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 Moria, Aia, Nymph
 Posted: Oct 28 2014, 07:52 PM

All that I have is a river. The river is always my home. Lord, take me away, for I just cannot stay. Or I'll sink in my skin and my bones.

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Aia N. Moria
7th June
Agios Efstratios, Greece
"All that I have is a river. The river is always my home. Lord, take me away, for I just cannot stay. Or I'll sink in my skin and my bones. The water sustains me without even trying. The water can't drown me. I'm done with my dying."

Born on a small island in Greece, Aia's mother was Irish and her father Greek. At the age of three, her family moved from the small island to Ireland. They lived there for a few years before moving again to the States. They moved around a lot, never settling in one place. Her father, Vangelis (often called Van), was moved a lot for his job, and her mother, Leanne, stayed home with Aia and homeschooled her (in both traditional education and, when Aia was old enough, in the way of her abilities).

When the decree came out, Aia was quickly caught. She was hardly a physical threat, and at the time, her family was living in Kansas. It was thanks to her physical manifestation of her mutation that resulted in her capture.

Physical Description
Aia is rather short. She is about 4'9" tall and weighs about 93 pounds. She wears her naturally red hair long and in loose waves (it does that naturally as well). Her eyes are an electric blue, and when in water, they glow iridescent and can illuminate a small area in blue light. Her skin is typically fair, but unlike most fair skinned women, Aia's skin tans easily. Between her fingers and toes, Aia has webbing. Along the sides of her neck, she has a pair of gills, three on each side. The edges of the webbing and the gills also glows slightly, but unlike her eyes, they always glow both in water and out of water.

Powers & Abilities
Water Generation/Manipulation: Aia has the ability to create and manipulate water. When creating water, she can only make so much before dehydrating her body (leaving her skin dry and cracked, often leading it to bleed). Ultimately, it's do to this dehydration, that forces Aia to make small amounts of water or none at all. When manipulating water, she can control as much water as she wants. However, controlling large amounts of water is exhausting and can take it's toll on her body.

Water Mimicry: When in natural water (as in not created by her), Aia can turn her body into water. When in her water form, she looked the same as she does normally, simply made of water. As a water being, Aia becomes more nimble and flexible, able to bend and shape herself around nearly any obstacle. However, in this form, she is weak to heat and if she leaves the water, she immediately reverts back to her original form.

Aquatic Sense: Aia possess the innate ability to perceive the movement of/on a body of water with extreme accuracy and determine where threats are by way of the water. She can also understand the size of targets in water by perceiving the waves interfering with targets. However, there are many ways to disrupt this. Rain is the most natural and frequent of them. The rain drops on water interferes just enough to cancel the effect of this ability.

In addition to these supernatural powers, Aia also possess abilities related to her training with her mother as well as her physical mutations.

Swim Speed: Thanks to the webbing of her hands and feet, Aia possess the ability to swim faster than an average human. Where an average human can swim 2.6 knots (about 3 mph), Aia can swim at about 70 knots (about 80 mpg). She also swims with a fluid grace that lacks in most humans and mutants alike.

Amphibious: Due to the gills set along her neck, Aia is completely amphibious. She can breathe water for an indefinite amount of time, while also being able to breathe air and exist on land. That being said, her body doesn't produce the oil that keeps skin moist, and as a result (if not in water at least once a day) Aia can suffer from rapid dehydration.

Water Combat: After many years (about 5 years to be specific) of training with her mother, Aia is skilled in water-based combat. She can use the water as various weapons, typically using the flexible element as a whip. She is also more able to continue her momentum in water than an average human or mutant.

Aia rubbed her eyes. The book she was reading from was getting more boring by the minute. Her eyes blurred slightly as she tried to read more. Pushing the heavy textbook away, she looked out at the dry plains. She hated living here in Kansas. It wasn't too her liking, but she would never say anything to her parents. The hard working couple tried hard to make her life good. And honestly, this place was just fine for her mother. Her mother was also a mutant, her abilities derived from plants. They had the greenest yard wherever they went, but that didn't matter to Aia. She preferred water. She liked to go to the beach, lay in the sun, swim for miles. But that wasn't going to happen here. It was too dry and too flat. Instead, Aia would swim in the above ground pool in their backyard.

Putting on her swimsuit, Aia grabbed a towel and went out to the pool. She didn't hesitate before diving into the warm water. She could swim for hours. And she did. Several hours later, she pulled herself out of the pool, drying herself off in the setting sun. She was about to go inside when she felt a pinch in the back of her neck. Tentatively, she touched her neck, feeling a dart in her neck. She hardly had time to figure out what it was before she fell, tumbling off the pool deck, and landing hard into the dry grass.

Aia came too some time later, her body aching from the fall. She looked around the dark room, wishing she were in water to see better. "Welcome to Genosha," a voice said. "Make yourself comfortable Inadequate." Inadequate? Aia blinked. She'd never heard that before. Slowly, the lights flickered to life, dimly lighting the room. She sighed. She was definitely not going to like it here.

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