sh sh," Reed said as she started to fuss when another piece fell over, "Bishop, Knight, Pawn, King, Queen..." smiling as she recognized each piece as he set it up - and nodded at him, Reed asked, "You wanna see a real classic setup? Here," moving the pieces around, Reed grinned as Val tilted her head to one side, "This is an opening from Vienna, 1906 - it's called the Lapinsky move," nodding, Val said, "Lapisky," grinning, Reed said, "She was a tall woman - with hairy legs," when Val gasped and giggled at her father's description, Reed could tell his story was selling, "And she always carried a bag of strudel,"

Licking her lips, Val said, "Stru... del, mmm... nummy," grinning, Reed began to arrange the pieces again, "Now this is what Mrs. Lapinsky did in that match in Vienna 1906,"
Feb 1 2015, 04:40 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 400px; text-align: justify; font-family: calibri; font-size: 14px; line-height: 1;">

"This is such a bad idea
Crouching down in the bushes along the Pan-American highway that led from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. Reed 'Mr. Fantastic' Richards clutched his leather jacket a little tighter and wished (for the umpteenth time) that he could have thought of another way to do this.
"Maybe we could leak the meeting - if it's a trap then other heroes may try to do something about it. You know what could happen to Franklin and Val if we-"
Of course that had been as far as he'd gotten - arguing with Sue when she was in one of her 'noble' moods was always pointless. SHIELD had - supposedly - let it slip that there was a gap in the security nets between America and Canada along the main highway that led into the Canadian border. Sue - having found this information from one of her old friends, who was planning to get her family out tonight, had gotten curious and brought the information to him. Sue was a genius - a biochemist, surgeon, pediatrician and doctor in her own right... but when it came to deductive logic she always seemed to use his brain instead of her own.
Perhaps she thought she was too emotional - or perhaps she'd meant it as a joke to get him away from the computer without mentioning Namor for a change...
"Yeah... families - there'll probably be a lot of them. Kids, old folks - anyone who's a mutant or an inadequate - will probably try to shoot the gap and they'll get caught... but we can't just-"
That had also been a pointless argument. Tugging his jacket down tighter on his skinny frame, Reed thought to himself that - more than anything that he hated about their new home - it was the cold. Sue had worked in emergency rooms. She'd helped mothers deliver babies and cared for sick children of various ages... and she had two of her own. The idea of her friend - and possibly other mothers - having to face a SHIELD arrest and imprisonment was enough to get her fire so high that Reed had had no chance of putting it out.
And, of course, there was the fact that the bait - as it stood - was laughable. The highway was the main shipping point for supers after they were captured. Bunged up in trucks and stacked on top of each other. SHIELD just 'happened' to let a hole appear in their main transport route? But then people were desperate - they'd seen him on TV talking to people in Canada and the US trying to get SHIELD to stand down and restore some basic rights to those that were 'inadequate' to 'survive' among others. People had heard about Canada and France being safe to live in and they were willing to do anything to protect their families.
Crouching there in the bushes along the highway, Reed watched as several trucks rolled down the highway towards them. That had been the hard part
"No - look - Sue, we can't just turn up with all the other inadequate escapees and wait for SHIELD to try and round them up - they might get caught in the crossfire. We'll have to ambush them somewhere along the trip back,"
Sue hadn't liked the idea of her friends - of parents and children having to be loaded into trucks... but eventually Reed had convinced her that the only way they were going to get everyone out of there safely, was if the SHIELD agents had thought their job was done.
"We wait for the convoy's return trip,"
As the trucks drew nearer, Reed wondered where Sue was hiding - of course, with her powers, she could be right next to him
"As soon as the first truck gets close enough, I make myself an obstacle,"
Crouching down tighter, Reed began to stretch himself. He wasn't wearing his jumpsuit - neither was Sue. They weren't here as the Fantastic Four - they were here as Sue and Reed Richards... a mom and dad who had kids of their own. They were going to help these people because they were people... well, that's why Sue was here - Reed was here to make sure Sue didn't get herself killed.
"And then you, Sue... you get to give them hell,"
Feeling something brush the back of his neck, Reed didn't even bother spinning around our freaking out - that had been Sue. Could have been her touching him with her powers - could have been her breathing on the back of his neck... hell, she could have kissed him and he wouldn't have been able to see it. He'd gotten used to that quite a while ago - so all he did was grin and jump. Flying across the gap between the bushes and the highway, Reed curled himself up into a ball and braced himself as the first tire hit him. The reaction from the truck was all he could hope for - the truck was going at seventy or eighty miles an hour. The tire came into contact with his super-dense skin and literally imploded. The truck skidded to the left and started to turn over but - as Reed 'watched' (though he had no eyes at the moment) a glowing blue 'hand' formed out of nothing and kept the truck from tipping over. As the first truck stopped the rest of the convoy began to halt and drag to a stop. Stretching back into his human form, Reed smirked as three or four SHIELD goons came running at him - his arms flying out and sending them smashing into the side of the truck, Reed popped a muscle in his neck and muttered, "You just CAN'T get the staff these days 'eh boys?" plucking their weapons off their belts and shoulders and backpacks as they lay there groaning, Reed began to examine them.
"Colt .45," he said as he examined one of the pistols, "Military grade assault rifle," looking at the rest of them, Reed nodded, "Semi-automatic weapons of various types and classifications..." there was an almost 'squealing' sound as the weapons were surrounded by an energy field and began to bend and crush in on themselves. Raising an eyebrow as Sue appeared out of nowhere - her hand stretched out and pointed at the weapons - Reed grinned at her and then looked back at the goons, "Play-doh," his head stretching up and around as a bullet flew through the gap where it had been just a second before, Reed glanced as more soldiers began to unload from the trucks. Sighing to himself, Reed dusted off his hands, looked at the missus and said, "Ah more babes for the party,"</div></center>[/dohtml]
Jan 25 2015, 10:31 PM
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Reed Richards

</div></div></div></div><div class="aback">
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<td><a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/CAUTIONTOTHEWIND/index.php?

showuser=44388"><div style="background-image:url(http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d46/Slipstreme/fantasticlean.jpg); width:170px;

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<tr><td><div class="adetails">

Mr. Fantastic

<div class="adetails">


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Central City, California

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<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px; ">Power Strengths:</font>
Power Strenghts: Lacking true internal organs, Reed possesses the ability to convert his entire mass into a highly malleable states at will. In place of true organs, his 'guts' are made up of Pliable Bacterial Stacks that serve the same basic functions as normal human organs - able to change and adapt to whatever shape Reed is taking or whatever function he needs them to fill.
Further, his special organs extend even to the skin that makes up his body - able to alter or reshape itself in order to absorb (and in some cases, even redirect) the impact of most types of ballistic projectile or explosives. All that aside, Reed's primary use of his powers involve elongation - able to extend his body over fifteen hundred feet before it begins to distort.
While he primarily confines his elongation and shape-alteration powers to combat or using them to augment his daily life, Reed is also capable of a limited form of shape-changing. Requiring intensive concentration, and focus, in order to do it - Reed can't alter his voice (even if he could it would disrupt his focus too much) or imitate powers so the shape-alteration is limited to stealth operations.
<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px; ">Power Weaknesses:</font>
The greater the distance Reed stretches, or the more extended the size of the object he becomes, the weaker his resulting overall strength. Reed's transformation into a malleable state is reflexive and nearly instantaneous: if he was in his normal form and taken unaware by some type of weapon, his body would still absorb the bullets' impact through radical deformation. Because his super-dense skin is virtually impervious to laceration or punctures, he must willingly relax his reflexive control over small areas of his body. As such he must be conscious in order to have something as simple as a needle inject his skin - and his must be awake and aware enough to 'retract' his powers control over that area of his body in order to be operated on with a scalpel... not that there would be much point in operating on his body as - again - he lacks true internal organs.
While Ben has become the most twisted of the Fantastic Four, in some ways he is also the most lucky (though the last time Reed voiced his theories on this subject he ended up thrown across the room) of the four mutated former-humans. This is because Ben only mutated once and will not continue to do so, his powers having stabilized the minute his body was transformed. For himself, Reed's body will never stop mutating and become more and more unstable the longer he lives. One of these examples is that his resistance and tolerance to extreme cold has been sufficiently increased and yet reduced at the same time. While a normal human would die when near extremely cold temperatures - Reed would always survive - his body simply slowing it's functions enough to lock him in that shape. However, even low temperatures (around the temperatures at which ice freezes) his normally free form would begin to solidify - rendering him immobile in extreme cases and making something as simple as breathing extremely painful in smaller cases.
The instability of his powers continues in that, as he grows older. His powers drain needed nutrients from his skin, body-fat stores and hair - his predictions indicate she will lack any pigmentation at all by the age of seventy which could induce an extreme case of cancer where his own DNA will unwind itself into a basic gelatinous form... while he will remain conscious and alive. Unfortunately Reed has done little further research on this subject because, as far as he's concerned. If his powers really are going to doom him to life as a blob of jelly, then he must use the time he has left to try and find a way to return his friends to normal.

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px; ">Personality Strengths:</font>

Reed is an intellectual who prefers to examine foes and, if possible, negotiate with them before actually fighting them. He is a humanitarian who will often try to prevent any intelligent being from suffering. He is also slightly hyperactive (his powers doing weird things to him when he eats too much sugar) and this displays itself the most when he is around a new invention or thinking up a new design. As a result he almost always grinning or talking to himself when he's working on something - running around his lab like he's been given a present - and has often disturbed his family and friends who don't know whats running through his head... after all, often that gibbering can hide a brilliant and complicated plan that not even the most brilliant can predict.
Reed greatly abhors violence and will often go to extreme extents in order to avoid it. Often people can come to resent him or become angry with him because he tries so hard NOT to fight an enemy. His empathy and open mind leading to him trying to see every event from the perspective of an enemy or alien before acting - hoping to find an alternative (ANY alternative) to violence. These qualities can make him one of the most courageous men you will ever meet. He is often willing to take chances with people and aliens who many perceive as threats in the hopes they may make the right choice and become the kind of people they must want to be deep down.
Reed is also willing to make enormous sacrifices simply to keep his word and liberate others from suffering. It was perhaps the awful realization that his very existence beget violence, and the weight of the twisted and dangerous powers and forms his friends now deal with, that leads him to constantly sacrifice his own health and well-being on even the slimmest chance to turn them all back to normal. It has been said that Reed is the epitome of a pained hero - one who is so much better than the universe he is trying to save but cannot bear to let it stand alone.

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px; ">Personality Weaknesses:</font>

Reed is arrogant. There's just no nice way to say it - he IS arrogant. He doesn't mean to be - his arrogance is even well-intentioned most of the time. He's cautious to let other people make their own choices - or let himself work with others - because THEY might make mistakes... and then they would be guilty of the same flaw he carries... and such is Reed's guilt and regret that it is very difficult for him to allow this to happen. Well known as a master of logic and chess (a game where you must analyze every move to its fullest) it is his reliance and excellence with such things that also provides his greatest weakness. Because Reed looks at every problem piece by piece - examining the LITTLE problem instead of seeing the device or picture as a whole - he simply cannot step back and view what each change or nudge he causes does to the big picture. This is why he relies more and more on his wife to help him solve problems as (though he possesses the intelligence and genius to solve any issue) he often cannot see past the one problem he is working on at the moment.
Reed is often intrigued by the scientific implications of a problem, so much so that he almost forgets there is a problem in the first place. As Ben once put it, if an alien stubbed his toe, Reed would want to spend ten years studying WHAT it was that the alien stubbed his toe on. This often causes him to lapse into depression over long-standing unsolved problems, most notably Ben’s inability to return to human form and his own wife's mysterious potential. Due to Sue's limitless abilities, the energy she can generate mentally itself being completely unknown, Reed fears that she might be taken from him, and he'll do anything to prevent that.
For most of his life, Reed very rarely worked with others in a group - even when he was in Think Tank, he often wandered off or simply started working on his own projects while he waited for others to 'catch up' with him. His trust in his own skills and knowledge often keeps him from accepting help - which is another facet of his arrogance. He's so sure that his plans are the best plans and that his answers are the best answers that he often fails to consider that others might be able to help. His cocky nature and lone-wolf attitude CAN make him a good leader... but often keeps him from being much of a team player. While this works well with Sue and Ben - it can (from time to time) cause issues with Johnny who is almost as much a maverick as Reed is. If anyone ever questions Reed's methods it's Johnny... but it takes Sue to talk Reed down, because Reed's arrogance and conviction that he MUST atone for what he did to his friends and wife often keeps him from listening to anyone... short of Sue. Anyone else and it will usually end in either an argument or - worse - anger on Reed's part.
More than anyone, Sue knows that the very worse thing you can do with Reed is actually get him angry. A placid and well-controlled man most of the time - Reed has something of a temper. When that temper is set off he often forgets his peaceful nature - his anger turning to an almost frightening level of ruthlessness that few people have ever seen. He possesses a potential for righteousness in the face of injustice and cruelty that often leads to that very same ruthlessness and because he lacks a true sense of self-preservation, Reed can be very dangerous to face as - if sufficiently enraged - he will forget his morals and his 'pretty words' if it means protecting those he cares about.
Though he very seldom lets that part of himself out... and has warned Sue often to watch him when he goes too far.

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px; ">Equipment and Tools

Humanoid Experimental Robot B-type Integrated Electronics H.E.R.B.I.E (or tin-head as the little robots are known to Ben) is a series of service robots designed by Reed to help the Fantastic Four with their daily routines when real life gets in the way with supering. Originally built out of a riding lawnmower, a garbage can, a basketball and an army of spare parts - the little robot(s) went through man redesigns over the course of it's lifetime.
Programmed for advanced mannerly etiquette and butler duties (including cooking, fetching coffee for Sue and cleaning) H.E.R.B.I.E has been destroyed and rebuilt several times because the AI that controls the little robot is backed up across several of Reed's computers - making the H.E.R.B.I.E robots the perfect scout or spy since (even if it's destroyed) the memories and experiences of the little robot is just flashed to another backup and rebooted. A few times, Reed has even made 'armies' of Herbie - the central AI controlling all of the H.E.R.B.I.E's at the same time.
Though well meaning (if not particularly bright) H.E.R.B.I.E. is absolutely adored by Franklin and Val (H.E.R.B.I.E being the first word Val spoke) and often ends up being their nanny or babysitter when Sue or Reed are dealing with things like world devastation or just trying to get a decent nights sleep. H.E.R.B.I.E has even gotten caught up in Thing and Johnny's endless 'prank wars' from time to time, which is only fair since it's usually H.E.R.B.I.E who ends up cleaning or repairing whatever it is that Johnny and Ben damaged.
<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px; ">History:</font>
Born to Evelyn and Nathaniel Richards in Central City, California: Reed inherited a

similar level of intellect and interests from his parents - his father and mother both

being accomplished scientists in their own rights. Though Reed lost his mother before

the age of seven, Evelyn nevertheless remained with Reed as it was her father's wealth

and her own genius that helped fund the Think Tank project and founded the labs at the

Baxter Building. A child prodigy with special aptitude in mathematics, physics, and

mechanics, Reed had already passed high-school exit-exam level tests by the age of

ten. A few months into his tenth year, his father (who had hoped to give his son a

normal life) finally gave in to his dying wife's (and the pressing of his best friend

Franklin Storm) wish to let Reed's genius help the world.
The Think Tank project was conceived of by Evelyn's father - Major John Richards -

shortly after the end of the Second World War. It was his belief that the minds of the

world should come together to work in an environment that was conducive to solving

problems - and that the best way to do this was to assure full sharing of whatever

discoveries were made. Unfortunately, while he never saw this idea reach fruition in

his lifetime, his daughter Evelyn made it her life goal to achieve this project and

with his funding, the genius of her husband and his best friend Franklin Storm (not to

mention Evelyn's own skills) the Think Tank project received backing not just from the

US but several other countries.
The idea to give the role of the theorists and scientists to children (rather than

adult scientists) was Franklin Storms. Feeling that Major Richards plans kept falling

through because of the bias an adult would have to protect his or her own country,

Franklin even enrolled his daughter in the project (as well as his son after he was

born) but ended up creating a bit of a problem for Reed because the rest of the

children in the project had been involved since they were toddlers - meaning Reed

didn't immediately fit in with the rest of the children. Many of them believed that

because he was older then he must have been 'less gifted' than the rest of them. When

he began to top the testing charts, most of them decided that Reed was a cocky show-

off - trying to prove how much better than them he was.
This led to many problems for Reed - especially since most of the adults were teachers

and educators; they weren't babysitters or caretakers. When a bunch of older kids

surrounded Reed and started throwing random knowledge-testing questions at him (ending

in all of them jumping on him when they couldn't stump him) Reed was the one who got

in trouble as he'd failed to 'apprise his teachers of the situation' and had disrupted

the 'proper flow' of the daily routine. Though his father didn't punish him, Reed led

a fairly solitary life and sometimes even considered running away. Two things happened

shortly after this, the first was Reed's initial introduction to one Sue Storm and her

scrappy little brother Johnny who was one of the youngest children in the project.

When a bunch of kids were getting ready to prank Reed by leaving a stink bomb in his

desk, Johnny snuck in and moved the stink bomb to the lead tormentors desk. When the

bomb went off and the mean children were covered in the foul-smelling goo, Johnny

spoke up - saying it was him - and immediately was set upon by the older children
This proved to be a mistake because not only was Johnny just as mean as he was big-

mouthed, but he had a sister that (though mousy and kind of quiet) had a thing or two

to say about people picking on her brother. Though the fight ended fairly quickly,

Johnny ended up getting expelled from the program (Sue being allowed to stay only

because Franklin agreed to pull Johnny out without complain) and Reed became the other

children's main source of torment since the stink bomb that had set this all off had

been meant for him. The second big change occurred during one particularly bad batch

of tormenting. It was about half-way through his beating that Reed first came into

contact with a much larger child who came running in and chased the other kids off.

Introducing himself as Ben Grimm, the boy explained that his uncle Jake was the

garbage man and janitor for the Baxter Building and that - since the death of his

parents - Ben had come to live with him and his aunt.
Striking up a friendship (with Ben visiting nearly every day after school when his

uncle would do his garbage run) Reed was so enamored with his new friend that he

didn't even notice that the other children were afraid of Ben. Further, when Ben

started High-school, Reed ended up becoming Ben's tutor - and then even went a step

further with Ben's gift for sports and designed a robot (which Reed called Herbie) to

help Ben practice. The next change in Reed's life came in the daughter of Franklin

Storm - bookish, shy and a wallflower, Sue had even less friends than Reed (though her

quiet nature kept her from being bothered like Reed was) and had only become more

withdrawn since her brother had been expelled from the program for picking fights with

the other children and she now only had her father to talk to.
Picking up a habit of shadowing Reed and Ben (hiding behind her big horn-rimmed

glasses or whatever she could find whenever the two boys noticed her) it was only

about two years into their friendship that Ben first noticed Sue and made her come and

play with them. Teaching the two 'blockheads' (as he called them) how to properly skip

stones, Ben didn't notice how happy Sue was to be near Reed - or how the two young

teens held hands all the way back to the Baxter Building. Despite their brilliance and

Reed's talent for talking, they seemed to never need words - simply knowing what the

other was thinking or what he or she wanted just by looking. Their relationship not

only led to Sue abandoning her glasses and blossoming into a young woman - but her

gentle friendly nature led to toning down Reed's competitive nature and having more

fun in his life and less SCIENCE.
As Reed grew his relationship with Sue deepened - he lost his virginity to her during

a particularly naughty night when they snuck out of the Baxter Building on Sue's

birthday to visit the local theme-park. They became boyfriend and girlfriend and

remained true to each other well into young adulthood. Reed's friendship with Ben also

grew stronger, though he encountered one more person who would shape his future

forever. Unlike Reed and Sue, Victor van Damme had no friends and was quite content

with that. Whenever any of the clique-ridden popular children attempted to pick on him

his noble bearing and terrifyingly piercing stare tended to drive them away. Any

others foolish enough to attack him usually ended up getting their hides kicked - even

Ben commented on the ferocity of the young man during a fight and warned Reed to stay

away from him.
Born in the small country of Latveria, and one of that tiny state's few contributions

to the rest of the world at large, Victor had a lot riding on his experiments so when

he decided to raid some of Reed's research for his own project and the two first met

again - just as with Sue - the two needed no words. Staring each other down, Victor

commented that there were many mistakes in Reed's notes and research concerning

rocketry that was 'broken' and that even he couldn't fix it. Reed countered that he'd

seen some of Victor's experiments into alternate universes and said that most of his

designs were pure theory - whereas at least Reed had tried to put his into proper use.

Coming to a compromise without blows - or even words - the two of them started

CORRECTING each others projects. Trust wasn't exactly something that was shared

between them - more like a grudging respect - though whenever Victor would interrupt

Reed and Sue and Ben when they were playing with notes that Reed hadn't dealt with and

Ben would try to make him leave, Reed would call Ben off and go off with Victor to

work on whatever the project in question was.
From a young age Reed had been fascinated with rocketry - one of the moments that had

first led to him falling in love with Sue had been when she'd shown him the bio-engine

she'd designed for her own attempts at rocketry. Having abandoned the design years ago

(as she'd never found a way to stabilize the rocket) Sue had shown it to him to snap

him out of his latest blue funk but ended up getting her first kiss the minute Reed

had looked at it. Fascinated and continuing his works in rocketry, Reed began to

conceive a project that would allow humans to travel beyond their own solar system. As

he believed Earth was on it's way out, Reed decided that he was going to be the one to

come up with a way to reach other planets and create colony worlds. So absorbed was he

in this project, that when Sue turned eighteen and came to him to try and get him to

leave the project with her (and maybe get that normal life she'd never had) that he

actually got angry and refused to even think about it. Which, in turn, caused Sue to

get angry. She'd gotten her first taste of a 'normal' life - a normal 'friendship'

with him and Ben. She'd become beautiful and happy and her own person (instead of just

another mousy genius) because of his friendship but now he wouldn't even leave his

silly rockets to come away with her.
When he even refused to just leave for a few months - to just travel with her for a

little while - the two of them broke up. Reed's reasoning was sound - he'd tasted real

life as a child. He'd found bullies and none of the funding he'd needed for his

projects. But he broke Sue's heart that day and even Ben had called him an idiot -

Victor had just rolled his eyes and started running Reed's computations to search for

errors. Eventually, Reed's rocketry designs were approved by the government for tests

- and while Reed was able to prove the concept, he was unable to get funding for a

full launch. Using what remained of his mothers money, Reed began to work on a

prototype of his own. Presenting this completed design to the government, Reed finally

received permission to use it for launch - but required that it pass rigorous tests

for use by human pilots. During the next few months (while trying to meet goals and

design requirements of his own) Reed was bombarded by scientists and inspectors and

even a public health and sanitation officer. He began to feel that the government was

struggling to find a way to deny his request for funding and launch. The final straw

came when a VERY strict-looking Sue Storm was assigned to the project. As the original

designer of the bio-engine that Reed had incorporated into his project, Sue tried to

remain all-business on the project but Reed lost his temper when she began asking

questions about the process he actually tore the bio-engine components out of the

Dragging the pieces down the hall of the Baxter Building with Sue running after him

trying to calm him down (or at least shut him up) the two ran head-long into a group

of inspectors. When they saw what Reed had done (not to mention his exhausted and

overworked state) the writing was on the wall. By the time the day was over the

project was put on indefinite hold and by the next day all of Reed's staff had been

transferred and his funds from the government (what few there were) frozen. Getting

drunk for the first time in his life, Reed was comforted by Sue who suggested they try

launching the rocket on their own. Shocked at the idea, Reed kissed Sue for the first

time in years and - just as when they'd first been 'thrown together' by Ben - they

each knew what the other wanted and needed just by looking at each other. By the next

morning, Sue had contacted Johnny and when Ben found out what Reed was going to do he

signed up (despite Reed's protests) saying that he had to keep the two 'blockheads'

out of trouble. The rocket launch went off without a hitch (it helped that Reed had

hacked NATO and disabled their satellites) but as they started to break the light

barrier, the rocket's shielding was broken - bombarding the crew with cosmic

Thrown into the future by several days (but not actually moving) the rocket crashed

back down in the Amazon. As the crew crawled out of the rocket, they began to realize

they were changing - Reed's body began to stretch and Johnny (after burning his

clothes off) began to set the surrounding plants on fire. Random pieces of her

clothing - and indeed her own body - began vanishing whenever Sue's mind wandered and

(worst of all) Ben's body began to change. Growing larger and larger the longer they

trekked through the jungle, by the time they reached civilization they had all

completely mutated. Reed was struggling just to move, Johnny couldn't turn off his

flame, Sue was completely invisible and Ben had become a huge hulking orange creature.

Able to make use of access to Reed's lab through H.E.R.B.I.E who answered his master's

call, Sue (who was still invisible) managed to discover that their bodies now

contained a strange new type of energy that had woven itself into their DNA. While

Reed struggled to find a way to at least stabilize their condition, Ben became more

and more depressed about his physical condition.
A few weeks into their tests, Sue and Johnny had - with focus - at least learned how

to control their powers. Reed, ever the 'quick one', had even learned how to stretch

and contort his body at will. Still unable to even stumble onto a cure for Ben, the

crew of the rocket were all facing criminal charges for their activities from the

government. During one particularly bad night of brooding, Grim prevented a man from

jumping off a bridge and stumbled on the idea of using their powers for good. Despite

the American government demanding the four rocket crew members be returned to the US,

the four friends ended up becoming famous in Europe because of their exploits - with

Sue ending up as their public face and something of a television personality. The name

'Fantastic Four' was bestowed on them shortly after Reed made a deal with the

government to give them access to a large number of his patents in return for allowing

them to return home. Becoming the 'First Family of Heroes' to protect the interests of

the American people, the Fantastic Four - for better or worse - returned home.
Taking up residence in the Baxter Building, Reed began devoting all his time to

reversing Ben's condition and - as he put it - pitching woo. Having become completely

enamored with Sue, Reed went out of his way to please his old girlfriend (even paying

attention to her when he should have been working) and proposed to her a few weeks

after they returned to the US. Becoming engaged to each other, they set the date and

planned everything... right up to the point where an old friend of Reed's returned...

one Doctor 'Victor' Doom. Having been disfigured and mutated by his experiments with

magic and technology (and blaming Reed as it had been his notes that Doom had

incorporated into his designs) Victor had returned home and found his government

facing ever increasing demands not just from the surrounding despots but from the

United States itself who wanted to use his homeland to house a military base to try

and stabilize the area. Angered at what had been done to him, and his people, Doom

began to harness his research and turned Latveria into a world power virtually

When the United States threatened to use military power to stop Latveria's expansion,

Doom launched a terrorist attack on the United Nations and captured Reed when he tried

to talk his old schoolmate down. Though they had never been the best of friends,

they'd always had respect for each other... but not even that could curb Doom's anger

at being taken for just another 'terrorist' or what the United Nations were trying to

force his country into becoming. Though Sue was able to reach a compromise with

Latveria retaining the territory it had gained but halting it's expansion, the seeds

of discord between Doom and the Fantastic Four had been sewn. Since then, the

Fantastic Four have remained enemies and nothing so far seems capable of changing

that. Married shortly after the incident, Sue and Reed conceived their first child

only a few years later. Unable to tell what the baby was (due to Sue's shielding

powers activating by reflex and wrapping around the baby) the Fantastic four started

taking bets on what the baby would be or when it would be born.
Of course, all bets were off when Sue was unable to give birth... it was bad enough

when she was a few weeks late - but it was almost a month by the time they took her to

a doctor to try and induce labor. Apparently the shielding was keeping the baby from

being born; in other words, Sue COULDN'T go into labor. Devoting his time to finding a

solution, it was another month and a half before Reed figured out how to harness the

energy inside the negative zone to give a very tired (and very large and miserable)

Sue the energy-drain she needed to give birth to their first child; one Franklin

Richards. Franklin was - from birth - obviously gifted and this only further showed

itself as he grew older. Primarily confining his gifts to animating his toys and his

father's tools, Franklin was also found to be capable of altering the very fabric of

reality. One case being when he accidentally made his mothers eyes green - of course,

since the alteration had taken place on the level of reality itself, nobody besides

Franklin noticed (Sue even trying to calm him down and explaining her eyes had 'always

been green') though he finally got his parents to listen when they found several

family photo's that hadn't been affected.
Helping the boy figure out how to reverse the change, Reed came up with a 'power-

channel' that would help Franklin control his abilities. Not quite unlike the effects

of the negative zone that had enabled Sue to give birth, Reed designed a bracelet,

necklace and headband (depending on which model Franklin wanted to wear) that

constantly drained Franklin's powers to a point that he could control them. What Reed

didn't know was that the energy that was drained from the boy was being stored in his

subconscious and began to express itself violently whenever Franklin was scared

enough. One such case was the birth of his sister who was originally still-born.

Seeing his mother crying as she held the unmoving corpse of the infant and listening

as his father tried to explain that this wasn't something he could fix, Franklin had

started to cry himself and he couldn't stop. Eventually descending into something

resembling a panic attack - Franklin accidentally reversed time by several months. The

energy release was so strong that Franklin never even knew it happened (the same could

be said for his family) in fact, the only person who knew that time had been reversed

was one Doctor Doom.
Curious at the temporal reversal, Doom tracked the energy signal back to Franklin and

observed the developing fetus inside a now pregnant-all-over-again Sue. Realizing the

child would be still-born, and guessing as to what would happen, Doom contacted Reed

Richards and offered to help him save his second child. Confused, as the baby seemed

to be developing perfectly, Reed listened as Doom simply said that the child would not

be born properly in the coming months - and that if Reed contacted him when he was at

his most worried he would help. As the months went by, Sue's health began to worsen -

becoming more and more tired and weaker. Late into the pregnancy, Sue lapsed into a coma. Terrified that he may lose his child or his wife or both (but too stubborn to admit that he couldn't find a solution) Reed kept at it until the baby was nearly due to be born - overworked, exhausted and strained to his limit, Reed was still struggling to find a solution when Johnny walked into his lab and demanded that Reed talk to Doom. Angered at Johnny's intrusion - and CONVINCED that he had almost found a solution to help Sue - Reed refused... right until Johnny belted him across the face and yelled at the stubborn man that Sue was his sister and he was going to see Doom whether Reed wanted it or not. Jumping to his feet, Reed was about to fight Johnny - tired, angry and overworked Reed barely listened as Johnny said that he knew Reed had tried - that he'd done his best - and Sue knew it as well... but sometimes you need help. There's nothing WRONG with needing help. Grabbing Sue's unconscious hand Johnny told Reed that SHE needed help... the baby needed help. The final blow came when Franklin came out from behind one of Reed's computer consoles and - putting his hand on his fathers side - gently asked his father to please listen to Johnny.
Horrified at how far he'd gone - how hard he'd pushed Sue's ever-weakening body just to prove he was better than Doom - Reed kissed his son and told Johnny to get Sue ready for teleport. Leaving his son and Johnny, Reed went to Doom. Of course, the moment Reed entered Doom's palace, the good Doctor revealed his price - he wanted to name the child... AND, he wanted Reed to beg him for his help. By now far too tired - and too ashamed - to deny Doom's price. Reed bowed before Doom and begged for his help. As he stood over Reed, Doom observed that he LIKED Reed down there... and that another price may be enacted before the end of this deal. Too worried about his child and wife, Reed said he would do whatever Doom wanted - but that he had to save them. Now. Seemingly satisfied, Doom teleported Sue, Johnny and Franklin to his lab and - using a hybridization of mgic and technology - was able to safely deliver the baby. The labor itself was painless, as Reed found out afterwords. Sue didn't even remember giving birth - when she found out how many months she'd been unconscious she couldn't believe it - nor could she believe what Reed had been forced to do to save their child. As Doom stood there holding the newborn infant and said that he had saved the child - and Sue - he pointed out that the price he'd demanded from Reed had not been... ratified (for lack of a better word) by Sue. He even offered to annul the agreement - though what price that may exact on Reed would be at Doom's own discretion. Flatly telling Doom to give her daughter AND her daughter's name, Sue refused to play any of Doom's games - somewhat frustrating the green-clad reprobate who finally named the child Valeria and handed the infant to her mother to suckle before teleporting the lot of them out of his palace with a somewhat smug chuckle at the seeds he had sown that day.
Though she floated into this world on the underside of a leaf, Valera has become the light and joy of Sue Storm's life. Since her birth, Valeria had proven herself gifted - but not in the way her brother or

parents are. Normal (by almost all accounts) Valeria's mental gifts are something else

entirely. Her brain hasn't stopped growing since she was born. As a five-month-old

baby she was able to solve a Rubiks cube. At the age of one she was playing Checkers

and a year later she was playing chess. Able to speak with large words (but still

possessing the broken grammar-structure of an average two-year-old) Reed predicts

she'll be able to do Franklin's preschool work in another year and within five she

could be at high-school levels. As for Franklin himself, though he has abilities he

can't control, mentally-speaking he's the most normal of his entire family (save Ben)

and spends most of his time making his toys dance or sing to please Val or playing

tricks on the H.E.R.B.I.E droids that his father designed to babysit him. Franklin's

powers have only been tripped once more since the death and then rebirth of his

sister; his powers being the direct result that triggered the temporal reversal of the

entire world. Every now and again, Franklin has nightmares of that time - of his

family dying and his mother struggling to save them before she too is killed.

Sometimes he remembers this huge... pressure in his head and then emptiness.
But he's five... and his parents were just as affected as everyone else... well...

most of them. Sue ended up retaining some of her memories just like Franklin - but

they express themselves in the form of dreams. Only being triggered during times of

extreme stress... unfortunately, as late, there's been a lot of stress in the lives of

the Fantastic Family. With the Registration Act coming into effect, Reed and Sue were

forced to uproot their family and move to Canada. A neutral party in the whole

registration act debacle, Canada has proven itself a harbor for supers seeking to

avoid persecution. Unfortunately, only Reed and Sue and their children have made the

journey. A rebel to the end, and with too many friends to just abandon them, Johnny

refused to leave the states and almost came to blows when Sue tried to make him come.

Further, fearing he'd place his best friends in danger, Ben took the opposite journey

and headed for France (another super refuge) with one of Reed's H.E.R.B.I.E droids

along so he can contact Reed and Sue when he needs to.
Since then, Reed and Sue have been trying to work out a sort of 'underground railroad'

to get supers out of America. While they've had some success, they can't move too

overtly because while the US has agreed to respect Canada's sovereignty the same can't

be said for several off-the-book SHIELD black-ops groups, triggering more nightmares

for Sue who hasn't even been comfortable leaving the children with H.E.R.B.I.E as

late. As for Reed, his late nights and multiple attempts to contact anyone in the US

who'll listen to him to try and come with the compromise certainly haven't helped

Sue's nightmares (as she only seems to sleep when he's there to hold her) and has been

forced to spend less and less time with his children... which isn't something he's

ever considered doing before. Showing, perhaps, what dire straits the rest of the

world is in...
<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px; ">RP Sample:

"'Kay, kid - let's try this again... what is it?" looking at the object in question, his big brown eyes sparkling, little Reed Richards licked his lips and said, "It's a rock," nodding, Ben Grimm tossed the rock up and down in his hand, "Bang on the nose - better 'n what you've been sayin. It ain't a source of minerals or a big hunk 'o inert composet or whatever it was you said - it's a rock," his head bobbing up and down excitedly, Reed hung on Ben's every word, "It's all smooth and flat - you know what ya do with a smooth flat rock?" staring at Ben as if he had some sort of hidden wisdom, Reed said, "You take it to your lab and you render it down and-"
Chucking the rock back on the ground and throwing his arms up in the air, Ben took several steps away as Reed squeaked and said, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorr-" spinning around Ben said, "Stop thinkin like ya got such a big brain! And stop sayin sorry!" nodding shamefully, Reed said, "I'm sor-" getting an evil look from the older boy, Reed winced and said, "I'm soooooorta ready now - you um... you..." picking the rock up, Reed looked at the stream near him and said, "You... take it and... and you wind it up and... and you let it go!" flinging the rock straight at the water, Reed grinned... right until the rock landed with one smooth plunk and sank, "Awwww..."
Looking utterly heart broken, Reed muttered, "I still can't do it... I'll never get it!" putting his hand on Reed's shoulder, Ben said, "Kid don't cry! You wanna do somethin - then you don't give up! My old man said that all the time - you just keep trying 'til you get it, right?" nodding enthusiastically, Reed said, "Right!" nodding, Ben bent down and picked up another rock, "Kay, here," handing Reed the rock, Ben got behind him and said, "Now just lean back... hold the rock just right - like it's gonna jump outta your hand... wait 'till I give the signal..." bringing his index finger up right behind Reed's left ear, Ben gave it a flick and Reed let out a shout - the rock flying out of his hand and across the water, "Ah! Oh! Oh look what I did! Oh! OH OH OH!" watching the rock skip six, seven, eight times - Reed let out a cheer and grinned at his best friend, "I did it!"
Smirking, Ben said, "Yeah - only cause ya stopped thinkin... ya think too much. If you don't feel it in your heart then it ain't gonna work - no matter how hard ya try," picking up another rock, Reed knelt down and said, "Kay - kay... get me again - but wait 'til I'm not ready - okay? Just... Ben?" taking a few steps away from Reed, Ben tilted his head to one side and said, "There she is again," coming up behind his friend, Reed said, "Who? There who is again?" his arms crossed, Ben nodded at a big oak tree at the far side of the park and said, "This little corn-haired girl, she follows us whenever we leave your building - wherever we go, she just follows us..." glancing at Reed, Ben smirked, "Alway's seems to wanna watch ya, Reedy boy," blushing, Reed said, "You mean the Storm girl - with the big glasses?" Ben made a snorting sound, "She's got hair like golden corn, man! Who cares what her eyes are wearing?"
As Ben started to head towards the tree, Reed said, "You aren't gonna hurt her are you?" looking at Reed like he was an idiot, Ben said, "Don't be a dummy - I'm gonna ask her to play with us. Bet she skips stones way better 'n you," stopping in his tracks, Reed whispered, "We can't do that!" staring at Reed, Ben said, "Why not? She's pretty isn't she? Be fun to have somebody else around - specially if she looks nice, right?" blushing heavily, Reed said, "But I- but... but she's a girl! " grinning, Ben said, "Yes she is - and I bet she's lonely, does she have friends? You didn't have friends when we met - bet she doesn't either," shrugging, Reed said, "She doesn't even have her brother here anymore," looking confused, Ben asked, "Why not?" looking nervous, Reed said, "I... well... all those kids that like to pick on me - they made her little brother mad. So he got them back... only he got in trouble and was expelled and-"
Looking curious now, Ben asked, "Huh, sounds like you know a lot about her," shrugging nervously, Reed said, "Her dad knows my dad - they're old friends... her dad and my mom designed the Think Tank... thing. Until you came her little brother was the only one who stood up for me..." looking at the tree (with the little girl's head poking out just barely) Ben turned back to Reed and grinned, "Huh, bet you were grateful for that - aren't you her friend, then? It was her brother that helped you... maybe she helped him help you," not quite willing to meet Ben's gaze, Reed said, "Well..." his grin starting to fade, Ben asked, "Well what?" toeing the dirt, Reed said, "Her brother got sent to the teachers office right after it happened... and she was angry 'cause the older kids tried to hit him so she hit them and... I just... didn't say anything," his grin gone completely, Ben crossed his arms again, "Nothin? You didn't even thank her?" when Reed just shook his head, Ben growled in irritation and started to walk towards the tree again.
"You are a dummy!"
Running after Ben, Reed watched as the older boy tried to approach the Storm girl - but she edged her way around the tree. Probably hoping he couldn't see her. Watching Ben give up and start climbing the tree so he could see her better, Reed winced as the Storm girl finally caught sight of Ben waving down at her from the tree. He wasn't sure if she was going to run or cry... maybe the idea of being seen by the boys she wanted to be friends with upset her or something. Maybe she was just really lonely... but that was when the Storm girl stopped looking at Ben for a minute and looked at him. Slowly, ever so slowly, Reed felt himself smiling. Then she started smiling. Ben was right - she was pretty. Her big glasses moved every time she smiled or blinked... and before Reed knew it he was approaching her. Standing in front of her and smiling at her like an idiot, Reed slowly held out his hand and said, "Hi," feeling her smaller hand in his, Reed gave it a gentle squeeze and her grip increased enough to match his own. That look of fear had faded from her eyes and she was smiling to match his own.
She had been lonely
"I'm Ben," suddenly becoming aware of the older boy as he dropped out of the tree above them, Reed couldn't believe it as he was suddenly wishing that Ben would go away for a little while. It was nice holding the Storm girl's hand... maybe if he was nice to her she'd let him go on holding her hand, "This dummy is Reed - I know he's been mean to you by not thankin you for keepin his dummy butt safe but he's not so bad," smiling down at the girl, Ben said, "You got really pretty hair - does your momma make it like that? I don't have a momma anymore but she used to comb and fuss with my hair too, and I'm a boy. So I bet it's worse for you," looking from the Storm girl to Reed and then back again, Ben looked confused when Reed and the girl just kept staring at each other, "Well... you wanna skip stones with us, kid? Bet you do it way better 'n dummy butt here - what about it Reed? You wanna show her what you can do?" blushing heavily, Reed still didn't let go of the younger girl's hand as he said, "I'm not very good... maybe you could show her, Ben?"
Eager at the idea of getting to show off, Ben led the way back to the lake while Reed and the little girl followed. Reed was pretty sure he had this whole rock-throwing thing down... but he was right handed... and if he was gonna throw the rock he'd have had to let go of her hand. And, more than anything, he didn't want to do that... he didn't know why. But that didn't bother him - maybe he didn't need to know why... because as long as he knew that he didn't want to let go of her hand, then it didn't matter... he just wouldn't let go of her hand.
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