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" Why? Because super heroes are stupid."

Dark Wolverine
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Dark Wolverine
68 (looks mid 30's)
?? 1946

Looking at Daken you could easily see that he looks more Asian then what his father looks like since his father is Canadian in origin and his mother was of Japanese ancestry. Standing at 5’09 he devotes himself into staying in shape and you could easily see that as well since he roughly weights around 170 pounds. Now in the past Daken was known to have a Mohawk in his early years as an Assassin mostly in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’, but over the past five years he has decided to let his hair got at shoulder length.

Another aspect of who he is and heritage is a tribal based tattoo that covers some of his left abdomen and left shoulder.Now when just taking it easy he usually wears what make him comfortable from jeans, to shirts, hoodies or leather jackets. But now when his in full assassin mode or doing some personal vendetta he tends to wear a similar attire to what his biological father wears but in a more dull brown color. Which for him that is kind of showing that he doesn’t care what people think of him and if it gives the so called Wolverine a bad name then so be it. He becomes the Dark Wolverine


Now Daken has been told lies ever since his drastic birth that he had. For one he has been trained to be an assassin all his life so all he knows is to kill and to more killing. With that being said he is a ruthless individual who will do to get the job done and he could careless of the repercussions or the wellbeing of his supposed target. He rarely finds people that he could really trust with his life or work but Daken will use them and until they run out of their usage he will play the card of someone reliable but rest assure you let your guard down then it is lights out. All the killings he has seen and has done has made him numb to see the atrocities of his actions and those that he worked for, the satisfaction of the hunt and the prize be either pride, or money is what he wants.

He bears lots of hatred because he was told that his mother had been killed by his father nonetheless. So Daken has made it a personal mission within himself to make Wolverines life a living hell and hurt those that he cares for and ultimately kill his own father for revenge. Even though he never knew his mother he feels that by killing his own father will make things right and maybe his mind could be at ease. Now if ever finds out the truth is yet to be seen but I doubt that knowing the truth will ever chance his mind about his father and whoever gets in his way to kill his father is fair game to get killed as well.


In 1946 it is said that a man named Logan or known as Wolverine by some was married to a Japanese female by the name of Itsu. Itsu was pregnant in the late stages with a son when she was killed by an unknown attacjer in an act to lure the Wolverine out and take him into custody since he was a wanted man. But Logan never came back and a mysterious figure named as Romulus took the baby by pure cutting him from his mother’s womb and leaving her to die. With a plan for the baby boy Romulus left the newborn at the doorstep of Natsumi and Akihira, which were a young wealthy Japanese couple with high traditions. For Natsumi and Akihira it was an easy acceptance of the boy since they could not have a child of their own this miracle left by Romulus was much welcome.

Eventually his adoptive father named him Akihiro but since he looked of mixed heritage the servants and other family members of the province would secretly refer to him as Daken. Which is a slang word for ‘bastard dog’ and in their eyes Daken was of mixed blood and not full Japanese so the name stuck. Over the years of being treated as an outsider he developed a very twisted and cold persona to everyone around him, but not his adoptive father. About a decade later his adoptive mother told Akihira that she could no longer love Daken and never really did since she was pregnant with their own child.

Daken overheard the conversation and slowly began to think of a way to make them pay for their lies over the years. Shortly after their son was born, Daken’s adoptive brother he died of suspicious circumstances and Daken figured this was the perfect timing for his revenge on them. He told his adoptive parents that he had killed their son and in a sudden reaction his adoptive mother tried to attack Daken with a knife when suddenly Daken slapped her in the face and at the same time his claws from his right hand came out and slashed her causing her to die from blood loss. Seeing this, his adoptive father tried to stop what had happened and kill Daken but Daken used his newfound ability to impale his claws into his adoptive father and killed him as well. Now as he looked at the bodies of the family he had ever known he had no feelings for them when a mysterious figured showed up once more and proclaimed that he was Romulus.

Romulus told him what had happened to his mother and who was responsible for her death as he lied as to who had done it and send Daken to Canada the same camp where Wolverine had first trained more than forty years earlier. Daken became an exceptional assassin over the years for him and also focusing on his mutant abilities and finding out more about them and how he could use them. Over the past ten years Daken has made his base of operations in the Los Angeles area as an assassin for hire and whenever he was called upon the mysterious Romulus. About a year ago Romulus finally told Daken that his father had been alive all these years and that his training was complete to finally confront him and to take him out.

Daken hearing this at first attacked some of the Assassin students in Canada as his aggression against Romulus was let out. But Romulus was able to calm Daken down and see the bigger picture of why he did what he did. Now back in the United States and not remembering anything of the time line change Daken is on a mission of revenge and will do anything to get what he wants and that is the death of Wolverine his father.

Powers & Abilities.

Daken is a mutant who possesses similar abilities to what his father can do. For example Regenerative Healing Factor, which enables him to survive most injuries and also slows down his aging making him look much younger then he really is. With the healing factor it grants him foreign chemical immunity, diseased immunity and superhuman durability. Much like a hunter, his feral side grants him with superhumanly acute senses of sight, smell, and hearing to superhuman accuracy. With superhuman stamina he can exert himself for at least 24 hours before fatigue toxins build in his blood and begin to slow him down. His agility and reflexes are at par with his superhuman heightened senses.

Another similarity to his father is the retractable bone claws that come from his hands. Now his bones claws appear to be black in color in a rough like texture. His two bone claws emerge from between the skin of his first and third knuckles as the third one comes out from the inside portion of wrist. Now his abilities different form his father is the ability to manipulate his own pheromone to suppress his scent for those tracking him.

Which also grants him the abilities to instill intense fear, happiness, depression, sexual arousal, and a false sense of security to other beings. With his pheromone control he can sense the emotions of other in his own version of being empathic to some degree. Daken has some Telepathic Immunity in which he has demonstrated a high resistance to telepathy. Daken’s mind contains a "trap" awaiting anyone foolishly attempting to enter too deep into his head. Presumably this was put into place by Romulus.

Master Martial Artist due to his training at the camp by Romulus over the years. Able to be speak multiple languages of Japanese, English and German. Master Manipulator and Deception, Excellent Strategist, Expert Tracker and Hunter.


Carbonadium Digestion: Daken's healing factor can be dramatically slowed if Carbonadium is implanted inside of him or swallowed. Heat Pills: Temporarily cancels and slows the healing factor for a short time. Also The Muramasa Blade, which nullifies healing factors, is capable of killing Daken since it cancels his his ability to heal. Daken can drown if he can't maintain his life when his lungs are injured badly.

Role Play Sample.

With the sound of steel metal cutting through the air within his apartment Daken was practicing his Samurai sword techniques which he used whenever he was trying to clear his mind. It had been a few days since he went on a rampage back in Canada when his mentor Romulus had told him about his real father and that he was alive all this time. Daken was heated when he heard that news and killing those assassin students were something that he could not control himself he wanted to attack Romulus but he himself believed that he would not be able to take him out himself but his words did ring a bell within him. Maybe all these years of training and working as an assassin was preparing him for his ultimate revenge his personal mission in a sense and for the first time in life he had mixed his work with personal matters, was that a good thing or a bad thing? As he calmed down his breathing he placed the Samurai sword back into the display that he in his living room and looked at the photo of his supposed father that was taken during the Expo incident.

The look of anger and disgust could be seen in his face as he picked up the photo that was given to him by Romulus as he simply stated. “You might have killed my mother but you made a terrible mistake by letting me live……father.” Daken stated as he slammed the photo back on the table and left into his room. Within a few minutes he had packed a duffle bag with some personal belongings as he took the photo and placed it in his pants pocket and he was out. Fast forward………..Arriving in New York after the long flight Daken made his way to the hotel room that he had rented for a few days as he contacted Romulus and advised that he had arrived and was ready for the next phase of the plan. The school he needed to go to that damn school and see if his father was to be found, sure he could knock on the door and pretend he was seeking shelter but it was more fun to hide in the shadows of every corner, every bush, trees and wait like a predator seeking out his prey and go for the kill.

Using the money that he had on him he acquired a simple Harley Davidson bike and would use this as his means of transportation as he placed on his black leather jacket and took off to the coordinates to where his father was living all peacefully and he wasn’t. Finally arriving at the location he stayed back a block or two and began to walk over to the outside portion of the school ground as he sniffed the air around him for any sign of his target. He would be lying if he was not excited for the meeting of father and son, but he was more exciting of the brutal beating he was going to dish out. “Time to pay for your sins……father.?

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"Tonight we dine in HELL!"

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