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 Strange Meetings, Tag ~ Jane
 Posted: Mar 21 2015, 02:13 PM

They stole my backups; They stole my back ups to my backups... a life time of work.....gone.

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Brushing back a stray piece of hair out of her face she looked at him and she knelt down beside him. Unsure of where they were going to head next. She listened to his words and Jane kept silent as he spoke to her. Her eyes watched him as he took her cellphone and she said nothing for a moment. She was prepared at anything he may throw at her and she looked at him. "Foolish? Hey buddy listen. I'm nota foolish woman. I've done many other things you wouldn't believe alright?" she said quirking a brow at him. "Oh, I see" she said becoming intrigued by this. "So what would happen?" she asked looking at him. "

Soon Jane followed Magneto and kept quite and she said nothing for a moment. Staring at him she blinked noticing blood on his shoulder coming out more than before. "We really should take you to a hospital after this. You're loosing a lot of blood" she said worried about him as they wondered through the streets and she followed him still. Once her phone was handed back to her she placed it in her back pocket and she looked up as Magneto got a ladder and she blinked looking at him.

Placing a hand on his back she looked at him and she said nothing for a moment. "You alright?!" she asked as he laid on the ground. "Do you want me to go instead? I can get it easily and then I can return it to you. I don't want you losing anymore blood any you already have!" she said being stern with him as she looked at him dead in the eyes.

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