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Nov 16 2014, 03:51 PM
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there's nothing here • other parts of new york • bobbi morse<br>
bad news is never good • xavier's school for gifted youngsters • nathan phillips<br>
the elusive flame • north america • hank mccoy <br>
lost pig • the bronx • buford hollis

take a walk • other parts of new york • completed<br>
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Nov 2 2014, 01:58 AM
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RAHNE ISLA SINCLAIR <br> </div> </center>



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Known as Wolfsbane, Rahne is twenty-seven years old. She currently lives at the X-Mansion and is member of the X-Men.<P>

Rahne is presumably friends with her fellow X-Men and other students. She is also open to friendships outside the mansions. Right now, she's not too keen on befriending anybody she doesn't already know due to not knowing whether she can trust them. It's not out of the realm of possibilities. She’s a kind person by nature, but she can be very blunt. Traumatized as a child, Rahne can have a very cynical view if the mood takes her. She’s not as ruled by emotions as she used be. <P>
Rahne doesn’t have a very long list of enemies, but she has them. As a Hunted mutant, she would count anyone trying to capture her among her list of enemies. She needs them though. I would love to do threads with people she would consider enemies. <p>
As for any romantic relationships, Rahne is not closed off to the idea. Giving herself over to someone is a very scary thought for her. She is very prone to short lived relationships. She is very independent and doesn't want to be metaphorically held down. However, should the right person come along, she is open to suggestion.<p>
As of right now, I am open to any plots. Rahne has interaction with a whole range of characters in the comic books, so if anyone wants to try those out, that would be cool too.<P>
If you have an idea, I have an opinion. <P>
<s>i need new ideas other than using rahne's running addiction for every thread.<s>
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