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LEANING up against a wall of a old dive bar that always had some live jazz going on in the corner, Remy LeBeau was keeping close to the exit, even as his eyes settled on a game of poker across from him. The cajun felt his fingers twitch a little as he watched the inexperienced dealer hand out the cards in a fashion reminiscent of a over-confident eight year old whose parents were out so he'd invited his friends over to play with his father's deck. It was irritating. So irritating that Remy could feel it crawling up his spine and making his back teeth grind together he so badly wanted to take over the game.<p>
That wasn't why he was here though and the former X-Man needed to keep his thoughts on his job. No one would thank him for getting distracted during this meeting, not least himself, so his attention returned to looking over the room. He was quiet and doing his best not to draw too much attention to himself. Luckily as a thief he had years of practice at that. Even at six-foot-two he was able to keep something of a low profile and fade into the wallpaper if he really concentrated on doing so. He wasn't quite to the level of an assassin of course - but there wasn't any need for that before now. As useful as a skill that was, Remy was not looking to switch from being a thief to trying to join the other guild. The assassin's guild would probably be happier to murder him than accept him as a member and being a thief held less guilt.<p>
Sure it wasn't exactly a "victimless crime" but at least the victim was still breathing afterwards.<p>
What he was doing right now though? That was a completely victimless crime. Or rather he was helping the victims of a greater crime even if it was considered to be illegal. There was some irony in the idea that now there was an underground in New Orleans that was helping get out through boats to the south rather than to the north. An underground for mutants rather than slaves. Mutants classed as "inadequate". What did that even mean anyway? A mutant was a mutant just as much as a human was a human. No point separating them into groups.<p>
Remy was fortunately cut short on his inner dialogue concerning the odd whims of the government and various routes to population control which were always bad news by the sight of his contact slipping in to the bar. He was a short man, with thinning blonde hair, and watery blue eyes that were constantly looking around as if any minute he was about to get caught.<p>
Remy waited for the man to select a table to sit at and then sauntered over to the bar where he ordered two shots of whiskey and looked over at the band as if suddenly interested in what they were playing. There was a wonderful atmosphere here that was pure <i>N'Awlins</i> that couldn't be replicated anywhere else - thousands had tried but it never got close to the true authenticity of being in the French Quarter itself. Remy paid the barmaid, with tip, then collected up the glasses and moved over to the table his contact had sat at.<p>
He sat down opposite the man and pushed one of the shots toward him. "Man should never drink alone in t'is city mon ami. Share a shot?" he asked. He was cool, pleasant, and stating an agreed safe phrase to let the man know that this was who he was meant to meet.<p>
The man looked nervously at him. "I... I don't usually do this sort of thing." he said, eyes still darting around him before he moved and swallowed down the shot offered him. "Isn't...isn't this too out in the open?"<p>
"Out in t'e open s'where y'wanna be camarade. Dealin's t'be done. Don't want to be pulled in t' a trap. Dangerous work I'm doin' - oui?" Gambit replied, knocking his own shot back and then leveling his unnatural stare upon the man. "So... who am I guidin'?"<p>
The man shuffled uncomfortably. "My employer would prefer to not be identified by name... but they will meet you."<p>
"Brin' 'em in den." Remy replied with a shrug.<p>
"Not here... Outside." the man said again, looking around nervously.<p>
A muscle twitched in Remy's jaw. He didn't like this. This felt all wrong.<p>
"Where outside?" Remy asked quietly, he wanted to know what was going on. Was he already rumbled? Were there already SHIELD agents waiting outside for him?<p>
Quietly he fumbled a card in his pocket.<p>
"An empty house... in the Garden District." the man said, looking nervous as he handed over a card with an address on it. "Bring who you want if you're nervous but you have to meet them there."<p>
Gambit frowned as he looked at the card and the address. "An' when am I supposed t'be doin' t'is?"<p>
"In three hours..." the man replied, he stood up suddenly. "I have to go. Just... Be there."<p>
Remy leaned back a little in the chair as he watched the man go and frowned a little as he pocketed the card. Well... should he go? Should he go alone or take back up? If he took back up would he just be leading more people into an attack?<p>
So many questions. Too few answers.<p>
Three Hours Later...<p>
Remy would kick himself later for this he was sure. But curiosity had won out and the cajun found himself standing on the street opposite the house he'd been told to go to. He was alone and just begging to be captured so it felt. But maybe not. He was a good fighter after all and like any good cardsharp he'd more than a few aces up his sleeve.<p>
Moving with purpose he made his way past the security system, which was typical for the buildings around here... all easy for the mutant to get past. A few minutes later he blew the lock on the back door with card and slipped inside, looking around him carefully, his bo staff ready, and moving from room to room.<p>
It was in the reception room where he saw the shape of the person who'd sent the card. A light flipped on.<p>
"Well. T'is is a surprise."

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Remy E. LeBeau

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12th November

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New Orleans

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<font style="color:#9b0606; font-size:10px;">✖ PERSONALITY</font> Did y'ever see such a dashin' libertine chere? Highly doubtful. Even without Gambit's hypnotic influence on other people this ragin' cajun is a prince of charm. Constantly relaxed, cool and together it's hard to get past the surface of Gambit's personality to see what's going on with the man within. Light hearted and with jokes that come easy this particular native Louisiana son gambles with confidence, fights with finesse and romances everything that walks past him and is vaguely female. Within him there is a deep history of hurt, regret and loneliness that Remy plasters over on a regular basis before it gets to him. His manner is carefully designed to put people around him at ease and off guard as much as it is to keep his own secrets hidden behind a faux openness. As with the majority of people from down his way, Remy grew up a storyteller. Well, and a pickpocket - but a good story should always be worth a little libation from enraptured audiences. Remy is a thief, with out a single scratch at the conscience for being so but that doesn't mean he's completely without morals and when it comes down to Remy's personal line of ethics it would take something powerful to happen to make him cross that line. Remy's honorable in line with his own values and the one's he was brought up with - an honorable thief who follows his own path.<p>

<font style="color:#9b0606; font-size:10px;">✖ APPEARANCE</font> Black pupil and sclera create a unique look for Gambit whose iris is a firery red. He generally allows plenty of scruff to grow on his face and his hair is long enough to brush the collar of his shirt in a rich brown colour. He's 6ft 2in, a slender but muscled build that gets a thorough workout from his acrobatic fighting style with his bo staff.<p>

<font style="color:#9b0606; font-size:10px;">✖ POWERS</font> Remy has quite a few powers but his main one is molecular acceleration. He can change the potential energy of an object into kenetic energy there by cause it to get "charged" up and cause some explosive results. The bigger the item the longer it takes for Remy to charge it which is why the ever lovable Gambit prefers to charge small things, like his playing cards and throw them. Cards tend to explode with the force of a grenade so while they are small there is plenty of snap after a moment of crackle. On top of his ability to charge objects Remy's also got enhanced agility by tapping into his own energy, the ability of static interference that can protect him against psychic intrusion (although it's not impossible for telepaths to get past this interference- merely uncomfortable for them). His most subtle power however is his hypnotic charm, a subliminal psionic talent that he channels through his voice and allows him influence over sentient minds - although powerful minds are capable of resisting this ability or those who are conscious about what he's doing can shake off the effects.<p>

<font style="color:#9b0606; font-size:10px;">✖ WEAKNESSES</font> Gambit didn't have a great deal of control over his powers which lead to him making a deal with Sinister who removed part of his brain stem which reduced his powers to something Gambit could manage to control. Gambit requires to be touching what he intends to charge and his eyes are very sensitive to light.<p>

<font style="color:#9b0606; font-size:10px;">✖ HISTORY</font> Abandoned at birth due to his eyes Gambit was stolen by the New Orleans Thieves Guild from the hospital where he'd been born. It was believed that he was a fabled child, "El Diable Blanc", who would bring peace between the warring Thieves and Assassins' Guilds. He was given over to a gang of street thieves known as <i>Fagan's Mob</i> who raised the young orphan and taught him the ways of thieving.<p>
When he was ten years old Remy set his sights, unbeknownst to him, upon the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau the then patriarch of the Thieves Guild, who took Remy off the streets and adopted him into his family to be raised in his home. As a child Remy and Bella Donna Boudreaux made friends with one another, neither aware that they were of opposing guilds. Seeing an opportunity between these two the families Boudreaux and LeBeau arranged a marriage between the two youngsters. A situation that suited Remy just fine because he'd fallen for Bella Donna.<p>
Unfortunately not all was bliss as Bella Donna's brother opposed the marriage and shortly after the wedding he challenged Remy to a duel. Remy killed Julien in self defense but the penalty for doing so was to be excommunicated and banished from his beloved New Orleans. So he left, leaving behind Bella Donna who felt she had been abandoned by her husband.<p>
Gambit traveled about off his trade of thieving but his powers were starting to get too much for him, so the geneticist Mr. Sinister helped him by removing part of his brain stem limiting Gambit's powers to something that was manageable for the mutant. At the same time however it was leaving Remy in Mr. Sinister's debt.<p>
Teaming up with an amnesiac and de-aged Ororo Munroe who'd gone back to the thieving of her childhood to get by, Remy helped her until she was saved by the X-Men. In thanks for his helping her Storm then sponsored Gambit's membership into the X-Men. While a team member there he fell in love with the southern belle Rogue, but unfortunately while his feelings were reciprocated their relationship was complicated by their never being able to touch one another which made the relationship all the more rocky eventually the two broke up.<p>
Gambit would return to New Orleans after he was searched out where he discovered that his estranged wife was still alive... and very pissed at him. A shock as it was to discover that Bella had not died as he'd previously thought Gambit discovered that he still had deep and real feelings for his wife - he still loved her.<p>
After the destruction of Genosha and the introduction of 'Superior' and 'Inadequate' legislation Gambit returned to New Orleans and became involved in an underground for "Inadequates" to escape SHIELD to safety. An underground that was also run by his estranged wife Bella Donna. While they manage to work together, both hunted by SHIELD and helping other escape, their relationship is complicated.<p>

<font style="color:#9b0606; font-size:10px;">✖ RP SAMPLE</font><p>
<b>• Gambit • New Orleans •</br>
• 10PM •</b><p>
<span style="color:#9b0606;"><b>TRAVELLING</b></span> at night with a bunch of mutant refugees for the underground required a certain level of finesse. A style. A confidence. You had to know how to move, how to play off the nonchalance. You had to act like you belonged exactly where you were and keep a profile so low most people wouldn't even know you were there and those that did quickly dismissed you as part of the landscape. You needed to <i>belong</i>. And when it came to New Orleans Remy LeBeau definitely belonged.<p>
It was fortunate for Gambit that years of honed skill at thieving had made him so adept at moving either through a crowd or down abandoned backstreets as if he were invisible, and functionally invisible to those surrounding him but too busy with their own lives to notice.<p>
It was unfortunate that of the group of five mutants that were currently traversing down a back street, several streets over from Bourbon, Gambit was the only one with experience and ability to do this. His refugee companions were nervous and it bled through every pour to soak into the heavy air around them. Twitchy looks around them, jumps at sudden noises from cats behind bins in the middle of a rousing fight of L'Amor... clumping together and almost visibly shaking.<p>
<span style="color:#7f1a11";><b>"Y'need to relax mon ami. Nothin' t' worry about, non? We're jus' out for a li'l stroll."</b></span> Gambit assured his companions with a grin quirking up one corner of his mouth.<p>
The main mutant he was speaking to frowned deeply at him. She had been the one to pay for the passage of the group, she had plated spikes growing out of her back and down her arms.<p>
<span style="color:#eac925";><b>"Mr. LeBeau -I don't like travelling this close to humans."</b></span> she hissed out in a low voice as she glared at Remy, who still wore a shit-eating grin.<p>
<span style="color:#7f1a11";><b>"Please cher... Call me <i>Gambit</i>."</b></span> he insisted in a firm but happy voice. <span style="color:#7f1a11";><b>"No need t'panic yerself, ma petite... we be dere soon. We're not gonna meet anyone at t'is point."</b></span> he assured her and continued to lead the group down the street.<p>
But, despite the roguish thief's best efforts and assurances, and because bad luck was a thing, no sooner had he just assured the woman that they weren't going to run into anyone.. they ran into someone.<p>
The men, three of them and all burly, looked almost as if they were men out on the town looking for girls. They weren't looking for girls. At least- not normal ones. Undercover police were never as good about concealing their attentions as Remy was, so when they came into sight and tried to play off that they were just going to pass the group of mutants like nothing had happened if it had been someone other than Gambit they might have been fooled.<p>
Not Remy.<p>
Fingering his pack of cards in his pocket Remy moved with the others to go past the men who no doubt intended to turn and follow the group in hopes of being led to an entrance were more mutants were. A pretty shoddy effort but no one ever accused the local constabulary of having experience in this sort of thing.<p>
Remy counted out the steps that the cops were taking away from them. Preparing himself as he scoped exits. He couldn't really afford to be delayed by fighting too much.<p>
<i>One.</i> Jack of Hearts.<p>
<i>Two.</i> 10 of Clubs.<p>
<i>Three.</i> Queen of Clubs.<p>
<i>Four.</i> 3 of Diamonds.<p>
<i>Five.</i> Ace of Spades.<p>
The men turned and Remy leapt up in the air, twirling as he did and shooting out his hand he let fly the five kinetically charged cards at the men's feet.<p>
<span style="color:#f700a4";><i><b>BOOM!</i></b></span><p>
Racing now, his hands on his charges Remy took quick turns as they raced through the streets to lose any further tails while the three men were trying to recover from the exploding cards. Eventually about five streets away Remy slipped down with the last of the mutants of the group into a black door way of a building that looked to be an abandoned store front. The safe house wouldn't be safe for too long - but it was a meeting point where another guide would come and take the group onward to the docks to a boat there that was going to ferry the mutants down to Chile.<p>
Gambit stood by the door, hands shuffling his cards as he stood watch and he couldn't help but smile a little. Part of the cajun was crazy enough to want them to be followed so that he could get a proper fight out of the encounter. But that was probably the last thing his companions needed right now which was why he'd been willing to flee with them.<p>
<i>He who fights and runs away, leaves to thieve another day.</i>

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