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The Chains of Imprisonment Must be Broken

In an effort to prevent the world from turning to hell, the Avengers, X-Men, and Brotherhood have banded together in order to prevent the Superhuman Registration Act from ever happening. However, in their struggle, their viewpoints begin to change. Some had different opinions on who could be trusted and others felt entitled to more privileged because of the nature of their mutation. These mutants consider themselves "superior". They consider mutants with useless or destructive mutations to be "inadequate" and are beginning to aspire to rid the world of them.

There are no heroes. There are no villains. Only those who are worthy and those who are not. There was a time when peace was a priority, but now the lines are clearly drawn and the chains of imprisonment must be broken.

- - - - -

Factions no longer matter. Either you are free, imprisoned, or being hunted. SHIELD has passed a law stating which mutants are allowed freedom and which are not, under the influence of some of the Superior, and all who are Inadequate must go to the Island of Genosha and live their lives behind bars.

Helmut Zemo will be leading SHIELD's team of field agents whose job it is to hunt down and capture the mutants. Please respond to this thread listing your characters and which of the below factions they'd be assigned to. If you have questions, feel free to pm Fool or Gaz. When choosing a group for your character, you may choose any of the following. If your character would typically fit in the Inadequate category, they can then volunteer to assist SHIELD and find favour there or something similar. Be creative!

If your character is human, they are able to stay human or work for SHIELD. Therefore they could also be a double agent. They can take a stance on the events happening or they could remain not opinionated. The same goes for Extraterrestrial characters.

Superior - mutants of a higher class. they posses powers like telekinesis, telepathy, healing, etc. example, professor x, magneto, thor, storm
Inadequate - mutants of the 'lower' class. they posses either physical mutations or man made ones. example: tony stark, captain america, toad, hulk
SHIELD - humans or Superior mutants that are assisting in the separation by building relationships with the Superiors. They are developing technology to instantly identify which mutant belongs in which group.
Unaffiliated - Mutants that are not in agreement with the laws, but are fortunate enough to be considered Superior. They do not work for SHIELD or the Superiors, but are not being hunted. Many of these are secretly working to help those in hiding, but if they get caught...
Hunted - Those that are Inadequate but have not been captured by the police yet
Thunderbolts - The group that is chasing down the hunted. Handpicked by Helmut Zemo for their skill. Some Inadequate can get out of their sentence by working for their Thunderbolts.
Double Agent - Those that appear to be working for the Superior mutants but are actually working to bring them down from the inside. They are often people who work at the facilities and see the prisoners on a daily basis.
Extraterrestrials - These are aliens, who were born on any planet aside from Earth. They are generally not accepted by the Superiors, but exceptions can be made, should an extraterrestrial put forth strong support for the program.
Human - These are your ordinary, civilian humans who have no powers of their own, and do not classify themselves as vigilantes or supers of any kind.

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