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 Helping My Son
 Posted: Jan 12 2016, 04:26 AM

Violence doesn't end violence - it extends it, refines it...

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"Pawn to King Four. Knight to King Bishop Three. Bishop to Knight Five. Knight takes Pawn. Pawn to Queen Five. Knight to Bishop Three. Bishop-Pawn to Queen Three. Pawn takes Knight. Bishop-Pawn takes Pawn. Bishop takes Pawn. Bishop to Knight Five," moving his super-stretchy hands away from his chess-board, Reed grinned triumphantly, "Double-Check and MATE! Ha!" grinning at his toddler daughter who clapped her hands and squealed for him, Reed bowed his head and said, "You see Franky-buddy? It's easy if you just- Franklin?" realizing his young son was no longer sitting next to him on the picnic table, Reed stretched his neck out and scowled, "Franky-ranky-pudding-pie?" hearing Valeria gurgle for him - her tiny two-year-old vocabulary unable to explain what she wanted him to see, Reed turned his head around and snorted when he realized Franklin had abandoned him for one of the merry-go-rounds with some little blonde girl, "Oh wonderful - he's going to grow up just like Johnny..." giggling, Valeria clapped her hands and shouted, "Pretty gril pretty gril!"

Grinning at his daughter, Reed stretched out his arm and played with Valeria's hair as she hung there in her little zero-g harness that Reed had built for her. It kept her about waist-height to an adult and allowed her to hover around at will. She could already walk - but she wasn't very graceful. And Reed didn't want her scraping a knee or an elbow and have to explain to Sue - who wasn't all that well herself. Her shoulder (what was left of it) was healing nicely but her other injuries were slowing the process down. Keeping food inside her was a challenge because of all the pain killers she had to take. For himself, Reed had found Valeria's baby food to be the best solution for Sue's upset stomach - not that she was all that found of strained peas but the pureed fruits had been a hit thus far and it was funny to give your daughter AND your wife a bib when it was time for dinner, "Now don't you say that," Reed said as Valeria giggled and tried to grab his fingers, "I'm sure he just wants to be friends with that little girl,"

Watching his daughter hover over to his chessboard, Reed grinned as she began to set the board back up, "Daddy show again! Show again!" watching her frustration at dropping the pieces made Reed's heart go out to his daughter. She had an IQ that would one day rival his own - she was already a genius. But she was also a toddler - and it was hard for those two conflicting parts of her mind to cope with each other. She knew what the board was supposed to look like - but her chubby hands wouldn't cooperate, "Sh sh sh sh," Reed said as she started to fuss when another piece fell over, "Bishop, Knight, Pawn, King, Queen..." smiling as she recognized each piece as he set it up - and nodded at him, Reed asked, "You wanna see a real classic setup? Here," moving the pieces around, Reed grinned as Val tilted her head to one side, "This is an opening from Vienna, 1906 - it's called the Lapinsky move," nodding, Val said, "Lapisky," grinning, Reed said, "She was a tall woman - with hairy legs," when Val gasped and giggled at her father's description, Reed could tell his story was selling, "And she always carried a bag of strudel,"

Licking her lips, Val said, "Stru... del, mmm... nummy," grinning, Reed began to arrange the pieces again, "Now this is what Mrs. Lapinsky did in that match in Vienna 1906,"

Once upon a time
There was a very arrogant man

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And he did something
very VERY stupid...
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