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Howard Stark.


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howard a. stark

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august 15, 1917

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richford, new york

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<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ PERSONALITY: </font> <p>Howard Stark is a cold and calculated type of man who comes off with an intimidating businessman persona. He has a hard time showing emotions to anyone, having been taught from a young age that no emotion is the best tool for any situation. This can cause Howard to find difficulty keeping and having friends with others as many would believe he just doesn't care about them. Which isn't entirely true, Howard just doesn't comprehend affection like a casual hug, a kiss, or even "I love you." However, even though Howard doesn't openly express his love, doesn't mean he cannot feel it. However, he tends to not go the route of love and instead, keeping it as friends as he finds love messy and complicated in the long run. Though, when he gets comfortable enough with someone, he'll do small affectionate gestures like playing with their hair or spoil them by buying them gifts. If Howard considers someone a friend, he'll treat you differently than everyone else. He'll go from being cold to being much more easy-going, teasing, and relaxed.

<p>Howard has a short temper that he has difficult time controlling and it ends up being redirected towards the people he cares about. He struggles to get rid of negative emotions in productive ways and can end up causing him to say harsh words that have broken many relationships in the past. Harsh words are the only things that will come from Howard when he gets angry as he is not the violent type. That being said, with his experiences as a SHIELD agent, he is not afraid to resort to violence if he must. Particularly if it’s to protect something or someone he cares about.

<p>Howard is stubborn, incredibly stubborn but being the business man he is, he has to be. If Howard wasn't stubborn, he would have been stepped on millions of times and his company yanked from below him. So, he had to become iron-willed and didn't allow anyone to change what he believed was right about his company. It would have to take a lot of persuasion to change Howard's mind but even then, he may try to change the other's mind instead. Howard's charismatic nature came into play as he knew what to say and how to say it to make others believe in what he wanted<p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ HISTORY: </font> <p>Howard Anthony Stark is born to Vivian and Howard Stark, Sr. in Richford, New York. The two were not a rich family but were well enough off to take care of Howard as best as parents could. Howard’s mother worked as a seamstress, mostly working at home so she could watch Howard, while his father worked in the nearby mechanic’s shop. Unlike many other children his age, Howard barely seen his father since he rarely came home after work, going to the nearby bar and drinking himself wasted before coming home. Howard’s dad was an alcoholic and a horrible one which seemed to be getting worse and worse until Vivian finally had enough.

<p>Howard was only 10 years old when he came home from school one day to find his dad home earlier than he had expected him to. Just with the presence of his dad being there and no sign of his mother, Howard expected to worse when he approached his saddened father who seemed to have already finished one bottle of whiskey before turning to him and speaking the words that Howard didn’t wish to hear, the words he feared. His mother had left them that morning and was never going to come back. It was hard living with his dad, especially since his drinking had become worse and he had gotten fired from his job because of it.

<p>At the age of 17, Howard had to quickly grow up and try to support his drunken father who constantly mentally abused him every day. His father didn’t understand that through school, Howard had become the top of his class, despite the stress from home, and started to build a passion for inventing and mechanical sciences. Howard was an intelligent kid through his school, going through high school quickly enough and gaining the attention of MIT after winning a science fair with an advanced invention that toke him several months to perfect. In getting MIT’s attention, they offered him a scholarship to attend MIT at the age of 17 and he was quick to enroll. That same year, while Howard attending school, his father passes away after long suffering from liver failure, as grief-ridden as he should have been, Howard had expected it to happen and soon started to concentrate on his school work and his inventions.

<p>After he finally finishes college at the top of his class, he soon uses his knowledge in business and mechanical sciences to build a company, a company he hopes to help the military by building better weapons and equipment for. His want to do this augmented by the potential of war with the Nazis getting closer and closer as the years continue to progress. He finally establishes Stark Industries, and hires his father’s old friend, Edwin Jarvis, as his manservant. His company gains the attention of Colonel Phillips who recruits him to become a part of the SSR. However, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Howard begins producing planes for the war effort. His work for the war effort earns him a spot working on the Manhattan Project.

<p>As the war continues to wear on, Howard becomes a part of a covert project called Project: Rebirth, a project believed to create a super soldier to turn the tide of the war. Howard’s work becomes a major part of the project as he works on the Vita-Ray Chamber for the project to help augment the effects of the Super Soldier Serum which Dr. Erskine created. After helping with the project, he also did other inventions in the background while running his company. He strove to create a hovering car and many others of his work at the World Exposition of Tomorrow. That same year, Project: Rebirth is a success and Howard meets the World’s with Super Soldier, Steve Rogers aka Captain America. He helps create Steve’s vibranium shield and aids him in saving the Howling Commandoes, who were captured by HYDRA. Two days after, he examines the sample of the Tesseract, which he ends up devoting much of his time to study.

<p>World War 2 continues to wage war while Howard continues to help in the effort as much as he can possibly can. Finally, in 1945 the war ends but in the process, Steve Rogers is lost and Howard devotes most of his time after the war to find him. During his search for him, he finds the Tesseract and begins to study it and its power. In his studying, he finds that it could bring a clean and sustainable source of energy. Not long after the end of World War 2, Howard, along with several members of the former SSR, helps to establish SHIELD. He and many of the members become established agents to the group and help in eliminating problems that normal law enforcement cannot handle. He became an advisor and scientist for the group, creating advanced weapons to help them through their missions. His first and only partner was Nathaniel Richards, and throughout the years, they took on and completed hundreds of missions. When Howard wasn’t working with SHIELD, he focused on his work with Stark Industries, revolutionizing the weapons industry and producing his own inventions.

<p>In the early 1960s, Howard met and fell in love with Maria Collins-Carbonell, a young woman from Little Italy. Although she first denied his advances, he pursued her, and eventually, they began to date. Not even a year later, they were engaged, and their marriage was highly publicized. In the beginning, the couple was happy and strong. They moved into a mansion together and seemed to the media to be a perfect pair. Maria’s first pregnancy was all over the news, which made her following miscarriage impossible to hide.

<p>Over the following decade, Maria had a total of four miscarriages, and the couple’s relationship was strained. About a year before Tony was born, stress from Stark Industries and SHIELD started to weigh down on Howard. Howard struggled with his growing work stress, and began withdrawing from his home more and more often. Eventually, when the stress became too much, he turned to the bottle, and by the time Tony was born, Howard was an alcoholic.

<p>Due to his alcoholism and refusal to leave his work, Howard was distant and neglected his family. Eventually he resigned as an agent from SHIELD, sticking to his position as an occasional advisor. He hardly spoke to any of his old friends and ruined several of his close relationships, including his friendship with Peggy Carter. It seemed the only friend he had was Obadiah Stane.

<p>In 1991, Howard and Maria were in a tragic car accident. They were both killed on the scene.

<p>Now, Howard stands above his grave that he had put in several years before, apparently revived and seeing that Maria hadn't been given the same chance. He tried to figure out what to do with life now that he knew the company had been given to his son and that he was still suppose to be dead. He knew the first thing he needed to do was to find his son and try to talk to him. He needed to find out what year it was, how the company is doing, and to tell Tony somethings he was never able to tell him before he died.

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ SAMPLE POST: </font> <p>Howard stands in the back corner of the large ballroom with his fingers rigid around a glass of scotch. He and Maria had been invited to a early Christmas Party that a few friends, if you could call them that, were hosting. There is a smile plastered on his lips as coworkers chit and chat around him. He really doesn't want to be here tonight, not with all the piles of paperwork he needed to get done before tomorrow afternoon. He glanced down at his watch, having told Maria that they needed to leave about an hour ago but clearly, she seemed to have ignored him as she had yet to come back. He sighed loudly, taking another sip of his scotch as dozens of people he despises stop by to start small talk with him. They either come by to compliment him on his attire or accomplishments before finding someone else to bother. As every one of them walks away, Howard has to resist the urge to throw his drink at them. It was all fake smiles and lies anyway, he knew half the people at this party wanted his company in the ground. He was competition to them and nothing more.

<p>Howard stood there awhile longer, his patience growing thin before Maria finally came back, ready to go. Howard had to bite his tongue, to stop himself from lashing out at how long it had taken her but he kept it back. He wasn't going to make a scene here, not in front of all these people.

<p>He collected his jacket from his chair as he hooked an arm through Maria's though she seemed bothered by the gesture. They hadn't been talking a lot lately, the stress from his job causing him to come home not in the best of moods. But, he had to keep up appearances at these parties it would be disastrous if anyone knew about Howard and Maria's fading relationship.

<p>Howard, in making it to the door, was then stopped by Obadiah, who seemed pleasantly surprised that they were leaving.

<p><b>"Leaving so soon, you two?"</b> He asked. Howard knew he had told his friend many times that he hated these parties and that it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that he was leaving.

<p><font color="orange">"Yes, we have to get ready for Tony to come back tomorrow."</font> Howard said, half-lying to the other. Yes, they had to get ready but Howard was concerned more with his paperwork at the moment.

<p><b>"Ah! Yes, well you two have a safe night then and tell Tony I said hi."</b> Obadiah finished with a smile that Howard mirrored as he toke his friend's hand and shook it and nodded. Howard went to walk past him and didn't notice the odd smile that went to play across his friend's face as him and Maria exited the ballroom.

<p>Howard would never know about that smile nor would he have finished his paperwork for tomorrow. Instead, he would find himself having collided into a large trucker after bickering with Maria about his lack of time with Tony.

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