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Feb 15 2015, 11:52 AM
{natasha romanoff}

- for past threads in 2014.

-full circle :: james and nat run into each other again while each hunting a member of the same organization. during nat's recovery she slips in and out of consciousness, reliving their shared past.

{misc. years}
-year in numbers ::
thread title :: blurbity blurb blurb
Feb 12 2015, 06:26 PM
Two weeks. Two weeks she'd been chasing this son of a bitch all over the world. He bounced around like a hacker using a cell tower. He had cronies everywhere, so every time she got close, she was having to fight through to get to him. The son of a bitch always, always got away. But not this time. This time she had tracked him to the Colorado Rockies. Low and behold, she found more than she bargained for there. The bastards had a base. Not a safe house, but a fucking base. Luckily there were two very important things about this base. One: It wasn't as heavily manned as a full on base, so it was small and didn't need much for security. As far as she was concerned anyway. It was secluded enough they were pretty lax. Two: She had back up. She just hadn't known it at the time. As a matter of fact, she hadn't recognized who it was.

The battle had been fierce. Natasha had already been beaten and battered, but she wasn't going to give up on her target. Yes, she was the one that got to put the man down. Her mission was complete. She turned just in time to see her impromptu partner put down the man that seemed to have been his target. She was just about to say something to him, when she felt the blood against her side. She looked down and held up her hand. It was covered. She'd taken a bullet in the side. "Son of a bitch." Her world went black.

Feb 11 2015, 08:19 PM
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natasha a. romanoff

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black widow

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84 (looks 30)

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november 22, 1930

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<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;"><b>Character Personality:</b></font><br>
Natasha Romanoff, the person is nothing more than an actress. She acts aloof and keeps people at an emotional distance. She seems to not care much what others think, and in truth she really doesn't. However, there is that part of her that feels alone. So she wraps her ability to play it cool around her like a protective shroud. Very few people know the real woman, at times she's even forgotten who she was herself. It's only when she's alone and allows herself to think about it, does she catch a glimpse of who she truly is. She is a woman who allows people to think that she does not always have a conscious so that they will keep their distance and in turn be protected.<p>

The Black Widow is a very adept spy and infiltrator. She can slip in and out of any given situation and no one would be the wiser. She tends to go off the rails, or at least that is what appears to happen. Nat always has an ulterior motive and usually it's fueled by her loyalty to Nick Fury and the secrecy that he needs her to keep. She never does anything without a reason. Though most think she is loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D. that is incorrect, her loyalty belongs to Nick Fury. She is guaranteed to do whatever he needs done, no questions asked. <p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;"><b>Character Powers:</b> </font><br>
Nat has not actual powers. Though she had been infected with a variation of the Super Hero Serum she did not get the full effects of it, like say, Captain America. However, she does have a very distinctive skill set.<p>

When it comes her physical abilities, she is well above average, but not superhuman. She's fast, she's strong, she has quick reflexes, and accuracy. She's a martial artist, a gymnast and an acrobat. With the amount of training she's received, plus the jolt of the serum, she can appear to be inhuman in her abilities.<p>

She is also consider something of a weapons master, the girl does like her toys. Add to the fact that she's probably the most stubborn woman you will ever meet, she is not one you want to get on the wrong side of.<p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;"><b>Character History:</b> </font> <br>
Nat will tell people that she was born in 1984 and that she is only 30 years old. She tries to keep the Super Solider Serum usage on her to herself. Very few actually know that when she was working with Russia she was given the serum, which is how her age has been preserved so well. It had slowed the aging process as well as giving a boost to her already extensive skill set.<p>

Being a Russian orphan who was trained to be an assassin, spy, and to do various other nefarious deeds, Natasha was always one that needed a purpose. She has a lot of black marks against her with her time working for the Russian Government. Growing up, being trained to be an elite assassin, one who would and could do anything to get the job done, was not an easy life. Then though, she didn't know any better. It was an honor to have been chosen. Or so she thought. In truth, it was a living hell. She learned all the theory and even how to fake being a normal girl, but she'd never truly experienced any of it. Face it, when you are able to kill a fully grown man in more ways than can be categorized, by the age of ten, you tend to not have a chance to experience 'real life'. These people were her 'family' and they demanded loyalty. Not knowing any better or any other way, Natasha had given it. She was rewarded for doing good and punished for doing bad.<p>

Nat hadn't even learned about real love and emotion until she met one very specific man later in life. He had become more important to her than anything else. However, it was never something that she would willingly admit, barely even to herself. It was her secret. By and large it was her secret in order to protect him and herself, as she believed they'd both have been severely punished. A physical relationship was one thing, but an emotional one? No, that just would not do.<p>

It wasn't until a few years ago, when she met Nick that she was shown how her life could have been. How it should have been. By this time though, she really didn't have much hope that she would ever be considered normal. There was too much bad in her life. Too much bad that she'd done, that had been done to her. To many lives lost that she had caused or had been lost to her. But she is doing her best to become something more than she was. To find out who she really is.<p>

It wasn't until she came across Nick Fury that she was given a new mission and the path to redemption. Though it can still be called questionable at how she gets things done. She is classified as working for S.H.I.E.L.D. but in truth she worked for Nick. He is one of the few people that she trusts completely. All of her assignments come from him and she does them without question. She knows that Fury is a good man and what he does he does for the betterment of mankind, even if others don't see it at the time. This is one of the things that keeps her loyal to him. That and she finally has a purpose, one that will help to remove the stains on her soul and red in her book.<p>

There is one problem with Natasha, she will even go against Fury if it is something that she believes in. Nat will still look out for number one and yes, that means keeping secrets from Fury if it's for her own personal gain or benefit. As to what S.H.I.E.L.D. and the government are doing now? She has some mixed feelings about that. Yes, she believes that some of these people needed to be put away, but she does not believe all of them should. They made the mistake of letting her find her own mind. They made the mistake of letting her learn right from wrong. Good from bad. They made the mistake of slowly turning into the one thing she had been trying to escape from. This is how she sees the Registration Act. If they are criminal, then put them in the database. If they are just trying to live their lives and have never harmed anyone, leave them the hell alone.<p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;"><b>Character RP Sample:</b> </font> <br>
There she was, her arms over her head, held there by shackles and a pipe. There they were, the bad guys. The ones that were convinced they had her right where they wanted her. They were convinced she was terrified. It helped that there were tears streaming down her face and she was trembling. One of the guys snickered and walked up to her. He backhanded her hard enough her head snapped to the side.<p>

"Enough! She will be of no use to us if you kill her." The leader walked up to her and studied her for a moment. "I apologize on behalf of my men, they are a bit brutish." His accent was heavy, but she had no problems understanding. Her eyes widened in what would be perceived as fear.<p>

"Now, tell us what we want to know and we will let you go." That was a lie and they all new it.<p>

"Fine, fine. Marcos sent me. I was supposed to retrieve the flashdrive that contained the Gianni family's plans for the gem heist." Lie for a lie, the only difference is, hers was believable.<p>

The man snorted. "The Gianni family. The Gianni family. Always with the Gianni family. Do you honestly believe the Gianni family could pull off something like that? No. Do you even believe that Gionvanni would allow it? He is going legitimate."<p>

Nat blinked. "According to my sources they are planning it."<p>

"Your sources are only half correct. It is not the family that is planning it. Gregorio is working with me. He's my man now, not his father's. The boy thinks this will put him in charge of the family. Sadly for him, I am just using him. Once the Gianni family is indicated, I can slip in and take over."<p>

Her head tipped to the side. "So let me get this straight. You are planning on setting up the Gianni family, using the youngest son, so you can take over the family?"<p>

"That would be correct. Unfortunately, this means I have to kill you now. Don't worry, your death will also be linked to them as well."<p>

Nat nodded her head. "Thanks for the information." The tears vanished and smirk appeared on her lips. She gripped the chain of the shackles, her knees drew up and she kicked out, catching the guy under the chin. The next thing they all new she was up on the pipe, having pulled herself up, and working the shackles off with a pin that had been under her tongue. That was pretty much the last thing any of them remember.<p>

As Nat walked towards the door, she took the flashdrive and spoke into the comm that had been hidden as button on her jacket. "Did you get all that? Good, I'm going to dinner. I'm starving. Where's the nearest restaurant? Make sure it has a bar." With that Nat walked out the door, another mission completed.<p>

</div><div style="height:5px;"></div>
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