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Apr 12 2015, 04:29 PM
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Kurt Wagner

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Unknown, spent several years in a swiss abbey and then traveled in a circus until coming to America

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<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">Appearance </font> - The first thing one would notice about Kurt is that he's covered in a coat of soft blue fur. The next thing would be the glowing yellow eyes. The sharp fangs. The tri-digit hands. The tail... and, of course, his perfectly tended hair. Always coiffed like some sort of famous movie star; Kurt is very fussy about his hair and his fur.
Normally, he goes barefoot - the fur on his feet is leathery (usually right up to about his ankles) but a friend of his in the X-Men designed special boots for him that allow him purchase, and protection in case he's running somewhere that his leathery fur can't protect him. Since returning to the United States; Kurt has taken primarily to wearing cloaks and masks to hide his mutant identity. One of the first things he did when he started his relationship with Wanda Maximoff was to get rid of his image inducer - they destroyed it together because he was moving to Genosha and he wouldn't need it anymore.
Now, even if he had it, he wouldn't use it... he'd gotten used to being himself - to letting people see his true appearance - and now that he's gone vigilante, he doesn't really need to worry about whether or not his enemies see him. Because they won't for long...<p>
<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">Personality </font> - In many ways Kurt is still as naieve and good-natured as he always was. But there is a sharpness - an edge - in the way he carries himself now. His methods of fighting have changed as well - becoming faster. More violent and deadly to people he believes are dangerous. Wounding them with his swords - dragging them along with him when he teleports - using his demonic appearance to terrify them... anything short of killing has become a tool that Kurt is willing to use. Kurt survived the Genoshan invasion by fighting on the front lines - he was there at the fall of the capital and he watched as the towns and houses burned in the fires created by the Sentinels. Anger turned inwards is depression and anger turned outwards is just anger... but anger turned sideways?
That's Kurt.
If anything, his whit and tongue have become sharper. As if he's trying to force himself to be funny - to laugh at a joke that no one else gets. He talks faster - fights harder and spends as little time standing still in one place as possible.The most obvious change in Kurt is that he no longer wears his rosary. Further, he now drinks far more than he used to. Even his flirting has changed - whereas before it was a blind hope that one day he'd find someone who wouldn't mind his appearance... now there is an almost desperate hunger for touch - for contact - within his yellow eyes that was never there before. If anyone managed to get Kurt to stop hopping around long enough they'd learned that Kurt has abandoned his faith - but not for the reasons most people think he has.
Strangely, Kurt doesn't blame God or Jesus or the heavens for what happened to Genosha - he doesn't go around tearing his clothes because 'the sky bully' didn't bend down and wipe the sentinels away. He has long known that such an act would contravene every tenant of the New Testament. No, Kurt blames one thing and one thing only... Man. To his way of thinking, Man is a cancer. Not just mutants - not just supers - not just humans - but ALL men everywhere. Any blasphemous creature capable of visiting violence and cruelty on each other as man does is not WORTHY of salvation.
And the first person on Kurt's list for being unworthy of salvation... is himself.
All those months trapped by himself on Genosha generated a great amount of self-loathing for Kurt. He was forced to survive on the wreckage and remnants of hundreds of thousands of dead people. Finding two or three survivors and then just watching them waste away... powerless. Helpless... Kurt was so much more than he has become - his flirting. His sense of humor and cocky attitude... they were always just PARTS of who he was... now, they've become all he is.Because under them is nothing but anger and hate... and it's poisoning his soul.<p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">Tools and Skills </font> - Despite his departure from the X-Men and his choice to settle in Genosha; Kurt kept the vibranium swords and the dagger his friends had made for him. Other than that he still lives like a gypsy and has very few articles of clothing.
After departing the monks that raised him; Kurt took up with a circus and gained most of his talent for agility and showmanship. His abilities to teleport weren't refined until he joined with the X-Men - but almost all of his knowledge of back-flipping and various tricks with his body comes from the people he met in the circus over those years and he still has a great love for the big top.<p>
<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">Powers</font> - Kurt isn't a mutant. Not technically - his blue fur is much like a polar bears fur; it doesn't retain water and regulates his body temperature. When he's too hot it absorbs the heat and cools him off. When he's too cold it protects against the cold and keeps him warm. His yellow eyes are also mutations - giving him night vision offset by his greater sense of hearing and smell just like his mother... but his true powers... those come from his demon blood.
His father was one such demon. Leader of a group of mutants from an alternate dimension where fantasy and reality blend as one; he came to Kurt's universe trying to find a woman to have a child with. Such a child would be able to generate doors for the Demon into our world in his. However, none of the children he fathered survived... until he met one Raven Darkholme. Raven had never been particularly 'malleable' when it came to men. She was used to using men - to manipulating them and getting what she could before running off...
But she melted like butter in front of Kurt's father.
Even worse, she came to love him so much that when she found out she was pregnant she tried to get him to run away with her. He manipulated her as she had once manipulated men - cajoling her into remaining with her current husband and that he would come for her when it was time. Of course he didn't - and when Raven gave birth she was forced to pretend to kill Kurt and throw him into a ravine - when in actuality she strapped him into a basket and sent him down the river hoping someone would find him and protect him.
Because of Kurt's parentage, he is able to alter the fabric between our world and the world of his father. Ripping small holes within the fabric, Kurt is able to teleport from one space to another within a two mile radius - though at one time he managed to go over three hundred miles in one jump; but when he reappeared it was over an hour later. His fur had gone completely white and he was in a coma for almost a year. Able to carry people with him - but not protect them from the full force of tumbling head long through the void between worlds - Kurt often leaves his passengers sick or unconscious when he teleports them along with him. Further, the strain on such a teleportation also weakens him and can leave him paralyzed for short times once he finishes his jump.
Along with his teleporting, Kurt is able to 'merge' himself with the fabric between the two realities; enabling him to appear unnoticeable - not invisible (because his shadow remains) but almost completely unnoticeable (which was one of the ways he survived the burning of Genosha) but it's dangerous for him to remain shadow-walking for too long. The only thing keeping him bound within the realm he accesses when he's shadow walking is his will. The longer he forces himself to remain 'unnoticeable' the greater the strain on his body. During the battle of Genosha, he lost consciousness while he was shadow-walking and woke up several hours still within the shadows.
Dragging himself back to our universe; he once again found his fur completely white and he was very sick for several weeks after. Unable to eat food or do much beyond sleep as his body coped with what he'd done to it. <p>
<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">RP Sample</font> "HE'S LOOSE!!" appearing with a huge puff of smoke within the sewers of New York, Kurt slammed the cage shut that his guards were now standing in and winked at them. As they trained their weapons on him he just laughed and vanished with another puff of smoke.They should never of let him remain conscious while they were bringing him here..."SEAL THE BASE! NOW!!" the loud voice ringing out over the intercom that lined the sewer-base was annoying to Kurt's mind as he bamfed towards the main exit. Grinning as they tried to seal the doors that led out; Kurt shouted, "NICE TRY!" and vanished. Appearing on the other side of the door, Kurt landed on top of the burliest guard and stabbed him in the shoulder with the little daggert he'd had hidden in his uniform. Looking up at the other soldiers as they were escorting mutant captives out of the base; Kurt grinned as EVERYONE stopped to watch him... and then he noticed the locked cages filled with weapons and tools that the mutants had been deprived of when they were brought in.
He so loved an audience...
Vanishing with another puff of smoke, Kurt grabbed his vibranium swords out of the lockbox and then appeared right back where he'd been standing. Spinning his weapons with a cocky grin on his face, Kurt let out a shout, "HA!" and vanished with another puff of smoke as the guards opened fire on where he'd been standing just a few seconds before. Appearing in front of the closest guards, Kurt ducked as he opened fire on the mutant and then shoved his sword through the guards shoulder. Spinning on his heel; Kurt flung his other sword towards another guard. The weapon burying itself hilt-deep in the guard's leg. Appearing in front of the guard, Kurt slammed his fist against the guards head - grabbed onto his sword and then vanished as the guards opened fire on the spot he'd been standing in just a second before. Appearing in front of the guard leader; Kurt slammed him in the face with his foot and then sliced the guard standing behind him across the leg. Slamming the pommel of his sword across the guards head and grabbing him as he vanished again.
Appearing hanging from the cieling above another guard - Kurt allowed the first guard to tumble down and land on top of his friend with a loud splat. Swinging from grip to grip, Kurt threw himself into a spin and vanished - appearing right in front of one of the guards and vanishing just in time for the guard aiming at him to shoot the other one right in the face. By now the last guard standing, the guard swallowed and cocked her weapon, "Where are you?! WHERE-" screaming as a sword suddenly sliced it's way through her shoulder, the guard dropped her gun and fell to her knees.Standing over her, Kurt grinned and said, "En Guarde, my dear..." spinning on his heel the demonic mutant smacked her across the face with his tail and nodded as she dropped to the ground with a flop. Looking up at the mutant prisoners, Kurt vanished with a puff of smoke and then appeared in front of them, "Come mien friends... let us get you out of here,"

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