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 Edward Charles Brock, Venom
Eddie Brock
 Posted: Sep 15 2014, 05:57 AM

We're going to make it all right again, Anne, we promise... I promise

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The personality of the entity known as 'venom' can't really be summed up as one personality - but multiple personalities. Having had several hosts over it's life-span, the symbiote is partly a composition of what it was - what it became when it bonded with various people - and what it has become up to this point.

For ease of comprehension, what follows are the relevant identity documents referring to Venom, it's host and the symbiote that binds them together.



That was what Anne had always described Eddie as. She once told him that under all his problems, he was a good man - a gentle man. And that she'd loved him... for a time. The biggest problem, is that Eddie has anger issues - there's just no nice way to say it. The fixation his father had on the success of his children drove Eddie from a young age - forming in a hatred for those that he considered his rivals, and a deep-seated drive to win at all costs. His stubbornness and refusal to back down served him well in his youth and continued up to his career as a rising photographer and reporter. When all of that fell apart however (costing Eddie not just his future, but the respect of his father and the love of his wife) Eddie's anger at the world and desire to succeed turned inwards - culminating in depression, alcoholism and several bouts of near suicide.

Though still charming, up to a point, Eddie's desire to survive and escape SHIELD capture has left him far more tired and weary than he used to be. Much of the shine and humorous sarcasm has gone out of his eyes - a man on the run has few friends, and even fewer chances to show himself to others.

Of his opinion on Venom - and the creature he's bound to - Eddie tends to get along with the symbiote better than Venom. Venom is a culmination of their personalities - and tends to rely on Eddie's anger and the Symbiotes loneliness more than Eddie's more positive (and in Venom's opinion weaker) traits. Eddie isn't a villain at heart and has made several attempts at following in Spider-Man's footsteps as a vigilante. Because the Symbiote trusts Eddie (one of the few hosts who hasn't abandoned it) it tends to listen and add the weight of it's desires against Venom's blood-lust and rage.

As for Eddie's opinions on Spider-Man and his various allies and enemies, whereas Venom still holds somewhat of a grudge against Spider-Man (and thus Peter Parker) Eddie has mostly given up his resentment and anger against Peter because of Peter's actions in trying to save his ex-wife. The loss of Anne has shaken Eddie considerably - and with how heavily he is being hunted by SHIELD he's had little time for rekindling any of his anger against Peter Park or Spider-Man himself.



The was the first emotion that the symbiote learned to share with Peter Parker. It was Peter that it first learned about emotions from. It first discovered how to communicate and explain itself to it's host from Peter. However, the first person that it learned to 'merge' with - was Eddie. Unlike Peter, Eddie had no qualms about using more violent methods (short of murder) to achieve a victory. As the Venom personality created by Eddie and the Symbiote became stronger, the Symbiote and Eddie often found themselves lost to Venom's bloodlust and unable to resist Venom's hunger for combat and vengeance.

Considered an Abomination among it's own people, the Symbiote faces loneliness and depression on a near daily basis. Because it is usually dormant (either Eddie or Venom taking the dominant role) the symbiote usually prefers to exist within the ether of it's host and their merged creation. Even it's off-spring want nothing to do with the symbiote because most of them are too immature to bond with it - save for Carnage, who only wishes the destruction of Brock and the symbiote itself.

Because of the psychological scarring at being cast away by Peter - and it's alien physique - the Symbiote was left fully aware not just of what transpired during the Civil War, but of how it (as Venom) was forced to attempt murder on the elderly aunt of Peter Parker. While Venom caries a vicious streak about a mile long, even the merged personality of Venom avoids harming who it deems innocent. But because of what was implanted inside it, and the cybernetic controllers embedded in Venom's core, it was forced to comply. While Venom and Brock have forgotten these instances, the symbiote has not.

Scarred and near-insane over what it was forced to do, the symbiote's powers have diminished since the temporal accident that reset reality, and Brock and Venom have had to cope with the quiet and sluggish nature that the symbiote now carries.



Angry at the world, angry at itself, angry at the people hunting it... whereas Eddie has anger issues - Venom IS anger. Technically an 'it' (but possessing male personality traits even when mounting a female host) Venom is a culmination of Eddie and the Symbiotes strongest personality traits.

Unfortunately, most of those traits tend to be negative...

While Eddie resents Peter for revealing the truth about the Sin-Eater, and the symbiote resents Peter for casting it aside and not trying to understand it. Venom resents that, no matter how many times he has attempted to follow in Spider-Man's footsteps as a vigilante, he always ends up being 'the villain'. Venom has a secret identity - Eddie Brock. Just like Spider-Man has Peter Parker. Venom has... HAD a love interest - Anne Weying. Spider-Man has had his fair share of those as well... in every way possible, Venom should be just as big a hero as Spider-Man.

But he's not.

Venom is a monster. Venom is hated and reviled not just by SHIELD and the authorities - but even by Anne when she discovered, not just what Eddie had become, but what she HERSELF became when Venom was forced to bond with her temporarily. Venom's anger and resentment and thirst for vengeance against those hunting it, is tempered only by Eddie's refusal to murder unless needed and the desire of the symbiote to remain hidden and safe. Even when Venom wanted to punish Peter for what Peter had done to his host and the symbiote, Eddie's other personality traits still forced Venom to do little more than confuse or torment Peter.

At least until they formally met and their rivalry began in truth - then even Eddie's desires were no match for Venom's rage.

Since the death of Anne, Venom becoming fugitives not just from justice, but from SHIELD, Venom has lost much of his former blood lust. Seeing Anne suffer because of what he was (rather than trusting him as she did Eddie) shook Venom harder than ever. For the first time he's beginning to wonder if he should even exist - or if he could ever be a true hero.

Maybe Spider-Man has something Venom doesn't... maybe Venom really is just another monster.


Before bonding with Peter Parker, the Symbiote possessed natural talents for shape-shifting. Even after bonding the Symbiote is still capable of this - storing the host in a dimensional aperture but still allowing said host to control the shape the symbiote takes. Though unable to mimic inanimate objects, the Symbiote is able to blend in with shadows, take the appearance of other humanoids (no matter their weight or stature) and even alter it's coloring to the point of invisibility

Though not as strong in his 'Brock' form, as he is in his Venom form, Eddie is still able to call on some of these powers when needed. Further, Venom's absorption of Spider-Man's powers from the Symbiotes memories has gifted Eddie with the super-strength, speed, agility and heightened senses even outside of his Venom form. Not to mention a limitless supply of webbing that can contort and alter it's shape as soon as it comes into contact with any surface, as well as a high resistance to reality-alteration, chaos magic and even the reflexive responses of other super humans such as Spider-Man himself.

During times when the symbiote has built up excess protoplasmic mass, it is capable of replicating itself (not technically reproduction since the symbiote is just a copy of the original - up until it finds its own host) and when provided a large enough energy source, it is even capable of 'spreading' itself over large areas and taking multiple hosts at once. Unfortunately, the creature's fragile mental condition and weakened state post-reset has made it virtually terrified of dealing with more than one psyche at a time and Venom has been unable to even attempt to build up the mass required to take spread himself across multiple hosts.


Sound and intense heat cause Venom and the Symbiote massive amounts of discomfort and - at advanced levels - even injury. Further, because of his bonding with the symbiote, even Eddie cannot tolerate extreme temperatures or loud sounds for a very long time.

The traumatized status of the Symbiotes mental condition - as well as the strain of having to fuel Venom's powers for far longer than usual - has left the symbiote far weaker than normal. Indeed, at the beginning of his escape from SHIELD, Venom stored Eddie in his dimensional aperture and got out of a SHIELD compound by mimicking the shape of a pregnant scientist that he had absorbed memories from. Then, during a particularly close call on a subway, he let Eddie take over and assumed the appearance of a young boy (Eddies memories of BEING a boy making him better suited at remaining hidden) and spent most of the ride saying that he was trying to find his mother, until the social services came and got him.

SHIELD never even suspected a thing.

After months of running and hiding, Venom is finding it harder and harder to even maintain his normal shape. Worse, SHIELD has begun using telepaths to track Venom's unique omni-mental state. Further, Eddie and the Symbiote are exhausted and aren't often even conscious enough to reply when he tries to talk to them. Whereas Eddie and the Symbiote need rest to recharge - Venom doesn't. A large enough supply of protein and adrenaline can keep him going for months on end. Unfortunately, rats and small animals are usually the best Venom can find in a city (thanks to Eddie and the Symbiote being so squeamish about murder) so even he is beginning to wear out.

If a way to avoid the telepaths and SHIELD aren't soon found, Venom's afraid he may collapse - and if that happens there's no telling who (or what) may find Eddie. Or what may happen to the Symbiote itself.


For every fact there is the exception - born of a race of conquering, sadistic monstrosities - one Symbiote dared to think differently. Bonding with small creatures and beasts (rather than consuming them) the Symbiote was considered insane - a radical - by it's own people and thrown out of their realm as an exile in order to prevent the creature from finding a mate and polluting the gene pool.

Drifting endlessly through space, unable to bond or even move, the Symbiote did not know how long it would remain alone. Already near-insane from untold times of isolation, it was found by the most unlikely creature imaginable - a young man by the name of Peter Parker. His old Spider-Man suit practically ruined (and unable to find the material to create a new one as quickly as he'd like) the young man assumed the creature to be some sort of 'instant outfit' - indeed, homing in on the young man's desires, the Symbiote created an outfit exactly like Peter had always envisioned.

Further, it even attempted to please Parker by mimicking his favorite outfits and shirts and pants whenever he wanted to change clothes. Capable of cleaning and protecting Peter so he never even needed a shower or a way to warm himself, the Symbiote found Peter's need to rest for such long periods of time annoying. Having become enthralled with Peter's warm, moist world (and the images in Peter's head of being a hero) the Symbiote started using Peter's body to stage nightly 'hero' games. Tracking down enemies in Peter's sleep and defeating them - returning home before Peter woke up and then allowing itself a chance to recharge while Peter was awake.

Enabling it to experience Peter's memories of being an ordinary human as well as Spider-Man and then taking a chance to be Spider-Man itself when the host was asleep, the Symbiote even began thinking of trying to be 'Peter' for a change - visiting the strange 'tiny soft human' that 'the Parker' was so enthralled with. Unfortunately, while it was a centuries upon centuries old radical on it's homeworld, mentally speaking it was still little more than an infant. It couldn't even communicate with Peter - as it hadn't mastered the bonding process - so it would be a long time before it would be able speak to others.

The 'games' the Symbiote was engaging in - unfortunately - were discovered not just by 'the tiny soft human' - I.E Gwen Stacy (who began talking about adventures Peter was having that he didn't remember) but by several of Peter's enemies who were 'captured' by Peter without him knowing it. In fact, the Symbiote was badly injured when it underestimated an enemy known as the Puma and it led to an escape. So when Peter met up with the Puma again - and the Puma spoke of a previous battle against Peter's new ORGANIC suit (as the Puma was able to sense the creatures true nature) the Symbiote was horrified to learn that Peter was going to let someone examine it.

Worse still, Peter allowed the examiner to EXTRACT the Symbiote from it's new host using some sort of 'loud device' (as the creature assumed it to be) and let them lock it up. Little more than a child - by the standards of humans - the Symbiote was unable to comprehend how a person might be afraid of another creature living inside their head. To the creature's immature mind (as it still didn't fully understand that Peter couldn't hear it when it spoke) the obvious answer was that Peter would forgive it if it stopped trying to be a hero on it's own - and left the 'tiny soft human' alone. Escaping from it's new prison, the Symbiote slithered back to Peter's apartment and took the appearance of one of his blue-and-red outfits - hoping the familiar coloring would make Peter happy and make him quicker to forgive the Symbiote's behavior.

However, when Peter donned the outfit, the Symbiote assumed it had been forgiven and immediately started trying to bond itself to Peter permanently - attempting to explain that it would be good and do whatever Peter wanted it to from now on. As the Symbiote was still immature, Peter had no way of understanding what the creature was doing - never mind what it was saying. Freaking out (to put it mildly) Peter tried to replicate the 'loud device' using the bells of the nearby Our Lady of Saints Church - hoping the intense sound of its bells would destroy the creature. As Peter bathed the Symbiote and himself in the intense volume of the bells, the Symbiote tried to explain to it's host that it was in pain - attempting to force Peter to leave before they both died. Unfortunately, Peter didn't realize how the sound might affect him (as his body was just as in danger from the volume thanks to the half-done bonding process) and passed out before the Symbiote was able to make contact with him.

With the bonding process half-done, the Symbiote was finally able to speak to Peter - but he was unconscious. Worse still, he was dying because of the Symbiote's bonding making him vulnerable to the volume. Realizing that it was harming it's host just as much as it's own people had, the Symbiote released Peter. Blaming itself for the harm that had been done to 'the Parker' - the Symbiote gave in to it's pain and loneliness and attempted suicide by casting itself into the depths of the bell tower.

Where yet another sinner was kneeling - one Edward Brock... who was considering the very same act the Symbiote was now in the middle of performing.

Eddie's father was an idiot. To put it bluntly. A boring upper-class nobody, he attempted to make up for his anonymity by raising 'spectacular' children. Unfortunately, while Eddie had the drive and ambition to BE... 'spectacular' - it was his brothers who got all the look and the talent. For himself, all Eddie had was his ingrowing toenails and unmanageable hair. His inability to please his father led to several deep-seated anger issues and various other neurotic messes that he dealt with as he grew older. One of his earliest memories was his father reading passages to him out of the bible - and ordering him and his brothers to recite them at the dinner table.

If it hadn't been for Eddie's mother he probably would have died of Malnutrition.

Eddie well remembers one of his few successes - namely the time that he came top at school when he was Fourteen and was going to skip a grade. Eddie even got an award from his teachers and was getting up to give his acceptance speech - only to listen to his father remark to the principal that this would be Eddie's last year in the school whether he skipped a grade or not. Because it was obvious that the other children must be as thick as 'Pig Shit' for Eddie to come out on top. Then, during his senior year when he won the sprint, Eddie's father remarked to the whole of his team that Eddie got so much practice running away from an honest day's work - so obviously that 'sissy sprint' was a shoe-in for Eddie.

It was during his few moments of sanctuary from his father that Eddie discovered not only that God wasn't the harsh Judge that his father portrayed him as - but that Jesus welcomed EVERYONE... no matter how intelligent or 'spectacular' they happened to be. Whether his father was yelling at him or beating him or throwing books at him, Eddie found strength in what he was enduring through the small rosary he kept around his neck at all times.

Unfortunately, even after graduation and moving out, Eddie still found it virtually impossible to please his father. While his brothers went on to become Captains and Generals and Scientists and Astronauts, Eddie became a writer and a photographer - his father's reaction to him switching his majors went over about as well as could be expected. His father yelling at him that 'a man makes a living selling or making something that the world needs on a daily basis - artists and photographers make a living by selling and making things that NOBODY needs NEVER!!!' - suffice to say Eddie was cut off by his father and had to work two jobs to finish his time in college - and only barely made it due to exhaustion and overwork.

Because of his less than stellar grades, Eddie was forced to accept a job as a regular photographer and reporter for the Daily Globe. But even then his stubbornness and intense focus on winning served Eddie well and he started to make a name for himself in the same way that Peter Parker did - by submitting photographs of Spider-Man... well, SOMEONE who looked like Spider-Man anyway. In actuality, Eddie had been forced to cheat - charging less for his photo's than Peter, Eddie started to take his place as J.J's favorite supplier for shots of the Web-head. Eddie's skills as an artist were top-notch, thankfully, because no one even suspected that the images had been photoshopped

And it wasn't like the REAL Spider-Man could prove they were fake...

As he started to make a name for himself, Eddie started doing reports and photo-shoots at the local court-house - one time he even snuck in on a discussion between a lawyer and her client... at least until the client spotted him. Eddie thought the lawyer was going to kill him - the small, diminutive woman not only scratched the HELL out of his face, but she left him with a black eye! As she threw him out of the room, Eddie handed her his recorder and all of his papers - saying he wouldn't print or discuss one thing he'd heard as long as she did him one favor.

Went out with him to dinner...

It turned out that Anne Weying had much the same history he did - her mother and father had died when she was very young and she'd been raised by an aunt who only wanted her around for the government money and the inheritance she was trustee over. Though she'd managed to drink her way through at sizable amount of it, by the time Anne was of legal age she'd already gained some talent for criminal court and (more or less) forced her aunt to hand over what was left of her fortune. Using the money to better herself and get a career as a lawyer, Anne was just as ambitious as Eddie - and was the only person Eddie ever confessed his photoshopping to during one night of intense passion.

As they were lying there, Eddie spoke of giving up his dreams of being a famous photographer and writer and just find some job that would please his father. Disentangling herself from him, Anne sat on his chest and told him that underneath all his neurotic mess was someone nice trying to get out. Someone who deserved a chance to grow - and that if he wanted to stay with her he'd have to keep being strong and keep trying. When Eddie objected that he'd cheated - that he WAS cheating - Anne had simply kissed him and promised him that he'd do it - that he would get his dream and his father's approval - then it wouldn't matter that he'd cheated.

They were married soon after that.

Eddie's actions in garnering J.J's favor eventually earned him some points with his boss at the Globe (a personal friend of J.J's) and got him a chance to report on the high-profile Sin-Eater murders. Using his new wife's contacts to track down the murderer - Eddie began compiling evidence against him - all the while pretending to listen to HIS side of the story. Even backing up the lie by printing several articles about the murderer, and working with Anne to build a case that would protect Eddie's journalistic integrity AND the rest of the community for the actions of the Sin-Eater. When his articles - straight from the mouth of the Sin-Eater - started to hit the public, the Globe was hit with barrages of lawsuits trying to find out who the reporter was that was talking to the murderer. Eventually, Anne was unable to protect him, and Eddie's identity was revealed. Forced to name the murderer and take the police to him, Eddie still wound up - more or less - as a hero, thanks to Anne and one of her publicist friends who documented the 'round up' of the Sin-Eater.

Finally Eddie was the hero he'd always wanted to be, Eddie started getting phone-calls! Not just from famous writers and businessmen - but from his own family! Suddenly he was the son his father wanted - he was the brother his brother's weren't ashamed of. He wasn't just another 'pathetic artist' he was a somebody! Anne and her publicist friend's actions also afforded them no small amount of attention and Anne started to make motions to getting herself appointed to a highly reputed firm - making her potentially one of the youngest members of their company in the whole of it's history. A few days later, Eddie and Anne started looking for a new place to live - closer to Eddie's family now that he was welcome among them. Eddie even started talking about kids - and Anne certainly agreed. It was time for the spectacular couple to make some spectacular children of their own!

It was just too bad that the REAL Sin-Eater was reported caught by Spider-Man in an exclusive by one Peter Parker just a few days later...

Within a matter of hours, Eddie's reputation was COMPLETELY shot because of how high-profile the case had been, Eddie was further disgraced when J.J - now questioning EVERYTHING about Eddie - began examining the photo's he'd been getting from Eddie's... private stock. Suffice to say, Eddie not only lost his job at the globe - but J.J made sure that not a single company in New York would have anything to do with him. Further, because of her hand in the Sin-Eater debacle, Anne not only lost much of her own reputation - but her chances with her new firm. Her publicist friend (a companion from childhood) committed suicide after she too lost her job, and Eddie's father and brother's immediately cut all ties with him when he asked them for help after they lost their new house.

Anger turned outwards is wit - and that was Anne's way of dealing with it. Even when they were forced to move into a rat-hole on the far side of town, she simply turned their trashed reputations and their lowly circumstances (basically the whole mess) into a giant joke. Determined as ever, she began clawing her way up from the bottom all over again - taking whatever cases she could get and fighting to earn back what the world had taken from her. Anger turned inwards is depression - and that was all poor Eddie could deal with. Forced to write venomous reviews of B-grade porn movies and books for local tabloids, Eddie made his and Anne's crowded rat-hole even more crowded when he started working his frustrations out on punching bags and whatever other body-building equipment he could get into the tiny apartment. Putting on the kind of muscles that most body-builders are jealous of in a matter of weeks, Eddie unfortunately found his daily work out less-and-less soothing and began to take up drinking.

It was during one particularly bad bout of drinking that he and Anne got into a fight and they separated. They weren't divorced - Anne was too stubborn and insisted that as soon as Eddie got clean he'd be welcome back at their apartment. She even started using his exercise equipment herself in an attempt to work out her own aggressions and still stay close to him - her tiny frame putting on some muscle of it's own. Every weekend she'd meet Eddie at the park and ask him if he'd gotten clean - his disheveled appearance, body odor and the fact that his clothes were ALWAYS the same usually answered her question before he even had a chance to answer. And every weekend she'd make the same promise - that he could come home as soon as he got clean. Going to his father for a lone, Eddie actually struck the elderly man when he told his son to get out - saying that Eddie was a mistake and all he and his family wanted to do was blot out Eddie's existence. Horrified that he'd actually cracked his father's skull - Eddie took his father to the E.R and told them he'd been attacked by a vandal.

When his father regained consciousness and found Eddie by his side, Eddie was forced to flee because his father began screaming that Eddie beat him and that he'd get the cops to come and get Eddie as soon as he got out of the hospital.

Half-mad with grief, Eddie found himself in the old Our Lady of Saints Church. Entering the old building, Eddie clutched his old rosary and begged and pleaded for God to send him an angel - to send him some way of fixing what he'd done to his own life... to himself and to his wife. Squeezing his rosary so hard his hands ached, Eddie begged that if God could not send him a savior - then, he begged that God find it in his heart to forgive Eddie as he contemplated suicide - one of the most horrendous sins in the Catholic church. And as Eddie knelt there - begging for salvation or forgiveness (whichever cup would be handed him) a strange black ooze came pouring out of the belfry above him. At first neither Eddie or 'the ooze' were able to understand what was happening - but 'the ooze' realized that if it bonded with another host, it might be able to survive... and maybe make up for what it had done that had made 'the Parker' so angry with it. Maybe the Parker would take it back - or maybe this new human would be even better than the Parker!

It was during their confusion that another creature was born. As Eddie and the Symbiote tasted each other - became one person - several pieces began to fall into place for both of them. Eddie saw that Parker had been cheating just like him - he'd been taking pictures of HIMSELF and selling them! The Symbiote saw that it had been rejected - the Parker hadn't been angry with it, he simply hadn't wanted it. Eddie's experiences with his father (to the Symbiotes young mind) mirrored it's own. Sadness and loneliness gave way to a new emotion for the symbiote - anger. The rage and pain at it's rejection hardened within the symbiotes gut - merging with Eddie's own pain, Parker was no better than him - Parker was becoming famous as a photographer by selling his OWN pictures! By catching and reporting villains! Everything Eddie had TRIED to do and gotten in trouble for - Peter was doing and getting lauded for!

That night, amidst the greatest storm of sadness and grief and anger and pain either Eddie or the Symbiote had felt, Venom was born... and he was born in rage. Peter Parker... Spider-Man... he would suffer. He wouldn't die - the Brock did not wish death, he wanted him to suffer and know that Eddie and the Symbiote had made him suffer. Venom wanted to leave Peter the same way Eddie had been left... the same way the Symbiote had been left. Abandoned. Unwanted... that night... Venom found his purpose.

Peter Parker WOULD suffer.

At first it was just a game - Venom would find a way to trip Peter up. Such as shoving him in front of a train - or using his own webbing to snap Peter's during flight. knowing full well not only that Peter would be able to escape or recover, but that he wouldn't be able to sense Venom approach. After months of this, nearly driving Peter over the edge with paranoia, the Symbiote began whispering to Venom of a way to begin the final stage of 'the plan'. Capturing one of the most important people in Peter's life (but Eddie's morality being too strong to allow Venom to cause any damage to the loved one in question) Venom forced Peter into a confrontation. The Symbiote - hoping to make Peter jealous over how powerful it had become - made the mistake of taking over Venom for a second and telepathically sending him images of what it had done. And what it planned to do...

Unfortunately making the mistake of reminding Peter of the number one way to deal with it - sound waves. Using the same 'loud device' (I.E the sonic gun) that had weakened the creature the first time, Peter discovered that the Symbiote was too strong now to be separated from Eddie. Allowing Venom to take control again, the Symbiote watched as Eddie began wrapping Peter in a ball of his organic webbing in the intention of crushing him under the shear mass. Unfortunately, as the Symbiote was so much younger in those days, it wasn't able to regenerate the needed organic material quick enough. And when Venom began using parts of his own skin to crush Peter, the Web-Head blasted Venom with the sonic gun again and knocked Venom out - forcing Eddie to take control. Without the webbing (and the symbiote too weak to give Eddie the full power he needed) Eddie was soon defeated by Peter and shipped off to the Vault in Colorado where scientists began poking and prodding both Eddie and the suit in the hopes of understanding what had happened.

For several years afterwords the process would repeat itself - Venom would escape. A few times he even tried to play vigilante - but he always ended up being captured or tortured in some way. Eventually, somehow the news got out that Eddie and Venom were one and the same. Though not technically true, there was enough of a fact there to drive Eddie's wife and family over the edge. Eddie's wife sued for divorce while he was still in prison - and his father had a heart attack shortly after sending Eddie a letter damning him for what he had done to himself and to the family name. Escaping from prison again, Eddie attempted to find Anne - making the mistake of approaching her as Venom - and scarring her so badly that she attacked him just as she had when they'd first met.

Only this time he broke her arm...

Terrified over what he'd become, Eddie fled - and Anne was left wondering what had happened to her husband. A few days later she was contacted by Peter Parker - who said that his friends had been kidnapped and that he suspected Venom of doing it. Angry at Peter for what Eddie had become - and what her own life had turned into - Anne lashed out at him. Saying she was tired of being 'Mrs. Fenom' and that poor 'She-Venom' as reporters and news agents had started calling her. She explained that she didn't know where Eddie was - and told Peter what had happened before Eddie had become Venom. When Peter left, Anne began to worry what would happen to Eddie if Peter found him - if he'd really become the monster that she thought he was - and took a taxi to Eddie's favorite theme park where they used to go when they were dating.

When she found Eddie he wasn't Eddie - he was Venom - and he was in the middle of a battle with a group of mercenaries called the Wild Pack. When Venom subdued most of the wild pack and was going to kill one of them, Anne stopped him - saying that he would never be a hero, never be anything but 'venom' if he kept going down this path. Eddie's morality trumping Venom's blood-lust, the symbiote began to force Venom to give Eddie control when more of the Wild Pack's allies arrived. Eddie and Venom decided to cooperate and - with the help of Spider-Man - saved Anne from being crushed to death. Later that night, as he helped Anne change the dressing on her arm, Eddie explained that he'd have to go away for a while - but that Peter would check in on her while he was gone. Anne said he still wasn't the man she married - but that she might grow to like who he'd become if he gave her the chance.

After she'd gone to sleep, Eddie told Peter that he still didn't like him - but that he'd do his best to keep Venom on the straight and narrow from now on.

Though still a wanted criminal. For a time, Eddie and Venom did their best to be actual heroes. Holding back during combat - and only feeding on animals - Venom stopped killing it's enemies and actually (despite how he hated it) tried to work with Peter whenever the web-head would get involved in their vigilante behavior. It was during this time that the violent off-spring of the Symbiote known as Carnage would make itself known. Worse still, even after showing himself a true hero and helping Spider-Man take Carnage down, Venom was STILL vilified when a gaming company used Carnage's likeness for a new action game! However, Anne talked Venom AND Eddie into leaving the company to her - and used her legal contacts to put the company president on trial. Watching the case unfold as Venom from his hiding place, Eddie was horrified when a new Sin-Eater appeared and not only murdered the president - but shot Anne when she tried to protect him.

Venom wanted to attack the killer - to be 'a hero' and bring him to justice - but Eddie's emotions were stronger. When Anne was rushed to the hospital, Eddie followed - and when the new Sin-Eater tried to finish the job, Eddie finished him first. Unfortunately, Anne was dying - her life signs were fading and Eddie was running out of time. Stealing her body as Venom, Eddie took his wife to one of his hiding places as Venom and began trying to heal her. Venom - completely unable to even understand human anatomy - was absolutely no help in healing Anne. As for the Symbiote, though it now carried Eddie's love for Anne, it was also unable to help as long as it remained external to Anne's body. Knowing that it would leave him weak - and perhaps even comatose - Eddie did something that he would never have done for anyone else.

He allowed the Symbiote to bond with Anne.

Though Eddie didn't end up in a coma - he was still incredibly weak. As for Anne, her psyche wasn't used to the Symbiote - and the Symbiote had only ever bonded with males before. Female hormones and emotions were foreign to it and it was having trouble even coping with her different anatomy and extra... features. Venom, however, was immediately pleased with 'his' new host. Though it was EVIDENTLY a female body - Venom still identified himself as male (or we) and declared that Anne's body was far preferable to Eddie's because it not only had a fully functional liver and kidneys (Eddie's alcoholism having damaged his) but her emotions and hormones were far stronger. Further, she had untapped anger and rage - just like Eddie. Only she'd never given in to hers... at least not until now.

Because of Eddie's status as a fugitive, his 'hide-out' was in an... undesirable portion of town. Technically it was a storm shelter - and when some homeless men looking to get away from a storm found a woman clad in a skin-tight black-and-white suit with a HUGE grinning mouth... suffice to say there were issues. Unfortunately for Eddie he was barely able to stand - the first few blows were enough to send him reeling - unfortunately for the hobo's, seeing her husband beaten like that was enough to make Anne angry. And because Venom and the Symbiote weren't used to her body and it's different emotional spectrum, they ended up turning that anger into a rage. Slaughtering the homeless men as they tried to flee, Anne screamed that she was She-Venom and ran out of the storm-shelter into the night - or at least she would have if Eddie hadn't tackled her. Yelling that Venom and the Symbiote needed to let her go, Eddie ended up with 'She-Venom' sitting on top of him and moving to tear his face off.

But the Symbiote still trusted and liked Eddie - and Anne had only recently bonded to it - so it vetoed 'She-Venoms' rage and immediately released her. Forcing Venom back to his original host. Sitting naked on top of Eddie - with the memories of Venom flying through her head - Anne ended up curled up in a ball on the floor screaming over what she'd just done. Every image - from 'She-Venom' tearing the men apart to actually CONSUMING their bodies (something Eddie usually never allowed Venom to do) was burnt onto Anne's mind forever. Carrying Anne back to her apartment, Eddie tried to get her to talk to him - but she was still in shock and wouldn't stop crying or screaming whenever he got near her. Worse still, another group of mercenaries looking to make a name for themselves had tracked Venom down - only they had a sonic cannon. Blasting Eddie with a load large enough to send the symbiote flying off of him just as he left Anne's apartment, the merc's immediately started to beat Eddie - promising him that he'd die watching them carry the symbiote to it's new master.

Shaking out of her shock by what was happening in the hall, Anne found the Symbiote wounded and lying in the middle of her living room (having been blown through the wall) and forced it to bond with her. Too damaged by the sonic cannon to take control, Venom was forced to give Anne tips on how to fight - leaving most of the combat up to her as he tried to heal himself. Just as the last of the mercs went down, Sin-Eater reappeared - shooting Eddie through the shoulder and trying to force him to turn into his Venom form... right up until She-Venom shoved one of his own explosives into his chest and hurled him out the window. Collapsing as the symbiote left her again, Anne was left psychologically scarred by what she'd been forced to do as She-Venom and wouldn't even respond when Eddie tried to speak to her - for days he hid in her appartment after the police had left. Talking to her. Singing to her - though never touching her. Any contact with his skin caused her to curl up in a ball and scream until she fell asleep.

Desperate to get through to Anne, Eddie called the only person who would possibly come - the one person he actually could trust. Peter Parker. Promising to let Peter throw him in jail if he wanted, Eddie went back to his wife and sat on the couch next to her as she stared blankly at the wall. Saying that she'd been where he was - that she understood Venom just as he did - Eddie promised that it would be different now. That they could build on this - they could be strong together. He was clean now - she'd promised he could come home. He was home and he was her's and he'd do whatever it took to make this alright. Finally getting a reaction out of her - Eddie's heart broke when all she did was beg him to leave. He could control Venom - she couldn't - and she'd done such terrible things. When Eddie countered that she'd saved him - she just screamed again - saying that it didn't make it right.

Promising to make it right, Eddie threw open the blinds and the curtains in her apartment - saying that he'd called a friend to help make this all better. As Peter came flying into view in his costume - Anne started screaming even louder. Frantically declaring that Eddie was going to start fighting - that he was going to let 'the monster' out. As Eddie tried to calm her down, Anne went wild and attacked him - scratching him across the face - and as he tried to grab her she broke free and continued screaming all the way out the window and down to the ground. His face bleeding, Eddie hadn't had a chance to see what had happened - or even where Anne had gone... but everyone else had.


Eddie Brock had murdered his own wife...

Though Peter never said it, Eddie wondered if even he didn't suspect Eddie of causing his wife's death. Unfortunately, Eddie didn't have much of a chance to mourn. Using the death of his wife an excuse, SHIELD captured Eddie and forced him to serve as Venom against the armies of the Anti-Registration team. Implanting a large explosive within his dimensional aperture, SHIELD ensured his utmost compliance by binding him with cybernetic controllers. When Peter Parker went over to the Anti-Registration side, and SHIELD wanted to ensure his loyalty, they sent Venom to kill his aunt may. In fact, the attack on Aunt May is the last clear memory the Symbiote has... at least of that time line anyway.

From Eddie's perspective, Venom has been on the run for months now - days and nights and weeks pass by in a blur to him. Whenever Venom takes full control Eddie is able to sleep - but even after all this time he still doesn't trust Venom. As soon as he wakes up he begins watching everything that Venom is doing. For Venom himself, all he wants is to be left alone - he isn't a monster. He doesn't know why that soft human kept saying he was. Those men were going to hurt her - they were going to hurt the Brock. He'd only done what she wanted to protect the Brock... hadn't he? As for the Symbiote itself, they're right back where they started. It's still coming - the Symbiote will still be captured. It will still be forced to murder a harmless old woman... and then it may all start over again. Perhaps that is the symbiotes punishment - perhaps it will have to relive this ultimate sin out over and over again for eternity. If it weren't for Eddie and Venom being completely unaware of what the Symbiote remembers so clearly, it would probably go just as mad as poor Anne herself just hurl itself and it's host out of the nearest window.

If nothing else, perhaps the cycle will be broken - if the Symbiote were to die; maybe whoever or whatever is doing this would leave it alone. Perhaps it would finally find peace... or perhaps... it does not deserve peace. Maybe it really is just as insane and 'flawed' as it's own people always declared it to be.


Venom was surprised he'd actually managed to find a WHOLE abandoned apartment. Not just that - but it was right next to a packaging plant. A plant with bay-access that packaged fish. Fish attracted cats - fish attracted dogs and seagulls and all manner of scavengers. Venom liked cats - crunch-able cats. And dogs and seagulls. Venom liked fish - but he could never catch them. The Brock had images of sticks with string that the fish would try to catch and then you'd catch the fish - but Venom could never get the fish to chase the string. That frustrated him - so he instead relied on land-based creatures for his meals. It wasn't the meat he needed - it was primarily the adrenaline and other hormones that were produced in the blood of the creature in question. That was why Venom tended to draw out a hunt as long as possible.

More food in the end for him.

It was early morning right now though - the sun was coming up. Venom had been skulking here for almost a week now. He'd have to move soon. The hunters would be coming - the telepaths! Curse them - they could taste Venom's mind and he hated them. He wanted to chew on THEIR bones - leave the cats and the dogs for a little while and make them suffer. He wanted peace - he wanted to be free... actually, right now he wanted nothing more than to let the Brock take over - to just drift into the relaxing nothingness that existed between the Symbiote and the Brock's mind. But Venom had been Venom for far longer than usual - the Brock and the Symbiote barely had enough energy to stay awake for a few hours, Venom could tell. They could sleep - up to a point - but the Brock kept waking up. Kept using all his energy to tell Venom what to do. He needed to stop being stupid - they didn't have time for being stupid!

Never mind the fact that Venom was behaving perfectly well with or without the Brock.

Stalking the upper rafters of his temporary home, Venom caught sight of an old wall-mirror and dropped down to the floor. He was bored - there was no nice way of saying it. He'd spent hours stuck as Venom. He'd spent hours wishing he could just collapse into his gelatinous shape - but it was so much harder now! The symbiote part of Venom only wanted to make human shapes - and never very real looking one's. It was just as lazy and tired as Brock and it was about to drive Venom over the edge. He'd yell at both of them the next time they were awake within his mind. Approaching the mirror, Venom grunted as his body contorted - there was one shape he didn't need the symbiote's 'permission' to imitate. Twitching his neck as it became more slender and his hips expanded, Venom's toothy grin became thinner but wider as breast-like shapes formed along the lithe body 'clothed' in the skin-tight black mesh of She-Venom.

Turning from side-to-side as he examined himself, Venom licked his long white teeth, "Hmmm... tasssty," scowling as he examined his 'rear bumper', Venom altered the curvature of the left buttock cheek and smiled again, "Better... yessss..." examining himself again, Venom pressed a hand up against the mirror and said, "If the Brock would listen to ussss - he'd realize that the Anne isss sssstill here. We are Anne - we are She-Venom. She sssssurvived in usss," tilting his head as the imitation of She-Venom stared back at him, Venom said, "Ssssspeak She-Venom... come on! Tell ussss the Brock isss wrong - tell usss that you are in uss," growling when the only sound he heard was his own voice, Venom said, "We won't let you out if you don't talk - we won't show you to the Brock if you won't do what we want... SHE-VENOM!!!" when no reply was forthcoming, Venom roared angrily and with a grunt, he began twisting his body back into it's original shape, "We will put you away - we will lock you up - that will teach you. Yesss! You will learn,"

"Does it make you feel better? Making fun of the Brock's wife?"

His head jerking around, Venom hissed and jumped back up into the rafters, "Who isss it? Hm? Who speaksss? Who? WHO?" looking down, Venom's long tongue slid out of his mouth and dangled there in surprise as he stared at the diminutive woman sitting on top of an overturned milk crate just bellow him, "The Anne? No... we would have seen you come - yess! Yess we would... hmm..." dropping out of the rafters, Venom approached the woman. Her curly blonde hair and huge coke-bottle glasses sat perched on her nose. The purple lipstick she always wore was even there - the only off part was the long white dress she was wearing. Anne liked her legs - she didn't hide them. They were her one vanity - she kept them shaved. Even danced to keep them in perfect shape. Venom knew from Brock's memories, "It's tricky... yessss... always tricky - so tricky - since it's tricky it's not real - never really real! a telepaths story! You are not here - you would not see ussss! You would wait for the Brock - we are monssssterssss - ALL you ssssee! All we are to you,"

Reaching her hand out gently, Anne touched Venom's cheek, "My poor monster... lonely then, lonelier now," hissing - but not rejecting the contact - Venom said, "Yesss - monssssster - that's all we are. We ssssaw it in your head. You hate ussss - you want to take the Brock from ussss and make little Brocksss," smiling gently, Anne said, "Did you ever think that the reason I was so hurt - so broken by what happened - is because of what I did? All that violence - all that anger... how would you feel if you found that much darkness was inside you? All those years I'd been angry with Eddie... all that time I'd been afraid of you... and I was just as monstrous as both of you," hissing at her, Venom jerked away and said, "We are not a monssssster - we are a hero! We will be a hero - we will! You'll ssssee you'll ssssee! They all will! They kick ussss and hate ussss - cruel men huntsss usss but we'll prove them wrong! We'll make the Parker ssssee! He won't hate usss anymore - he'll help usss! We'll all be heroessss!"

Shaking her head, Anne said, "It will never be you, monster. It won't ever be us. Not the Symbiote. Not you... not me... if it ever happens the Brock will be the hero," cackling as he hopped up and down on his legs, Venom said, "No no no no! The Brock will get old - he livessss longer because of ussss! But he will get old! Then we will find a new home - we will find a new host - and they'll ssssee! We are the hero!" smiling sadly, Anne said, "You hate how much he loved her - don't you? You're so jealous... you act like a spoiled little boy - always angry and rebellious so he won't know how much you love him. How much you need him," hissing, Venom looked away, "You don't know - you are not ussss - you are not we - go away! We will not lisssten - we are sssstrong! We don't need the Brock or anyone! We were sssstill Venom even without him - we were sssstill Venom when we were you!"

"But you weren't - were you? You were so much more violent - so much more hungry - Eddie kept you from being a monster. I couldn't do it. I couldn't even understand my own emotions as you tried to use them to feed yourself. Part of you is terrified that another host might not be able to-" lunging forward, Venom grabbed Anne by her arm... or at least he tried to. Flinching when she shrieked in pain, Venom jerked his claw back and stared at her, "We did not even touch you... we..." reaching out the creature brushed her sleeve away and made a whimpering sound - the shape of her arm was just as it had been when Eddie had accidentally broken it, "You are not her - you are not the Anne. That healed long ago - so very long ago - yesss... we ssssaw it," hissing, Venom backed away, "It wassss not our fault - we did not... it wasss NOT our fault!" stamping his feet again, Venom hissed, "We are the hero - we ARE! We are not the monssssster - the monster hasss to die! The monsssster is alone - we don't want to be the monssster! We want to be the hero! We ARE the hero!"

Staring at Anne - but keeping his distance this time - Venom hissed, "What are you?" shrugging, Anne covered her arm back up, "Maybe you're right - maybe there IS part of She-Venom or Anne or whatever I am inside your head. Or maybe I'm the Symbiote - trying to warn you... or maybe you really are just a monster... either way you'll need to run," striking a defensive pose, Venom cackled, "We are not afraid of it - we do not know what it isss! But we are not afraid!" shaking her head, Anne said, "We could never hurt you - you're our monster... but SHIELD is coming. Taste the air - they are already entering the building," letting his long tongue spill out of his mouth, Venom hissed as he tasted the scent of the telepaths in the air, "We have been here too long!" jerking his head around, Venom hissed when he noticed that Anne was gone.

Only she wasn't.

A hiss sounded from the mirror - crawling over to it, Venom backed away in surprise when he saw She-Venom staring back at him. Looking at himself, Venom saw he was still in his normal shape. Looking back at the mirror he scowled when he saw it was Anne again, "Staying for so long in one place has it's advantages though - your psychic imprint is all over this building. All over the grounds outside from your hunting - it will take them longer. But you still need to run," looking around as he tried to find his best avenue of escape, Venom hissed when Anne said, "Run! Run you clever monster! RUN!!" spotting a ventilation shaft open just above him, Venom compressed himself into a snake-like shape and slithered upwards - making a soft splat sound as he bounced off the surface of the vent and was gone.

As Venom slithered through the duct-work, he became aware that he could hear a voice in his head, "About time it wakesss up! Brock! You ssssleep like a-" hissing as he realized it was another voice - Anne's voice - Venom stopped slithering enough to listen to her as she spoke softly to him, "Protect Eddie, my monster... and remember," hissing to himself as he hung there in the darkness, Venom whispered, "Remember what?" listening for a reply - any reply - Venom hissed louder, "Remember WHAT?" and finally her answer came,

"Remember... me,"


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Maybe you haven't been paying attention
I'm the bad guy!
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the fool on the hill Sees the sun going down And the eyes in his head See the world spinning around

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We're going to make it all right again, Anne, we promise... I promise

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Maybe you haven't been paying attention
I'm the bad guy!
I don't save the day!
I don't fly off into the sunset!
and I don't get the girl!
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I Am Alone

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And do you know what you do with all that pain?
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And you say... no one else will ever have to live like this.
No one else will EVER have to feel this pain.

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